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With my fingers crossed that I get it right this time and that I keep it simple, the new #1s are here!

Adventures of Mighty Mom #1

Mature Content

Alluring Spider Vixen #1

Mature Content

Wonderboy #1

Mature Content

I'm just going to try to write these only once a month and not do too many story-lines and titles at once.

So enjoy and my forgiveness for nuking my universe to rebuild it.

You may have noticed my earlier post on Christmas morning, I suppose this is the Christmas that everything was taken away.

I recently pulled my entire library to prep for a straight forward reboot of all my characters. In the course of writing my adventures for these characters over the years I changed them so much from i started that I didn't recognize them anymore. My big three characters (and related family) felt this the most. 

I feel like at some point I lost the plot and was writing stupid like after General Raz's funeral, Spider Vixen got hitched to Alpha Mom.. because it would be fun?

To make matters worse a lot of the stories I wrote weighed down the characters with the baggage of other characters, like relationships and marriages that tied the character down. The only character that i feel works being married is Mighty Mom..(oddly i learned that lesson by removing her husband from the picture for a time.) While Spider Vixen works best being a flirt and a kissing bandit. As much as loved the character Courtney Jenkins, I originally meant for her to be a throw away character shortly after her first story line. When I made the decision to keep Courtney around, I think immediately misfired by having be revealed to be a daughter of Angelique Wrath and then later a demon/angel hybrid.

In the last two years I have put out very little stories and when I started I couldn't stop. In the beginning I started out with the series 'Mighty Mom and Alpha Girl' and then added 'Web of Spider Vixen' and 'Adventures of Wonderboy' In that time started other series like American Maiden, Sailor Girl, and an Alpha Mom title. I've gotten into the business of starting stories with plot-lines that potential effect the universe i created as a whole and then get writers block and then just give up and abandon them.

I started back a Wonderboy story called "The Last Dance" and the story was meant as a soft reboot for Wonderboy as the ending in my head would have written Courtney Jenkins and the Teacher out of the series. The Teacher was going to go back and be a straight forward villainess and her marriage to WB would be dissolved and at the same time Courtney Jenkins and Wonderboy would also split up and Courtney would had a semi happy ending driving off into the sunset to enjoy the 'fun years' of her youth in college. And it's been 6 months since I worked on that story because I'm not that invested in writing the story or those characters as I rather do something else.

I started doing art commissions again this year and it has brought new life into me and when I do those, the art isn't always tied to the canon of the stories I'm writing. They've always been there own thing. I can have Spider Vixen being a lovable flirt or just randomly placed in dark peril. There's so much freedom in that.

Then the unthinkable happened, in November I read that Angel Falls was closing. (Granted all of my characters lived in Peril City, but they shared the same universe and often interacted with other peoples OCs who lived there.) It was no real surprise to me, Angel Falls was greatly in decline after the video game 'City of Heroes' closed up shop. (Fun Fact - I never once played City of Heroes as I'm not into playing online gaming.) 

As the news of the group channel for Angel Falls was closing got out, many of its contributors announced their plans for the future. Some had already retired, others said they would carry on with their characters as is or try start a new group channel, and then I read someone basically announced that they would reboot there characters and would just polish off their characters and maybe shy away from their old connections to Angel Falls.

Then it hit me... I need to do the same thing. I need to polish up my characters, return them to basics, keep the stuff I still love about them and lose the stuff I didn't, basically start fresh again. Hopefully I will keep it simple this time. 

For about a month now I've been working on this in my head. How the best way to start over fresh. I took down everything that came before. The stories themselves are not deleted, instead they are asleep in my storage bin. I thought about leaving them up, then felt they would be too confusing leaving them up, especially if you were someone new looking at all this for the first time. Maybe one day I'll figure out what to do with it all and a way to display it.

I feel not everything i did was garbage and things that worked and excited me to write will be returning soon. Some of my characters will have new updated origins and some will basically be the same with new twists along the way. Heroes and villains that never had a chance to meet before will be in the thick of it now.

What's ahead?

Spider Vixen will have to dust off her pom poms, she's going back to college. Pamela Parks is learning the ropes of super heroine... luckily she's got a rich benefactor and mentor in her corner... Albert Franco!

Wonderboy is a lot older now, but still he's trapped in a metahuman body raging with teenage hormones. Wonderboy has endured for many decades and generations, but now comes the person that can easily destroy him... the Sailor Girl!

Mighty Mom is happily married and flying high with her daughter Alpha Girl at her side, but who is the mysterious boy, Cody Scott... a.k.a. the Mighty Boy?!  

The new #1s will be dropping soon...
In the meantime... Merry Christmas!

It happened on Christmas morning; a mysterious person looked down upon a world and one city in particular he once created. He looked upon it and the many characters and histories that had been created, the many adventures that had been told and yet many were uncompleted and some had became too complicated and were abandoned and forgotten about.

Needing a breath of fresh air, the mysterious person raised his hand and summoned a powerful cosmic storm that would destroy and erase everything.

Soon gone would be the adventures of Spider Vixen, Mighty Mom, Wonderboy, Sailor Girl, and many others. The world would be stripped bare as origins and histories would change forever. This would be the end and the beginning.

The mysterious person raised his hand, snapped his fingers and the memory of the universe he had created was erased.

Merry Christmas

I posted a new commission this week done by Jet Amago :icontaclobanon: featuring Spider Vixen and Pumpmonger's :iconpumpmonger: Agent Red at the mercy of Andrewr255's  :iconandrewr255: Concussion!!!…

Okay, she never really died, but  my old OCs who's been shelved for years is now officially back with a new look and pitted against Johnny Haradrimme's :iconjohnnyharadrim: American Mom!

You win some...…

You lose some...…

Johnny Haradrimme :iconjohnnyharadrim: surprised me yesterday with another wonderful piece of gift art featuring my OC  Spider Vixen.  Follow the link below and also check out his fantastic gallery.…
The super talented Johnny Haradrimme :iconjohnnyharadrim: surprised this afternoon with a wonderful piece of gift art featuring my OC  Spider Vixen.  Follow the link below and also check out his fantastic gallery.…

Thanks Johnny!
I posted a new commission this week done by Jet Amago :icontaclobanon: featuring Part 2 of Wonderboy's plight with his arch-foe the Teacher.…
I posted a new commission this week done by Jet Amago :icontaclobanon: featuring Spider Vixen and U1trawoman :iconu1trawoman:…
I posted a new commission this week done by Jet Amago :icontaclobanon: featuring Wonderboy and his arch nemesis, the Teacher.
I posted a new commission this weekend done by Callmepo :iconcallmepo: featuring Spider Vixen and Angel Falls villainess Ultrawoman

Ultrawoman owned by :iconu1trawoman:
Seems like has been forever since I made any kind of journal update. I posted a new commission this weekend done by Callmepo :iconcallmepo: featuring Wonderboy and Harem Girl.…
A new picture uploaded today by the talented :icontaclobanon: featuring my OC heroine Spider Vixen teamed up with the Blue Boltage and both triumphant over the villainess Cold Flake.

Blue Boltage and Cold Flake both belong to Kaemgen. :iconkaemgen: and used with permission.

You can veiw the pic here.…
Just a quick message to say.. Merry Christmas!
:icontaclobanon: just posted the recent mock cover picture of the cover of Amazing Team-Ups #1 he did for me recently. It features the first team-up of my own OC character Spider Vixen and :iconladytania: 's Ultra Woman against Star Sapphire.

The mock cover can be viewed here..…
A new  commissioned Spider Vixen picture drawn by the talented :iconcallmepo: features also makes the first appearance of my newest OC, Wonderboy. The pic can be viewed here..…
New commissioned Spider Vixen picture drawn by Tim Tyler was posted today. Our heroine finds herself a "guest" of Johnny Pheromone and enthralled by his power.…

Also a reminder of the recent picture by Jet Amago  :icontaclobanon: where Spider Vixen and super spy Angelia Trace and trapped and overcome by gas.…

And check out my entire galleries at comicartfans.…
About two months ago I called out and asked the owners of OCs (original characters) if they be willing to let me team their character with my own OC Spider Vixen in a commissioned artwork drawling. Well so far I've only gotten one person to answer the call..

cresent34 :iconcresent34: was kind enough to loan me his traveling super spy Angelia Trace and I hired the talented artist Taclobanon :icontaclobanon: to create this fantastic image of our heroines together..

Spider Vixen and Angelia Trace image -…


I'm going be hiring a few commissioned works in the months to come and if anyone else is interested in the idea of teaming their character with Spider Vixen, please note me.

Again here are the rules..

1 – You must be the creator of the original character(s) that you suggest to be used in the picture. Don't suggest a character you don't own.

2 - Please suggest only your OCs (original characters). Don't suggest characters like Wonder Woman and She-Hulk that are owned by major comic book companies. I won't team Spider Vixen with mainstream characters.

3 - My budget for commissions is tight this year and I'm not promising I'll use every character or idea suggested. I may only do three images total or maybe more depending on what type of feedback I get if any. And hopefully they'll be done before 2011 is over.

4 - Please provide a link to a picture of your OC, also can you tell me a little about him/her? I'm not asking for a novel of their life history maybe a brief paragraph describing what type of hero or villain your character may be.

Anyway thanks for reading.
I have three new Spider Vixen Commissions that were done for the month of February.

First up is a piece drawn by :iconarnie00: featuring Spider Vixen trapped in a StraitSnuggie.…

Next up is a wonderful piece drawn by :iconcallmepo: featuring Spider Vixen's appreciation for a gift from a lucky young admirer.…

Last but not least is a sketch of Spider Vixen drawn by :iconarchonyto:…

Here are the rules:

1. Post 8 facts about your character.
2. Tag 8 other characters.
3. Post their names with the creators avatars.
4. No tag backs (Well you can tag me again, but please chose a different OC if you do)

The lovely :iconu1trawoman: selected Spider Vixen.

Here are 8 facts about the superheroine Spider Vixen:

1. Spider Vixen's secret identity is Pamela Parks, a young college cheerleader that lives in Peril City.

2. Originally got her spider powers while being the unwilling test subject of the mad scientist Dr. Climax.

3. Pamela never knew her father who died when she was a baby. Pamela was raised by her mother (whom always spoke kindly of him.

4. Pamela is extremely ticklish (especially her feet).

5. Pamela changed the design of her Spider Vixen costume, because she felt the first uniform wasn't sexy enough.

The original costume:…

The current costume:…

6. Spider Vixen is notorious for stealing kisses from people. Pamela enjoys the trill of spontaneously kissing someone on the lips. Superheroes, villains, police officers, and a few lucky average citizens have been the victims of Spider Vixen's almost random and infamous kiss.

7. Spider Vixen considers the super villain known as Johnny Pheromone to be her greatest weakness. Every time she tries to arrest him, she ends up falling under the spell of his pheromones and soon finds herself inside the embrace of his arms sharing a bed. Even though she was under the spell of his pheromones, Pamela has no regrets or ill feelings of those steamy encounters.…

8. Little does Spider Vixen know that her own mother has a criminal past. Ivanka Parks was once the infamous Black Locus, a sexy thief and mischievous villainess who retired from the game when she became pregnant with Pamela.

I tag:

1. :iconmad-mikhail: - Dazzle Dolly

2. :iconpaulposer: - Shining Star

3. :icondynamodiva: - Soul Train

4. :icongytalf2000: - Occulta

5. :iconladytania: - Aluna

6: :iconthemaskedshrike: - Pinup Girl

7. :iconmasterofzen: - MoonSwift

8. :iconshonuff44: -Shred