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Rumble 5 inks pg13

Page 13 from Rumble #5. On shelves today! This was done 100% traditionally, glowy background tones included. Looking for an excuse to paste that on for awhile. 

*ink, micron, nib, brush, traditional tones. 
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Real art by a real man!
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Great work, man. I've been digital so long it's hard to wrap my brain around working traditionally like that again. I think my airbrush is clogged beyond hope these days. 
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Fucking beautiful! 
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Holymotherofgod, man!
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Aw, man. Great stuff. The glow in the bg really adds tons of depth to it. Nicely done.

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That's great man.  Using traditional airbrush on there? Dry brushing like a motha fucka! ;)
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There screentones. I lay em' down right on the board and ink around em':…
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Spectacularly bad-ass! I'd love a B&W version of the book...
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And do you think it could happen?
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never say never but it's not likely at the moment. 
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this is amazing looking!
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you're a beast, James. Love this so so much
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thanks, Juan!
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