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BPRD127 inks pg2

By JHarren
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BPRD #127 out this week! Howards rolls back into town. 
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are any bprd covers for sale?
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are you using a round brush head for your dry brush, or a flat head.
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sometimes both! It depends. 
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Slick and tasty framing
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I loved this page. Howards all done up in black is a very striking image. Please never stop drawing this comic :(
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Shit yeah!!!
cant wait to have this in my hands!
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It's wonderful to see your works i'm learning a lot looking your pages.
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Chilling.  Nice work.
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You Bastard I picked up your creator owned book man WWOWW!
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this is such a bad ass page, is howards supposed to be covered in ashes and soot or is he just a badass riding through a shit ton of frost bite?
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Ha, yea, he's covered in ash and soot. That level of frost bite sounds ow-y. 
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Oh my, I have never seen any of this comic before, but the cold visuals are stunning, great job :D
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Thank you!! 
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Howards looks so badass, James. And it seems like the clouds are moving! Great effect, man
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thanks, Juan!
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I love it. I really like the wood post in the last panel. Super cool textures.
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