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Texas town

Don't get me wrong, I was born in Texas (Plano), but what is going on guys? What's going on in that state? Changing history books to change "slave trade" to "triangular trade?" Making a less "liberal" history? Not talking about the obvious fact that most of our founding fathers were nontheists? Just gonna close your eyes and put your fingers in your ears and go LALALALALA until all the bad people are gone?
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At least it aint Louisiana, *shudders* so many roaches....
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Not if you go to Austin
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florida can't be that bad.
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I was young when I posted that comment. You're right, it's not a Democratic stronghold like I used to think it was.
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The Founding Fathers weren't nontheists. They were a mixture of deists and christians.

As for the slave trade bit, I was taught that the slave trade was also called the triangular trade due to the shape of the trade route.
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The jokes about Jynx and pokemon "intelligently designing" into their evolved forms are nice but the library panel could be improved by listing the title of an actual textbook that goes out of its way to revise or adjust historical facts.
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You from Texas?
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not even close to where i am
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Oh, then why are you so bugged?
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actualy i forgot i comented that first one so idk
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I'm sooooo glad Texas controls the content of our history books. No wonder I never leaned anything from my history text book, and learned everything I know from the internet, and asking my teachers questions.
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Damn you Texas & you're weird Squirtles!
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It reminds me of Lousiana...
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HOLY CRAP I live there right now... D:
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I know exactly how you feel. I've lived my whole life in Texas, and at first, I beleived my teachers about the stuff my teachers told me. Then I read a Californian textbook, and I feel like screaming BULLSHIT practically everytime my teacher says practically anything.
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Yeah! No one else seems to understand except complete strangers on the internet. And that is why I am moving to Montana the moment I get the chance.
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Be careful where in Montana you move to. It's surprisingly similar here too (at least where I live). I miss the west coast. :/
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every intelligently designed thing grows bigger in texas town
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I know how you feel Jhall. As a fellow texan I know exactly how you feel with all of the crazy bullshit going on in the state and I don't like all of the, "close your eyes and put your fingers in your ears and go LALALALALA until all the bad people are gone", stuff Texas is doing.
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have you heard how they were gonna take out a president in the history books,and replace them with women and other people to make it "politically" correct or something? (im a girl,so dont call me sexist,but this is a PRESIDENT we're talking about. how can texas take out a president from our history books?)
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