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Dark Knight vs Superman commish Heroes

By JHarren
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Commission from Heroes this year!

*ink, brush, nib, micron, traditional tones. 
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Reminds me of the final battle in "The Dark Knight Returns" good work.
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I can't stand the rich boy winning all the time. It cool to see a bad ass drawing of supes kicking his ass.
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sweet. but i rather see the bat kick the boy scout's ass
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The Energy!!!! Awesome work as always James!
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Fuckin awesome!!

I have 2 questions Sir:
- What do you use for the lightning and spots? gouache?
- wil Rumble be available in Spain?

Thank you, master
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Sorry for the VERY late respons but here ya go:
 -I use white out pens and Pro White for the lightning and white spots. 
 -And we're working on getting Rumble in France. Hopefully the rest of Europe after that!
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The movement in this is so wow. This whole drawing is alive!
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Those traditional screen-tones are beautiful!
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Can I have it????
I didn't see you at the show.
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If you track down and dispense the fella who commissioned me!!
  Sorry I missed you, dude! I barely left my table. I would've dropped by and nabbed a page from you! 
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I was gonna take all yo $h!t off yo table Homey!

I'm just sayin.
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Hope you got paid a bundle for this.
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You ever do any process videos? I'm very curious to see that.
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never gotten around to it. Maybe one of these days!
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So awesome, do you mind if I color?
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Mike Spicer of the past; color the hell out of this. 
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