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Walking Dead

This week on Sindiecate was Walking Dead. And I am a man who doesn't mind indulging in some zombie doodles now and then.

I love this book because it defies that annoying convention that black and white books don't sell. This proves that quality and timeliness are far more powerful than the conventional wisdom. So if you have an idea that breaks comic conventions; do it well, do it in a timely manner, and you may just make it.

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Reminds me of Mike mignolas art
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hello, I'm commenting to tell you that a person called harley fisher (fooperdoodle, her old alias) has two traced versions of this for sale on her website, along with many other stolen works.…… here's a thread about her and what she's been doing. she has plagiarised a lot of work and has committed fraud this week by stealing $5.3k of donations to her to enroll to an artschool with stolen artwork as her portfolio.
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And just how long can these rotting horrors last,remaining functional ? If survivors hide long enough, the zombs will finally fall apart and become nonfunctional.
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Awsome. Just Awesome.
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This is an amazing image. I feel what your saying is awesome and true and I am one of the people buying that book because it is just all kinds of good and fun, been there since the beginning. 
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Great Zombies!  
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Very cool! Love he zombies:D
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Gotta learn to use that style of contrast. I keep trying and trying but I can't make eyes really "glow".
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The composition is the best!

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nice color design.
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I like this style
(y) nice work :)
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Your work's really cool!
remind me Mike Mignola.
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I thought the exact same thing
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Oh, i read volume one from the library yesterday, and it was epic :D
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This is soooooooooooooooooooo ... WOW!!!
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look like merle dixon
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