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MLP Movie -Tempest Shadow #2

By jhayarr23
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Have a cute Frizzlepop Berrytwist:D (Big Grin) .... or Tempest Frizzlepop as mentioned by Maxojir.

Based on a scene in the My Little Pony: The Movie

Note: If there is something wrong in the image like misaligned lines, misplaced fills etc., let me know in the comment box below.



My Little Pony Friendship is Magic © Lauren Faust / Hasbro
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Come here tempest, (Hugs her affectionately.)
TempFizzle's avatar
I have such a beautiful face.

And my body looks as slender as ever.
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msalliecat's avatar
Fizzlepop Berrytwist? That is the cutest name ever!
bobhershey's avatar
Tempest Smiling 1 "My real name is Fizzlepop Berrytwist"!
Pinkie Pie #3 "That is the most awesome name EVER"!
Doctor Strange "My name is Benedict Cumberbatch"!
Pinkie pie (the Fourth Wall) plz "THAT'S ANOTHER TOTALLY AWESOME NAME"!!
Tempest Smiling 2 "Yeah, that is a pretty cool name"!
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my name is lightning  shimmer
YourVentilationYT's avatar
My name is johhny!
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Adventures in The 6ix - Cover by Shabb3r

Used for a fanfic cover with credit. Got big plans for Fizzlepop, Skystar, and the gang in a story. Thanks for making this, it's awesome.
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Thank you so much for the mention. 😄
Oixie-patters116's avatar
Oh my gosh she has the most adorable name!!!
I wouldn't be surprised if it was the storm king who changed her name,like come on man its adorable >:I
KyleDelMundo25's avatar
TBH, Tempest is one of MOST favorite villain ever.
She's half Twisted/Dark and Badass!
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Fizzlepop Berrytwist? What is her cutie mark, strawberry soda?

With a name like that, I know who we should introduce her to...Benedict Cumberbatch!
jasonanimation4's avatar
Benedict Cucumberbatch 
bobhershey's avatar
Cucumber Patch! Pinkie pie (laugh) plz
WishboneMakerStudio's avatar
She is a awesome villain. 
Miks299's avatar
She's my fav Villain. But not anymore

~FizzlePop BerryTwist
HeroMan655's avatar
Never seen a mixture of cute and sexy since Sunset Shimmer.
Risto90's avatar
She's amazing i love how badass she was in the movie , and her voice OH MAN her Voice i love it! though her real name was big WTF for me xD , also please can we just call her Tempest :P
jhayarr23's avatar
I agree to you to that, and also... Sure, that is why the vector name is still TEMPEST SHADOW. XD I will still retain that name. Don't worry.
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1st tempest X3

2dns she so cute X3 i like her awesome work you didi
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