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Fiesta SEAPonyCon Poster by jhayarr23

From Project SEAPonyCon comes another event for all of you bronies and pegasisters out there. "Fiesta SEAPonyCon" which will be held on the 27-28 of October 2018, at City Beach Resort, Labrador Nature Reserve, Singapore.

For more details, kindly visit the SEAPonyCon website:
Image from Project SEAPonyCon
Good day everypony Gallery

Happy Birthday! by ijustloveit619

Yesterday, I've celebrated my birthday, and I am so overjoyed by the greetings, best wishes, and birthday fan arts that you all sent to me. Thank you so much for all the love that you all gave to me on my special day. And my wish is, May you have all the "best" in your life. This birthday is really one of the most memorable birthdays that I have been. :D (Big Grin) 

Now for the agenda. In celebration of my birthday. Here is the Drawfriend Stuff of all of the "Crescend Cinnamon" fan arts that I've got since I began my vectoring journey. I cherish every fan arts of my OC made by all of you guys who is supporting me through this time, and now is the perfect time to show it all here. With that, here we go... 

MLP Crescend and Rara by MashiroMiku  (DUET) Music from Within by SKYNIGHT225  Crescend Cinnamon by Dusthiel  Crescend Cinnamon  by riukime  Happy Birthday - Crescend Cinnamon  by riukime  Happy Birthday, Crescend Cinnamon! by JesireeLovesMLP  Crescend Cinnamon by PrinceSketchy  Crescend Cinamon by EMositeCC This Pony Loves You by kimjoman  OC fan art ( Crescend le Fab ) Xtrme mode by rajih0092  OC fanart - crescend cinnamon  by rajih0092  Crescend Cinnamon le cute vectorista by rajih0092  Crescend is about to sleep (Zzzz) by rajih0092 Crescend Cinnamon Mare Ver. Gala Dress by ScoutImusPRIME  Jhay Arr (2) by CrystalMagic6  Crescend Cinnamon(Ponytown Form) by GirlySwirly Jhay's Birthday by AspireBolt Happy BDay Jhayarr23 by jaedenwalton 

 Rose Love oc's and Crescend Cinnamon oc's by luckreza8  An oc fanart: Cresend Cinnamon  by Swivelmlp Happy Birthday Crescend Cinnamon  by Swivelmlp Headshot Practice(Again) by PrinceSketchy  jhayarr23 by GirlySwirly Catface crescend (OC fan art) by rajih0092  Sketch Sample _ Crescend swag XD by rajih0092  LE CELEB PONEH ( fan art ) by rajih0092  SampleSketch - Crescend ( jhayarr23's OC ) by rajih0092 PoutyPals 01 _ Crescend and CC by rajih0092 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CRESCEND by rajih0092 

To all artist behind all of this fan arts, Thank you so much for giving this Cinnamon some love. And my big shout out to my amazing friend, Color Cream also known as EMositeCC . If it's not because of her, Crescend will be not in existence. Thank you for generously share your talent in making my OC. Hugs for you. Hug 

Creamy Hugs! by EMositeCC
I... I said "Hugs for you", not me being... *gasp* hugged.. by.. you... I can't breath...

Again, thank you so much to all who made my birthday yesterday a very special one.
You guys are super awesome. I am a dummy!  
Well, see you all again for more MLP vector submissions. Have a fantastic day. :D (Big Grin) 

Happy Birthday jhayarr23! by SpellboundCanvas
I will be just here. Being a Cinnamon Roll. Meow :3 
Celebrating Life by jhayarr23
Celebrating my birthday today (May 23 in the Philippines).
The first time to celebrate it with the fandom.
To all my friends that greeted me on my very special day, Thank you so much.
The Pop Star and her Fan (1st Anniversary Poster) by jhayarr23


Thank you so much everypony for your love and support over the past year. Heart 
Good day everypony! :happybounce: Heart 

MLP Wallpaper - Rocket Race by jhayarr23

As you remembered, I submitted this wallpaper of Starlight Glimmer and Trixie having a rocket ride together with Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer. I'm so happy that it gained so much love from you guys, by putting "favs" on it. Thank you so much everypony. :D (Big Grin) 

Now, one week after I submitted this. The amazing NicolasDominique , made a very special music track inspired by this fan art (specifically to the 
Fan Series Trixie and Starlight Glimmer Figure). I heard his music, and man, IT IS SO SUPERB AWESOME!

Check out the music theme of this most loved Fan Series Figure: 

For more dose of addictive music, subscribe to Nicolas Dominique's Youtube Page:…

Thank you so much Nicolas for doing this, you made my day so happy. Huggle! 
Good day everypony! :happybounce: Christmas Tree 

First of all, I want to greet you all MERRY CHRISTMAS HAPPY HEARTH'S WARMING!
May you all have the best of times with your friends and loved ones in celebrating this holiday season.

Second, a special shout out to one of my subscribers in DeviantArt named WritePillar
As you might noticed, I have granted "One Month Core Membership". This is because he generously give me this privilege. To WritePillar, thank you so much for your generosity, and I prayed that God bless you and your loved ones.

To my subscribers in Deviantart, give WritePillar your support by giving him a "Watch" to his D.A. page
Link to his D.A. page:

Again, from me to you all, MERRY CHRISTMAS! / HAPPY HEARTH'S WARMING!
Happy Thanksgiving 2017 ! by ShutterflyEQD
To all my subscribers living in the United States and other countries that is also observing this holiday today,
I wish you all a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
Good day everypony. :happybounce: Heart 
MLP Vector - Coloratura #38 by jhayarr23

On this day (November 21), two years ago, MLP Season 5 episode 24 entitled "The Mane Attraction" was aired. And in this episode, introduced a new pony character named "Coloratura" the most popular pop singer in Equestria, and a childhood friend of Applejack.

To commemorate this, here are some Coloratura fan arts made by various artist for you Rara fans to enjoy:

And also, my folder containing all my Coloratura vectors:

Again, to all Coloratura fans out there, including me. HAPPY COLORATURA DAY!

Note: Also today is CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS DAY, so Happy CMC Day to all the CMC fans. 

Good day everypony. :happybounce: 

I just want to say "THANK YOU" to all who subscribed to me and enjoyed my vectors and stuff. Just came to my attention that my D.A. page now has 400+ watchers and gained 20,000+ pageviews. I'm very glad that you guys really liked my vectors that I've been providing to the MLP fandom since I started way back last April. It really makes me more motivated to make more for you guys. Expect more MLP vectors in the future. Again, thank you everypony. 

MLP Vector - Coloratura #17 by jhayarr23

(PH Bronies) Pearl Shine's nieces by GGalleonAlliance
"One happy family"

Good day everypony. :happybounce: 

To all LuzViMinda fans out there, GOOD NEWS!
Their creator EMositeCC started a brand new comic entitled "Our Path".

This 6-part comics involves Pearl Shine, and her nieces Luz, Vi and Minda. Taking place in the future (7 years later) so expect VI there being a "Cute full-grown mare".

We hope you'll enjoy this comic dedicated to our 3 cute nieces of Aunt Pearl.

Link to the comics:…

Subscribe to EMositeCC for more LuzViMinda randomness:
Hello everypony. :happybounce: 

In a few hours August will draw to a close, and we bronies and pegasisters here in Southeast Asia reminisce the wonderful time we spend during the course of this month.

First, once a dream now finally came to reality, we had the successful "Project SEAPonyCon" held in Bangkok, Thailand last August 19-20, every brony and pegasister attended during that event had a very great time, and also Ms. Michelle Creber (VA of Applebloom) also had a wonderful time with them. Although some of us (including me) was not able to go there, thanks to the updates given to us by different brony communities here in Southeast Asia, we feel like we are also there too sharing happiness with other bronies in the region. And we hope for another SEAPonyCon in the future.

Second, we bronies and pegasisters in the Philippines celebrate the 6th Founding Anniversary of the Philippine Bronies Community and along with it is the Birthday of our pony mascot Pearl Shine. Again, thanks to all artists in the Philippines and abroad who made some awesome arts and vectors of our dearest Pearl. I hope that even the SEAPonyCon event had ended, may you will still continue to make artworks not only for Pearl Shine but with the other pony mascots in our region. Me as well will continue to make more Pearl Shine vectors (since she is the pony mascot of my country).

This month became an awesome one for us, and we will look forward with joy for the coming months especially the upcoming MLP: The Movie that everypony is really waiting for. ONCE AGAIN, THANK YOU EVERYPONY!
PH Bronies OC - Pearl Shine #1 by jhayarr23
Good day everypony. :happybounce: 

To celebrate Pearl Shine's Birthday, I've made a special folder in the "Favorites section" dedicated to Pearl Shine related artworks/vectors made by different artist.

My first plan for this is to make a journal containing ALL of Pearl Shine related arts and vectors, however DeviantArt can't handle all of these in one journal. So I decided to make a folder for it and place the link in this journal.

This folder contains the following:
1. Solo artworks/vectors of Pearl Shine
2. Pearl Shine with the other SEAPonyCon mascots (Yup, since Pearl is with them in those images, i guess it counts too.)

Below is the TEXT LINK of the folder, I also encourage everyone to support this artists by "putting a watch","fave their arts", and "donate" (if possible).


Artists who contributes their Solo artworks/vectors of Pearl Shine:

Artist who contributes their artworks of Pearl Shine with the SEAPonyCon Mascots

And most especially, a big shout out to her creator:
FiaKaiera by jhayarr23
In behalf of the Philippine Bronies, thank you so much for your big contribution to the group, for creating Pearl Shine as our pony mascot.

And also thank you to all the artist who contributed and will contribute more artworks of Pearl Shine.
Happy Birthday, Pearl Shine by jhayarr23
PH Bronies OC- Pearl Shine #3 by jhayarr23

Our pony mascot Pearl Shine from the Philippine Bronies will celebrate her birthday this coming Saturday, August 26. And to that, I'm currently collecting some artworks of her to give a shoutout here. Just like a "Drawfriend Stuff" that they do on EQD. If you have some cute artworks or vectors of her you can submit the link in the comment box below this journal. I so too will do some hunting here for Pearl Shine arts.
MLP Vector - Applebloom #2 by jhayarr23        PH Bronies OC - Pearl Shine #5 by jhayarr23MLP Vector - Sweetie Belle #1 by jhayarr23
The Official Theme Song of Project SEAPonyCon 2017.
August 19-20, 2017 | Bangkok, Thailand

This morning, I received a D.A. note from voice actor and singer. Ms. Ashley H.

She said that she was so inspired when she saw the vector i've made about Pear Butter (in spirit) hugging her father, Grand Pear, that she made a wonderful song about it. She shared the link to me to check it out. And... awww, THE FEELS! It became SO REAL again, once you listen to the lyrics of the song, I'm pretty sure, You will cry a lot! Crying 

To Ms. Ashley H., the fact that this song is based on the vector I've made, really made me feel so overjoyed and motivates me more. THANK YOU SO MUCH, and may you continue to make more MLP content for the pony fandom to enjoy.

Now, here it the song sung by Ashley H., entitled "Coming Home".

Subscribe to Ashley H. 
Other of her account links can be found here:…
OC Vector - SEAPonyCon Ponies by jhayarr23

In behalf of all the brony/pegasister communities in Southeast Asia and Project SEAPonyCon

She's watching you by Tardifice
Or basically to the Brony Calendar... HAPPY TWILIGHT SPARKLE DAY!
(All hail the Princess of Friendship)

Good day everypony :typerhappy: 

Came to my attention that my D.A. page has now 200 watchers!

PH Bronies OC - Pearl Shine #8 by jhayarr23
Happy Hop  YAY  Happy Hop 

Thank you so much everypony who subscribed to me for my vectors and randomness!
This is really means a lot to me. :happybounce:
More MLP submissions for us to come!

STAY AWESOME!Blowkiss valentine fella (Love) 
Good day everypony! :happybounce: 

As you might noticed, I've made some changes on my D.A. Page.

First, my DeviantID. It is my name (Jhay-R) written in an Old Philippine Alphabet System called "Baybayin".
Second, I've changed my favorite deviation from Coloratura to Pearl Shine, why?

Today starts the month of August (in my country). And it is a very special month for us bronies in the Philippines. August is the birthmonth of our pony mascot Pearl Shine, she is celebrating her creation date on August 26. So expect more "Pearly" coming out on my D.A., along side with my other MLP submissions.
Also it's the 6th founding anniversary of the Philippine Bronies Community. Where I is also a part of it.

And also, Project SEAPonyCon will kick in on the 19-20th of this month, in Bangkok, Thailand where Michelle Creber (VA of Applebloom and Singing Voice for Sweetie Belle) will mark her first Asian PonyCon Debut.

For more info, go to:

And I will use this opportunity to say, "THANK YOU". Hug 

Thank you everypony for your continuing support, thanks to my 185 watchers (and still counting) who monitoring my D.A. submission, to luckreza8 who tirelessly putting my vectors in his group page for the whole bronydom may see.
For DarkskullSethZenith for motivating me. And to all my friends on D.A. Thank you so much.