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MLP Wallpaper - Legends of Magic

A simple wallpaper featuring the "Pillars of Equestria" or widely known as the "Legends of Magic"

Characters from left to right with the elements they represented:
Mage Meadowbrook - Healing
Rockhoof - Strength
Star Swirl the Bearded - Sorcery
Flash Magnus - Bravery
Mistmane - Beauty
Somnambula - Hope

5/18/18 - Used on Equestria Daily's Editorial: Theories of Magic: The Cutie Map is not the Territory

Based on the two-part finale of MLP Season 7 entitled "Shadow Play".

Note: If there is something wrong in the image like misaligned lines, misplaced fills etc., let me know in the comment box below.



My Little Pony Friendship is Magic © Lauren Faust / Hasbro
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Wow, we really like this! Thanks so much! :)

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My favorite pillars is Flash Magnus, Somnambula, Mage Meadowbrook, and Mistmane. :D :love: :heart:

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The predecessors to the Elements of Harmony in all their glory.:happybounce: 
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Legendary Survivors!
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Oh,I am gonna make this my wallpaper on youtube channel or the Luz,vi,and Minda sisters.
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mage meadowbrook was my fave :D
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Imagine if they got their own sitcom-like show.
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I love legendary M6, they are perfect balanced: 3 male, 3 female; 2 earth pony, 2 pegasus and 2 unicorns; 3 looks like usual pony, 3 looks different 

It was probably best season finale in all MLP in my opinion, not much fight, but very symbolical 
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Who the heck are these guys?
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Legendary M6, watch season 7 finale :)
They are AWESOME!
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I finally did and they are AWESOME!!
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I tell Ya :3
Who is Your favorute?
My is Rockhoof, Flash Mangnus and Somnambula (she is sooo cute and I just love her accent Love )
And I really like Sphinx ;)
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Ye! This. XD found out that this is Fanboy4life's new cover photo on his page.
My favorite legend is Somnambula because of how she looks.
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The others were nice but starswirl was a real a-hole
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I agree. For someone that was supposed to be well traveled and well studied, you would think he'd had a little more sense than to jump to conclusions or make baseless assumptions about others. How is it that this creep is known throughout history, but the others were allowed to fade into legend as nothing more than folklore??
ShazamJr's avatar
Possibly they were lost to history
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let's not forget that the others were thought to be myths even applejack was surprised too learn that they existed 
ShazamJr's avatar
So were we all
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