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Rumble #12 cover

By JHarren
Comes back in June!!

ink, brush, micron, nib, photoshop color
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Awesome colours!!!
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I can't really comment on all your submissions, but genuinely and generally, I feel all your artwork pieces are really great and a true inspiration for me. The lines are beautiful and you always compliment them well with your colors. The style is so unique and is my absolute favorite! Thanks for posting for us to see, it really gets me hyped up when I see this cool artwork.
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Ohhh man very hyped.

I've got the first two volumes and love em. Your art is kickass :D
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Hey dude, I just discovered how badass nib pens are, and I absolutely adore your style. I know this is a bit of a loaded question, but do you have any tips? (Love the ink splatters btw, are those digital?)
Keep up the good work. I hate having to wait for the next issues. I love the art and the story is something special.
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Been eager for more since #11 - looks like more greatness! :)
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Love it, love it, love iiiiiit!
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Love this series, am looking forward for volume 2!
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It's out, if you didn't know already :) Glad you enjoy it!
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I did not, thanks! :D
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Just picked up the first collected volume. Loving it so far. Your art really sells it!
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Thank you!! Thanks for picking it up :)
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is he heartless?
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would you ever consider doing a tutorial on how you color? I really like the textures you use, it meshes with your ink style really well.
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I'm not really set up for that kind of thing. I'm a bit of a luddite. I don't really know how to record videos and stuff. Plus there's so many amazing digital art tutorials out there. I don't think I could say anything that hasn't already been said better. 
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Something tells me that's not Rathraq in his body.
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