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Global Variable Manager

By jheriko
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This APE provides a basic code interface to replace 'n=0' superscopes for global variables, using init frame and beat code boxes, which can be expanded to fill the whole AVS editor pane for ease of use. It also provides an interface for loading and saving from and to the global registers and global megabuf. The output format is evallib code to keep things simple. i.e. a plain text file with reg00=1;reg01=2;.... assign(gmegabuf(2),0.3124511)... etc.

Feature requests, bug reports, hate mail etc... to

I've already seen some neat presets using the betas and release candidates... hope you all find this useful.

Note: the default filename is supposed to look that ugly.
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I have a little problem with that: I have Vista installed on my pc and if i want to switch from a preset what uses this global variables to an other preset, winamp shuts down (with the regular windows error message) But if i close the AVS window on a preset what uses that APE it shows a message says: "Plug-in executed illegal operation. Restart of Winamp is recommended (3)" after that winamp happily continues. The only problem with it that AVS starts with the preset previously closed and i cannot switch from that preset to an other one because of the error mentioned above. I know this whole thing is done by vista because it didn't do that on XP. Is there any way that i can use it normally on vista or i should try to live with that problem?
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Are a complete nub.
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It doesn't work with winamp 2 and winamp 3.
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This is because the versions of avs they come with do not support the key feature which this uses. (gmegabuf) if you use a later version of Winamp 2 with the Winamp 5 avs plugin you should be fine.

Winamp 3 on the other hand is pure evil and needs to be consigned back to the flames from whence it came!

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I found the code of an APE called "BOX v. 1.0" and i want to try to create it.
Which program do you usually use for creating apes???
If you have it, can u send me that program by e-mail???
Then, i saw the picture of ur Global Variable Manager ape and i've noticed that it reproduces the intro of an avs pack. which pack is it?
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would be nice if the installer would detect the correct winamp dir :)
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I like it, Ilike it a lot...

I really like being able to make the code textboxes take up the full editing area

I've been wondering why no one did something like this, and kinda wanting it, for quite some time, actually ever since evallib was made availible for APE coders...
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