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Web of Spider Vixen #36: The Nerd From HUSH

On the surface, 18 year-old Justin Edwards looked like nothing special, other than something that screamed the word nerd. On his days off from work (like today,) he was often dressed in the worse colored long sleeved shirts, rainbow colored suspenders, and multi-colored bowties.

As he blended into a crowded street in down town Peril City during rush hour, his brilliant mind was preoccupied by counting the number of diseases and bacteria he was at risk of encountering if he decided to take the bus.

However he felt he assumed was a gun suddenly press against his back, and a hushed voice ordered him, “Turn into the alley, cry out for help and it’s all over.”

The young man nodded and did as told. Once in the alley he noticed two muscled gang bangers waiting for him, before he knew it he was surrounded by them.

“You better have more than just lunch money dweeb,” said leader.

“P-Please, there’s no reason to be hostile,” Edwards said reaching into his back pocket.

One of the men suddenly grabbed him and slammed against the nearest wall, causing his wallet to fall out of his hand and fall to the ground.

“Good way to get yourself killed, four-eyes,” gloated the leader of the gang picking up the wallet off the ground.

The leader of the trio then flipped open the wallet and was suddenly treated to an electrical jolt that caused him to yelp out in agony before crumbling to the floor.

The young man then suddenly kicked one of his attackers in the groin and head butted him. He then suddenly turned around and did a sweeping roundhouse that the remaining gang member stumbling into some trash cans.

“What did you fellows think this was, high school,” Edwards asked, looking the bodies of brutes laying at his feet. He leaned over and picked up his wallet out of the hand of the gang’s leader.

Edwards opened his wallet and examined the contents to make sure everything was in place, thinking how cool it was having a wallet that responded only to his unique bio-signature and electrocuted anyone who wasn’t him. Although he hadn’t properly tested it before now, and it looked like all his credit cards had melted and fused into one.

The young man was about to journey out the way he came in, but stopped, when he heard a young woman’s voice say, “So what are you.. Steve Urkel meets Chuck Norris?”

“Spider Vixen,” Edwards gasped as he saw the young 20 year-old heroine clinging to a wall dressed in her skimpy one piece red Spider Vixen costume which was designed to show off the beautiful curves of her ebony body. The masked heroine was towering above him, looking down at him with a mischievous grin on her face.

The ebony superheroine spun a webline and lowered herself down to land in front of him.

“Where were you about two minutes ago,” asked the young nerd adjusting the bulky framed glasses into place atop his nose.

“Wait, you weren’t expecting me to save you were you,” quipped Spider Vixen. “I mean I just had my nails done, I mean you wouldn’t me to risk breaking a nail.. and for what to save someone who’s biggest contribution is playing Magic the Gathering at the local comic book shop!”

“Well that’s the most unsuperhero thing that I’ve ever heard a superhero say,” said Edwards genuinely stunned.

“Superhero,” scuffed Spider Vixen. “I don’t do the sexy superheroine thing anymore. I’m a Royal Queen now... Waitasecond... you look familiar!”

Spider Vixen studied the freckled face of the redheaded young man before her and deduced, “Clothes are different.. glasses are familiar.. Wait.. didn’t I sink my throat down to make someone jealous! Oh! I remember you’re that nerdy HUSH agent! Edwoods isn’t it?*”

(Spider Vixen first met Edwards way back in Web of Spider Vixen #1!)

“Ummm.. Do you have to be so loud about it,” asked Edwards worried that someone may overhear. “HUSH is supposed to be a top secret need to know agency and my status field agent is supposed to be top secret!”

“Oh Edwoods, you can trust me with your secret,” said Spider Vixen as she grabbed Edwards, pulled out a mini smartphone and posed for a selfie with them together, with her fingers giving him rabbit ears. “That is after I call the local news media!”

With the picture snapped, Spider Vixen leaped into the air and swung away giggling mischievously.


“She had to be kidding—Dear God, she had to be kidding!!!” Edwards repeated to himself over and over again, knowing full well that if Spider Vixen wanted to get onto the evening news, all she would have to do would have to do is swing by the local news station.

Edwards had immediately rushed back to his average apartment. Once he got there, he noticed the front door had left ajar, he immediately panicked as he always made sure the doors and windows were properly locked and bolted.

He pushed the door open, and reached for his smartphone planning to alert a HUSH response agents to trouble at his home.

“Please, don’t let them be Venom Agents,” he said nervously under his breath. Then he rationalized his situation, “I’m just a lonely tech-support field agent, this is probably a simple break in.”

“Hey Edwoods, do you not keep anything to drink in this place, all I see is soy milk-yuck!” said a familiar voice from the kitchen.

Recognizing the voice, Edwards immediately rushed over to the kitchen to find the ebony crime-fighter there wearing his HUSH uniform shirt, the long sleeved buttoned blue shirt with silver trimmings hung from Pamela small frame. He also noticed glancing down her long legs that she was barefoot and for a moment he wondered if she even had her one-piece costume under his shirt.

“What-- What are you doing in my apartment,” cried the young man.

“Oh come now Edwoods, you didn’t really think I was going blow-up your job at HUSH did you,” giggled Spider Vixen, “Hehehehe!! By the way, think that I could barrow this outfit to go cosplaying?”

“Edwards, my name is Edwards,” he corrected, almost at lost for words. “What are you doing here?”

“Well Mr. Smarty-pants, as I was swinging away I realized that you could be quite useful to me,” said Spider Vixen. “As you probably know my Mom’s locked away in the Zero-Zone, and I have feeling I’ll need someone with your brains to whip up a cosmic treadmill powerful enough to open a breach in there!”

“You know I may have had the biggest crush on you when back when you stole that kiss, but there’s nothing you can say or do that can make me betray my loyalty to HUSH or my country,” said Edwards as he raised up his smartphone and was about to call the HUSH emergency action hotline.

Spider Vixen frowned and covered Edwards’ phone with her webbing and yanked it hard out of his hand. The phone smashed against the counter and shattered.

“That phone was more advanced that whatever the I-phone 40 will be,” gasped Edwards as it destroyed and in pieces.

“And yet it was as breakable as the I-phone X,” giggled Pamela.

“Fine, I’ll use the land line,” said Edwards as he rushed past to reach the old-fashioned phone that hung on the wall.

Pamela grabbed his arm and he turned around and swung his other arm around trying karate chop the side of her neck. Pamela easily blocked it and slammed the young man’s face down on the counter and she grabbed his wrist and twisted his arm behind his back.

“Think you can go toe-to-toe with a superheroine,” said Spider Vixen, “Those amateur hour kung-fu moves that you showed off in the alley won’t work me!!”

“You’re no heroine, you said so yourself,” cried Edwards, tears forming in his eyes. He knew that with any more pressure that his arm would snap like a twig. “What makes you different from any other bully?”

“Why, I..” Pamela started to say as she glanced up at the reflection of herself and Edwards in the mirror. The young woman realized that she was being more than just naughty right now, she was being cruel, and that was something Pamela Parks was never before.

Tears swelled in her own eyes, Pamela released the young man’s arm and stepped away. “Please forgive me.. I.. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“Like any girl would ever actually care about my feelings,” scuffed Edwards under his breath.

Edwards was about to make another attempt at the phone on the wall, but as he looked over Spider Vixen, he noticed the unexpected genuine expression of remorse on her face, which made him pause. She genuinely looked broken.

“I.. I only wanted to rescue my mother,” said Pamela. “I couldn’t save Raz or Bezla from being killed, but I thought maybe I could save my mother from living a interdimensional hell-hole in a prison camp!!”

“If it makes you feel any better being inside the Zero-Zone is a peaceful and tranquil environment, so your mother isn’t suffering any pain or misery,” said Edwards trying to be compassionate to the feelings of the heroine realizing that she might not have become bad, but experiencing an emotional physiological break, which would explain her wild change of personality and villainous-like behavior. “It’s not even like being in a prison. Once their first week is up, their released into the main Zero-Zone community. I shouldn’t be telling you this, but the Zero-Zone is like living inside a small town, with small houses, instead of prison cells. It’s a shame the rehabilitating effects don’t last when they come back!”

“If this place is so great why isn’t it being used nationwide,” asked Pamela.

“The Zero-Zone isn’t big enough to house every criminal in the world and opening portals can only be done periodically and requires one of the three cosmic gem stones known to exist on Earth,” explained Edwards, “Which is why only violent super villains are sent there.”

“My mother isn’t a violent super villain,” said Pamela. “She has no right be treated like a second-class citizen especially she helped you breach the 9th Circle’s encrypted spyware.”

“Did you forget that the 9th Circle wants her dead,” said Edwards.

“Maybe your right, but I still have a right to see her,” said Pamela pointing a finger. “In normal prisons even the worst criminals can get to see their loved ones!”

“Well.. I think only Destiny Carter could arrange that,” said Edwards.

“The head of HUSH hasn’t exactly been returning my phone calls,” said Pamela.

“Were any of those messages threatening or demanding,” asked Edwards.

“Well… Maybe I owe her an apology,” said Pamela reluctantly.

“Well maybe if you speak with her like an adult than a spoiled brat, it’ll open some doors for you,” said Edwards smiling.

“I’m a Queen, I should be able to have people do that for me just by snapping my fingers,” said Spider Vixen snapping her fingers.

After Spider Vixen snapped her fingers, Edwards briefly noticed a black object hidden underneath the rest of fingers.

“Wait.. Isn’t that a--”

“Almorian Mind Box,” answered Spider Vixen as she leaped forward and placed the small alien cube on the young nerd’s forehead, which caused him to immediately feel a powerful electrical jolt that made the young man slip into a trance-like state and his head bobbed, causing his glasses to fall off his nose as his eyes began to flutter. Pamela pulled and removed the box away from his forehead and then placed his bulky glasses (which she had managed to catch before it fell onto the ground) back into place on his nose.

Edwards shook his head and snapped back fully awake.

“I pledge to be a loyal mindless drone, my benevolent Queen,” said Edwards happily, as his mind was programmed able her every whim.

“Good boy,” smiled Spider Vixen unbuttoning the shirt and revealing her body in her trademark red one-piece outfit. “You know Edwards, until the moment you actually saw the mind box, I was almost considering not even having to use it on you. Despite how terrible I treated you today, you did try to comfort me and be a nice guy, so instead of making you my mindless drone, hmmm... how about loyal friend who will do anything for the woman of his dreams?”

"Anything for you," he droned.

Spider Vixen peeled off her red domino mask that concealed her eyes. “Recognize me Edwards?”

“Yes,” said Edwards. “You’re Pamela Parks, former cheerleader, pinup model, and Spider Vixen.. the woman of my dreams.”

“He may be a nerd, but still a boy,” giggled Pamela. “Think you can handle being my spy.”

“Yes.. Umm.. Oh course,” said Edwards blushing.

“And remind me again, whom is the woman of your dreams,” asked Pamela softly placing a finger under his chin.

“You are, Spider Vixen.. I mean my Queen,” said Edwards.

“We’re friends remember,” giggled Pamela brushing her hand through his short red hair. “Call me Pamela when the mask is not on and call me Spider Vixen when it is. Now Justin... mind if I call you Justin?”

“You can call me anything you like,” said Edwards lovestruck.

Pamela giggled mischievously. “Think you can handle being my spy inside HUSH?”

“Of course,” said Edwards smiling happily, “Anything for the woman of my dreams!”

“Good boy!”


Meanwhile, in the Zero-Zone, where time flows and effects things differently...

Carla Parks, the woman once known also as Black Lotus stepped outside the door to her small house wearing a simple yellow dress that hung on her slender body perfectly and took in a deep breath, taking in the freshness of the morning air. It was strange how relaxing it was to begin the day. Maybe it was the glow of the soft purple sky.

Carla was now much different from the woman she was she first arrived in the Zero-Zone. She felt twenty years healthier and even felt younger too, more so with passing day.

She then smiled as she saw Captain Bloodbath wave to her as he jogged by wearing his usual workout sweats.

“Hey Frank,” said Carla happily. “I see that you’re up early as ever!”

Frank stopped and jogged in place. “You should put on your jogging tights and run the block with me sometime.”

“I’d like that,” giggled Carla. “How does this time tomorrow sound?”

“Sounds great,” said the former mass murderer and supervillain, “Hard to believe, there was once a time I was too intimated to even start a conversation with you.”

“And now you flirt like a minx,” said Carla smiling. “A lot can happen in eight years!”
Kmon13 Featured By Owner May 7, 2018  Student Artist
Wow, I like the description of the Zero-Zone it sounds more like Storybrook from Once Upon a Time series (But instead of Fairy Tale characters it has supervillains. ) Mind if I add two characters to the community?   

I'll PM them to you shortly. 
JGalley0 Featured By Owner May 7, 2018
I loosely got the idea after watching the movie pleasantville and reading a What If book about if the Marvel Heroes had stayed on the Beyonder's world for 25 years.
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