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Relationship Comic II

By JHALLpokemon
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Full disclosure: In my head, cartoon Sandy and I are watching Legend of Drunken Master. :iconjackiechanplz:
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Lolz, she does that because the movie is not interested
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OH MY GOD, MY GIRL DOES THE SAME THING. Only difference is she does it in a movie theater...made watching maaany a film difficult. I love her till the end of time and beyond and all but crimeny...
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This is adorable! I'm like this except I'm pretty good at paying attention xD I just mess with my guy a lot out of fidgety-ness!

However I wonder if you know this image, being the ORIGINAL, was 3-4 pages back on google when I used the 'search by image feature'.
The first 3 pages were nothing but the sites that stole this image and put their watermark right beneath yours like it was THEIRS. (Sites like LOLGAG, and meme websites) :(
I'm glad I kept looking and found the actual source though, good work <3
metroidman22000's avatar
That's a great movie! No one should fall asleep that on. Lol
DancerVT's avatar
ohmygod the guys expression at the end killed me XD
RedTahirovic's avatar
hahaha, that is meeee! :3
gotta love women ! lol
shewalkswithghosts's avatar
Hahaha! That's totally something I do! (talking about the girl, btw) Yes, even the om nom noming. XD
Jehsiickuh's avatar
I need more of these! they are so good lol
Beland01's avatar
I love Drunken Master! 8'D
killerfang's avatar
aww my boyfriend and i are exactly the same! <3 <3 i heart my pookie bunny!
camasirsuyu's avatar
B-rated action movies vs. Sex

You've proved yourself a hero but you are NOT getting laid tonight.
LittleMissGrimm's avatar
haha xD this is my boyfriend and I almost exactly x3
Sabbath180's avatar
I love that movie!!
sandibeans's avatar
I just saw these :heart: NOMS!
Leala-Chan's avatar
Panel Four and Five pretty much describe me perfectly when I'm watching something and am not at all interested in it. Too cute :)
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lol so true xD but i also sms while watching movie and check time on mobile xD
mutisija's avatar
She is just like me :D
EvilHeartlessMoogle's avatar
Psh. I would never fall asleep during a movie.
Distractions are a different story.
Argema-Brassingtonei's avatar
Ah, you just showing off your hot semi-naked girlfriend.
DreamNight's avatar
God ... this looks like a comic of my love relationship.
esemese's avatar
lol, history of my life...
RioDiGennaio's avatar
Why do girls always do this? If I'm not into a movie, I just shut it off and put on the videogames. My BF is always like, "WTF are you doing?" I always reply: "Something fun. :I"
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