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Habitual Pleasure- updated

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smoking weed is always a great escape from reality for some people.. sometimes...
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I do like the shot, this is the same girl as the really colorful one?
I'm not gone on the edit though, I would like to see how it works in color or b&w. I find the fading on the paisley shawl a little distracting. Hope you don't mind me saying so.
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yes it's the same girl as the colorful one and "Aperture"
i did make a b&w conversion, just not sure about it yet.
i have a straight monochrome, and one with a sepia tone,
which i find works out a bit better than the color verso.
and no, i dont mind it at all :) i'd be lost if KissmyHuman
didn't make a suggestion, and the same with you as well.
this is one of those photos that's gonna be re-worked again
and again lol until i'm finally happy with it. the noise levels
just makes it so difficult sometimes. can't wait to learn a film
camera :D i'll update with a monochrome version when i get more
time later on in the day. thanks again for the indepth analysis
:) it's just what i needed.
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I'm a grumpy old fart when it comes to editing. I like black and white or color :granny: especially if it's street or photojournalism :blush:
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i'm alright with editting, but dealing with excessive 800+ ISO noise is just something i never learned to deal or be patient with. even if i had a pen tool i probably still wouldn't enjoy it lol. i can't wait to have more money and make the switch to film and set up my own dark room (oh right, i still have to learn that too). although i'm starting to really like black and white nowadays, not to mention the sepia tone :D i find street and journalism is so much better in black and white.
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ISO can be a right pita! I slowly started re-editing pre-Lightroom uploads, any I think are worth the effort. I have one taken on 1600 ISO, the noise is insane! I did the original edit in Elements which is crap compared to LR because it doesn't read RAW files. I tried to edit the same image from RAW in LR and the results suck to high heaven, for once an Elements version won.

I was :confused: trying to figure out how and where I could set up a makeshift darkroom in my house... totally WHITE bathrooms. ^bQw reminded me... dark bags! I haven't used one before so I'm borrowing one to see how they work. I had an interesting technique for loading film tanks when I couldn't get into the darkroom. I used to cover my bedroom windows and door in black plastic, cover my bed in another sheet of black plastic and crawl under the covers with my tanks, film and a can opener... my feet on the pillow. I almost suffocated a couple of times, but it worked :P
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hmm, must give that a try one day. sounds interesting the dark room idea :D
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The colours are nice and work well with the focus. Fits the theme of drugs, the way it seems a bit like a smokey haze. Great shot
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thanks lluber
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beautiful stuff..
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cheers mate :D
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Post processing seems a bit sharper than it should be.

I love, however, the crack in between the woman's fingers oddly enough.
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sharper? how? what do you recommend ? because i do wanna re-do this one again.. let me know what you have in mind. perhaps it might be better :)
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I'm thinking if you want to keep that level of sharpness, perhaps do it on copied layer and mask it off in areas where there isn't a lot of detail like the left side of the image, just to drop down the level of apparent noise.

I'm all for grain/pseudo-grain but because it's on the sharper side it looks blocky and not as pleasing.
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ah.. totally makes sense. i shall have another go at it again. thanks bud :D
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