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Smoker in the Alley

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5/10000 second
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50 mm
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Date Taken
Aug 9, 2009, 6:06:06 PM
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Great street photo my friend! The focus and the light are awesome, plus the timing and the color on it are flawless. I really like this photograph a lot! :clap: :#1:
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thanks seigle. it was a bit of a rush, as i didnt wanna
be seen by the girl or the two in the background. had to
do it quick then scram! :D
Seiglie's avatar
Street photog's main concern: Take the shot and scram! :lol:
JGDA9RS's avatar
exactly hahaha i went back there the other day
and took pictures of the graffiti
Seiglie's avatar
Looking forward to see it. :)
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soon, after i get all of them. there was this one alley that had good ones,
i wanted to take them again at night, but i was too scared. it's one of those
where i found a whole bunch of garbage boxes and a whole bunch of cigarette
butts. and by many, i meant many. but one day. there's a rule in vancouver
streets of not going into alleys at night :D
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It's an universal rule! :lol:
JGDA9RS's avatar
i know hahahaha
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I have definitely been gone a long time. In my absence, you have seemed to find your own. I like what you have been doing. Keep up the good work.
JGDA9RS's avatar
aww really? thank you!! yeah a year straight of constant shooting i guess did that to me. glad you think i'm going the right way. i'm going to school next month, on the 18th. can't wait to see what's in store for me there.
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Awesome. have improved loads! :)
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I like the focus and the angel :love:
JGDA9RS's avatar
thanks marwa :)
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I see a mother taking care her kids. Great work my friend. The focus is the photo.
JGDA9RS's avatar
thanks guille. sorry about the description. i was in a bit of a bad mood when i posted that photo. but i would love what people would make of it. that girl smoking is actually a retail worker at a clothing store behind the wall, and the two in the horizon are
homeless junkies talking to each other, trying to look in the bins and maybe something else, i dont know. that's why i said make your own story :)
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Hahaha I cant be more wrong! Im an inocent old man :granny::
JGDA9RS's avatar
hahahaha no you're not hehehe.
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I really like the focus in this. Nice shot
JGDA9RS's avatar
i'm glad you do :)
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thanks llub3r. i shot this while taking a walk at commercial drive, east side of town close to where i live. i took two frames and this came out the sharpest. the girl didn't notice me, but after the third shot the two junkies/bums saw me and told me to f off hehehehe
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