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Thanks for the birthday wishes, everybody!! 

Here's a quick update: 

-Rumble vol.1 is out in tpb. 
-Rumble begins again with #6 at the end of this month. So look for that! 
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Hope ya'll dig it!!!!

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I won't be there Thursday (today) but I'll be there for fri and some of the weekend. 

See ya there!
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Many thanks for all the birthday wishes, everybody! 27 was a good year. 28 should be bananas!
Everyone know that I'm launching an Image book at the end of the year called Rumble? 
I'll have work posted from that soon! Plus more BPRD:…
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After many years of inquiries into how you can get your hands on my originals, there is finally a home for it. 
I'll have work up later this week for sale through Felix Comic Art:
  I might be available for commissions later this summer, in which case you will be able to send requests to Felix
through his site. 

Thanks y'all!

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Hey folks! The new issue of BPRD came out with an alt. cover by yours truly:…
I'll be posting pages to that asap. 

Also, I am now a member of that online noise machine, twitter. I'll be posting sketches and process stuff on there. So feel free to follow along!
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The first issue of my next BPRD five-parter comes out on Jan. 15th. I'll post some pages in a week or two. 

And also, according to Newsarama, I'm an artist you're supposed to watch in 2014:…

So cheers to that!

Hope you're all enjoying the New Year! 
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Fellow comic artist and Brooklyner(ite?), Gus Storms, has arrived here on DA. Check out his work and show him some love!

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Hey gang! I won't be tabling this year but I will be signing at the Hero Initiative booth(#1759) on Saturday from 3-4 and at the Dark Horse booth at 4:30  (#1636). Drop by and get a sweaty handshake and some shit signed! The Hero Initiative is for a good cause so be sure to pick up some of their stuff!




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I'll be crying myself to sleep this week.…
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A lovely short by Ami Thompson:…
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Thanks for all the Birthday wishes, guys!! Cheers to another year of drawing comics!




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Our friend Lesean Thomas' recent journal entry feature's an interesting article from Noah Bradley. It's worth reading and thinking about:…
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Friend and insanely talented artist Ian Bertram is here on DA. Send him some love folks! He's absurdly talented! And the fucker's young!

also his site and tumblr

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I'll be at Heroes con in Charlotte this weekend, fri-sun. I'll be in Artist's Alley at table AA 817. See you folks there!

*I'm experimenting with prints and I'll have some along as well as some warmups and old Sindiecate pieces for sale.
Still no interiors for sale! Sorry!

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A new blog between Ryan Ottley and I.

Every two weeks we pick a new topic, and within' those two weeks we post our progress leading up to the finished piece. Stay tuned, everybody!! It's gonna be fuuuuun!
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Here's a gander at my next BPRD mini. My parts all finished but I believe it drops in January.
Thanks for the pimpage Comic Book Alliance!

NYCC was a blast! Thanks to everybody who showed up for the signing and the panel!

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I'll be at the show this weekend in New York. I don't have a table but I'll be doing a signing at the Dark Horse booth Sunday Morning at 10am.

See you guys around!!

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Thanks for all the birthday wishes, guys! It was a good day!
25 was my most productive year yet. Let's see if I can top it
as a 26 year old.

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Hey folks!
So the group sketch blog I was a part of closed its doors this week:
Everybody got much busier with work this year and it wasn't getting the attention it deserved from us.  

I have another sketchblog idea I'm cooking up so hopefully I'll have something worked out sooner than later.


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