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A raw scan of an old warm-up with Hellboy and some floatin' heads.

*nib, brush, micron
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thanks, dude!
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I found this on Comics Alliance.  Very good work!
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I'm gonna have to piggy back of mr.Triano down there the texture is off the chain lol I've been trying to figure out what it was that was lookin so FUGGIN origiNALEInspiration 
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you fuckin savage! TEXTURE
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ha! Thanks, Matt! Texture's what you do (or at least what I do) when you're too chicken shit to just spot the black. 
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I'm pretty interested in the Hellboy and BPRD universe and I'm thinking of buying some digitally from DarkHorse's website.
I also enjoy your art style immensely so why not kill two birds with one stone and buy one where you were involved.
Do you have to read the comics chronologically or can I just pick up fx Abyss of Time right away?
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Excellent! If memory serves, I believe you can pick up Abyss of Time without reading any of the other stuff first. I highly recommend reading Guy Davis' run on BPRD though. His first arc was Plague of Frogs, and everything else he did with Arcudi and Mike is brilliant!
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Picked em' up and I'm loving it!
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I would Love to get a High Res copy of this to ink ! Awesome ! :happybounce:  
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do you mean to color, because these are the inks
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Yea I know, Your inks are Sweeet! I just wanted to see if I could digitally Ink it.
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I'd offer up my pencils but I only pencil in blue and it's extremely rough. You're better off inking your own stuff :)
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All good, thanks.

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Dude i love your style! you have inspired me to experiment with inking more. i always pick up your books you have illustrated. Great job man!
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Thanks! Have fun!
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Great movie series I hope they make another movie :D
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I love you.  And hate you.
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sounds like my internal monologue...
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for an old warm up it's still hot. yeah i think i'm repeating someone, but it's true.
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OMG so awesome....! Wonderful linework (as always)
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