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Something holding me back
From over the past years of my life I've been completely and utterly holding back on so many projects that I've had made or had on my mind and I so desperately want too do right now but it's been holding me back completely badly and it's been really driving me up the wall of annoyance and I want it to stop right now but I clearly don't know how to do so. I tried and I tried and I tried and so far no god damn rotting luck what so ever. Just what the hell is wrong with me for god sake and why am I holding back every single god damn time?! I just don't know how much longer I can keep this holding myself back much longer it's completely and utterly shit full of torture which I clearly cannot handle at all and it's got to stop!!!! I just don't know how this holding back is keeping on happening every time it's just too much god damn torture for me and so far some of the other people like Logan aka Hewy and Bryce aka Wrestlemaniac829 on Deviantart are holding back on the Logan's Adventures Se
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My mind is full of imagination
For quite a long time from when I was born and for some parts of my life I had one thing that I always have my imagination it was a very special gift that I was born with just like Walt Disney and every other person that was born with imagination. It makes me feel somewhat proud towards myself and for how long I have been using it and it's still working but for how long exactly? And every time I use my imagination it sometimes slips out and I sometimes think of random stuff and I sometimes say stuff out loud all the time and I feel good about it. Except their is one thing that I cannot control of my imagination and that's dreaming about it when I'm asleep. And every time I go too bed and sleep it off random dreams I dream of randomly mix up random things that I've seen or have remembered and it appears and sometimes they come out in these types of dreams which are "Disturbing, Annoying, Terrifying, Troubling, Loving, Fascinating, and etc" so many random sleeping dreams I've been having
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Histories of ___________’s Life and Adventures
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Roger Rabbit (2018 Update) by JHMirda Roger Rabbit (2018 Update) :iconjhmirda:JHMirda 16 17 Lemon Glazed Cake by JHMirda Lemon Glazed Cake :iconjhmirda:JHMirda 7 14 Roger Rabbit 2018 update  by JHMirda Roger Rabbit 2018 update :iconjhmirda:JHMirda 14 6
Jayden Orion's History Life and Adventures
Histories of Jayden Orion’s Life and Adventures.
Jayden Orion was born in the summer of June 22nd raised and cared by his father Alan Orion and his mother Alice Orion and was born and gifted to powers of the Sentinel Titan which was passed down from his father and in addition he was also born with both Child Prodigy and Photographic Memory.
At the age of 7 on his 8th birthday during his families birthdays dinner night outing, on their way home from dinner they were stopped by a mysterious stranger (Who is Judge Doom) pointed a gun at his family until Jayden’s father stopped him knocking off the strangers sunglasses revealing to have burning red eyes, but was overpowered by the stranger and as he was about to shoot his father grabbed the stranger falling off the bridge down to the ground of the ravine and his father was shot dead till they both hit the ground the killer survived looked upon up to Ja
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TIMERMAN O GUERREIRO DO TEMPO by JHMirda TIMERMAN O GUERREIRO DO TEMPO :iconjhmirda:JHMirda 17 3 Roger Rabbit Jr by JHMirda Roger Rabbit Jr :iconjhmirda:JHMirda 16 22 Sentinel Titan (2018 Update) by JHMirda Sentinel Titan (2018 Update) :iconjhmirda:JHMirda 21 8


Handful of Faves by AshleyWolf259 Handful of Faves :iconashleywolf259:AshleyWolf259 3 0 ICON by kyomusha ICON :iconkyomusha:kyomusha 7 1 Ultraman Kuba by ImaginDevan Ultraman Kuba :iconimagindevan:ImaginDevan 2 0 Gizmoduck by OhYeahCartoonsFan Gizmoduck :iconohyeahcartoonsfan:OhYeahCartoonsFan 3 0 Trove of Magic by XDemonic-AngelX Trove of Magic :iconxdemonic-angelx:XDemonic-AngelX 27 3 Next Gen TMNT - All Grown Up by ShaniSteel82Arts Next Gen TMNT - All Grown Up :iconshanisteel82arts:ShaniSteel82Arts 8 0 Next Gen TMNT - Kids by ShaniSteel82Arts Next Gen TMNT - Kids :iconshanisteel82arts:ShaniSteel82Arts 6 0 TF Armada Optimus Prime by ShaniSteel82Arts TF Armada Optimus Prime :iconshanisteel82arts:ShaniSteel82Arts 5 0 TF Armada Megatron by ShaniSteel82Arts TF Armada Megatron :iconshanisteel82arts:ShaniSteel82Arts 5 0 XTC - Trevor Bandak vol2 by ShaniSteel82Arts XTC - Trevor Bandak vol2 :iconshanisteel82arts:ShaniSteel82Arts 3 0 XTC - Trevor Bandak '98 by ShaniSteel82Arts XTC - Trevor Bandak '98 :iconshanisteel82arts:ShaniSteel82Arts 4 0 COM - TMNT Komodo Dragon OC by StoneMan85 COM - TMNT Komodo Dragon OC :iconstoneman85:StoneMan85 10 2 UltraWoman Jenny for XPS (WIP) by HeroineFactory UltraWoman Jenny for XPS (WIP) :iconheroinefactory:HeroineFactory 2 0 Future Diary (Crossover style) by bonnieta123 Future Diary (Crossover style) :iconbonnieta123:bonnieta123 2 2 Kamen Rider Zi-O by WeiWenn Kamen Rider Zi-O :iconweiwenn:WeiWenn 4 0 Kamen Rider King OOO Dark Tatoba Combo by nikiludogorets Kamen Rider King OOO Dark Tatoba Combo :iconnikiludogorets:nikiludogorets 4 0
This will be for the Titan Sentai Sentinelrangers

And this will be their team name S.T.A.R.S which is short for


The team I’m still working in progress

I hope you all like it


Jacob H. Mirda
United States
Well I am sort of a art lover but I sometimes like too write and read stories for fun. But It's sometimes a bit hard to make the right piece of artwork but I don't like being rushed by others. But when I ask for a request I mostly have a hard time waiting on it but I'm still working on it.

I'm also the creator of "Jayden Orion's Adventures Series" which is mostly based on the "Pooh's Adventures Series" But much different but I mostly love "The FT Squad's Adventures Series" But I write my stories in transcript style to help me understand the concept of the story better.

My alter ego "Jayden Orion" is a person who wants to help others an make lots of friends and always protect others from evil and is the Tokusatsu superhero "Invincible Warrior Sentinel Titan" and leader of an adventure team called the "SITTS Fighters".

I not only come up with some great stories I can also can come up with some great story ideas, scenes and etc. I'm the king of imaginations.

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