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MLP Vector - Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle

This is what happens when your Princess of Friendship is been exposed to undiscovered ancient historical books and artifacts. 

Twilight Sparkle Cute Face plz #2: I just... I thought... I can't *inhales heavily*
:iconsunsetshimmercrazyplz:: Get a hold of yourself, Twilight! 

2/19/18 - Made some changes on Sunset Shimmer's mane at coat colors based on the image provided by Hasbro (, added a translucent shape under the magic auras, and adjusted the thickness of the outlines on Twilight's right fore leg. This changes are made possible through the guidance of ChainChomp2

Vector taken from "Forgotten Friendship" Equestria Girls Special.

Note: If there is something wrong in the image like misaligned lines, misplaced fills etc., let me know in the comment box below.



My Little Pony Friendship is Magic © Lauren Faust / Hasbro
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I remember that part. When Twilight realizes the Canterlot Library has a restricted section, I was asking myself, Is this My Little Pony, or Harry Potter?
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Twilight's Scream "I must have da books!"
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Why does Twi’s face make me feel like she’s squawking like a bird
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I almost couldn't handle the adorkability of the moment.
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Sunset Shimmer Chuckle "Btw, I told Flash Sentry to get over you."

Twilight's Scream "You WHAT??!!!"
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Lol.    ^^  

I'm rooting for pony Flash Sentry.   ^^   
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Yes, this is what happens when you learn about the parts of history that Celestia was trying to hide from her subjects, Twilight.
You get red-pilled to the max.
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Twilight Sparkle HI, GIRLS. animated icon I'M GEEKING OUT!!!!!
:iconsunsetshimmercrazyplz: I KNOW, RIGHT?!!!! 
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She really freaking out xD
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Twilight Sparkle HI, GIRLS. animated icon: *LEARNING SEIZURE*
Sunset Shimmer Chuckle: "Heheh..."
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Twilight is such a dork hahaha
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lovely and cute twily <3
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undiscovered books make twilight explode with happiness.
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Better that than exploding in anger, right?
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Wonderful! I wonder how quick can you do a vector... It's just roughly the last 24 hours when Forgotten Friendship got released, and you've made 2 already...

But, ain't supposed that Sunset read the dark magic books in the forbidden section of the library before she was banished?
(From The Fall of Sunset Shimmer - MLP Annual 2013)

Me: Twilight! Do you KNOW what this means?
Twi: What?
Twi: *long gasp* OH MY GOSH!
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Well, depends how canon the comics are. Some of them and a at least one of the chapter books, have been discredited as non-canon.
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