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Web of Spider Vixen #35: The Spider and the Alpha : Part 5

The Following story is part of crossover that began in Web of Spider Vixen #34.

Please read the following chapters and tie ins in the following order first.
The Spider and the Alpha: Part 1-…
Web of Spider Vixen and Alpha Mom Special #1 -…
9th Circle: Death and Rebirth -…
The Spider and the Alpha: Part 2 -…
The Spider and the Alpha: Part 3 -…
Alberta Franco: SexKitten – One Shot…
The Spider and the Alpha: Part 4 -…

The Spider and the Alpha : Part 5

A few hours after Joey Elton left her apartment, stunned that he had a new daughter in his life, Pamela Parks got ready for bed still mentally prepare for tomorrow’s big move. She took a quick shower and afterwards dried off and slipped into some comfortable lingerie.

Wrapping a silky robe around the nakedness of her body, she decided to look around the apartment which was now mostly packed up in boxes. There were so many memories here, memories that she had shared with Raz, Bezla, and her mother.. all of whom were now gone.

Then there was a knock on the door to her apartment. Pamela thought it was awfully late for another visitor, at least at this hour of the night. She peeked through the peephole to see standing outside her door a stunningly beautiful Italian beauty with long raven hair with streaks of red. She had an hourglass figure and breasts that rivaled those of her own. She was dressed in a knee-length dark blue dress, matching pumps, a string of pearls, and diamond earrings. Her expression was haughty, yet seductive. Pamela’s spider sense wasn’t buzzing so there was no immediate danger from her.

Pamela unlocked the door and cracked it open.

“Can I help you,” Pamela asked.

“Please forgive me,” said the woman, “If I had realized you had already gone to bed, I would’ve until tomorrow.”

“That’s alright, I hadn’t gone to sleep yet,” said Pamela. “Who are you and why are you at my doorstep this hour?”

“I believe the backstory that I’m supposed to give people is that I’m Alberta Talzo, the secret fiancée of the late Albert Franco Jr who just married him a day short of his demise,” explained the young woman. That is a lie. The truth is that the old womanizer that was Albert Franco Sr. was regenerated into a younger body curtsey of 9th Circle, where he became known as Albert Franco Jr with powers that rivaled Mighty Mom. He was later killed by an older version of your husband General Raz- the one from an alternate timeline. Jr. was later brought back life thanks to the 9th Circle only to be killed again. The next time he was brought back to life, it was at the irony of being a woman. It was done as punishment for my failures and for my womanizing ways.”

“You mean you’re.. HIM?!!”

“I believe HER would be more correct, but yes,” said the woman extending out her hand in friendship, “Once I was Albert Franco.. now I’m Alberta!”


Moments Alberta was elegantly seated at a table in Pamela’s small kitchen. Pamela poured Alberta a cup of coffee and handed it to her as she sat down facing her.

“Thanks for not looking at me as if I was some kind of freak or monster or laughing your head off,” said Alberta, “especially after what I just told you.”

“If what you say is true, that wouldn’t have been kind,” said Pamela.

“Surely, your sadly late mother has told you about me.. at least about the man I once was,” said Alberta.

“Your name did come up a few times,” said Pamela. “Like the time you somehow blackmailed her into selling off her stocks in Rosa Unlimited so could take-over control of the company from my Auntie.”

“Of yes, Marcela,” said Alberta. “I suppose she’ll have a good laugh when she sees me like this. I suppose I have it coming to me. A year ago I was a 56 pervert and pressuring an innocent 18ish intern to sleep with me.”

“Although the 9th Circle revived you from death, they are making you suffer from their cruel joke,” said Pamela.

“Personally I’m glad I never met you as a man,” said Alberta. “I would have sent far too much time ogling your body and undressing with my eyes, I would never have noticed that you were far more beautiful on the inside. Please don’t take that as a line or if I was hitting on you.. I’m not in your league.. more ways than one.”

“As awkward as all this is,” said the young black woman, “None of what you’ve said explains why you are my doorstep at this hour.”

“I’ve read the tealeaves that Morgantech is buying the Parks Foundation for 1.2 billion dollars,” said Alberta.

“How the hell do you even know that,” asked Pamela. “The negations of the buyout have been kept top secret. In fact, the offer hasn’t even properly presented to the board of directors yet.”

“Good, then there’s no need to waste their time with proposal,” smiled Alberta as she sipped her coffee.

“And why not,” asked Pamela becoming defensive.

“Because I would hate to humiliate you in the board room,” said Alberta. “I know you never been in a corporate board room meeting, not one this important. Everyone attending that meeting has a piece of the company, I grant you have inherited the largest share, but the others have large shares as well and if the unite, they overthrow you and the buyout and merger will not happen. When they get their first look upon you they’ll know that the business world is not your forte.”

“If you’re trying to intimidate me.. It’s not working,” said Pamela.

“I don’t need to intimidate you,” said Alberta. “I too have a large share stocks invested in the Parks Foundation, which secured I traded out the shares of Rosa Unlimited.”

“I’m starting to understand why your daughter Susana doesn’t speak kindly of you… MR. Franco,” shot back Pamela.

Alberta maintained her smile. She also ignored Pamela’s insult as if it were nothing. She’s was just a child, and rightfully lashing out at her for her past sins.

“I suppose I deserve that,” said Alberta. “You have every right to consider me as an enemy, but you’ll never win over the other executives if I was to decide to block this merger.. I have dirt on all of them.. I know which ones are having affairs on their wives.. which is guilty of tax fraud.. I even know your little secret… Ms. Spider Vixen!”

Pamela gasped as she heard the name of secret alter ego mentioned.

“Don’t act so alarmed.. I know all the names of Peril Protectors,” said Alberta slowly uncrossing and recrossing her long legs, “Joey Elton, Lillian and Chloe Adams, and let’s not forget your new Almorian wife Loraine and her son Quinn. By the way congregations on becoming Royalty, Your Highness!”

Shock and rage boiled over Pamela’s face as she listened to Alberta talk as she sipped her cup of late night coffee.

“With a snap of my pretty fingers, I could destroy them all,” said Alberta while studying Pamela’s rage. “But you forget about this silly merger, you’ll have nothing to be threatened about, especially when the new CEO is placed in charge! She’ll be handpicked by me of course.”

“You think I’m going idly relax and let some crony from Wrath Consolidated take over,” shouted Pamela.

“Well.. if you really want to play this game of chicken and risk the lives of your friends,” mused Alberta. “The world will be quite shocked when they learn the identity of Mighty Mom and her super friends! I hope their friends and family also have good life insurance.. They’re going to need it!”

“You.. You bitch,” cried Pamela.

Alberta laughed softly at that. “I suppose I am! You have to be to survive in the business world, because you always have to swim with sharks. It’s about leverage and knowing how to use it!”

“So who’s the bitch you want to put in charge,” said Pamela. “I look forward to one day punching her lights out!”

“Feel free to knock yourself out,” said Alberta giggling, “The new CEO is going to be a young lady, who as much attitude as her mother did, she’s named Pamela Knightman Parks!”

Pamela’s jaw dropped. “Me?!!”

“Yes, you silly girl,” said Alberta. “By the way how does your spider sense feel about the idea?”

Pamela stopped to finally catch her breath. Her heart felt like it was pounding through her chest. However she didn’t realize it until Alberta had mentioned it, but her spider sense was dead silent. In fact it hadn’t tingled even once.

“I’m not here to threaten or blackmail you girl,” said Alberta. “Angelique Wrath expects me to use my influence over the board and block this merger with Morgantech, then the board will outvote you amd agree to sell to Wrath Consolidated. They will seize control and decide the fate of your mother’s company. Even if Morgantech did acquired your mother’s company, thousands of jobs within the company would be lost.”

“Rebecca Morgan promised me she would do her best to not allow that to happen during the transition phase,” said Pamela.

“She may have a bleeding heart as big as yours, but Morgantech can’t afford to take on that many new people after an expensive merger that big, no company can,” said Alberta. “However if you took control of your mother’s company, there would be no reason for massive layoffs.”

“My mother always wanted to follow in her footsteps,” said Pamela. “But I never went to business school, I was busy being a child, dancing around for a crowd as a cheerleader, a model. My daughter Bezla absorbed my mother’s savvy business skills with an Almorian mind link and was being groomed to be the one to take over. Now they’re both gone and it’s all on me. I can’t run this company, as you said I’m not a shark and the business world is not my forte!”

“Not yet,” said Alberta, “Fortunately you have a secret weapon, a weapon even your mother never realized the full potential of and one that could one day financially crush both Wrath Consolidated and Morgantech and you also have friends with savvy business skills to guide you while taking your first steps.”

“What are you talking about,” said Pamela. “Didn’t you hear that I know absolutely zero of financial investment?”

“Let tell you a secret,” said Alberta. “I didn’t go to business school either! Not one class! To make it in the world of Wall Street, all you need to be is a poker player with a well oiled support team behind you. I’m sure Rebecca Morgan will understand your change of heart with so many jobs on the line, ask her is she’s still willing to come on board but not at the dream title she was expecting, that seat is yours. If she’s unwilling and ask her help you selecting a new President and vice President, ones who will have your back. I’ve done my homework on Morgan, she’ll help you.”

“I’m surprised that you don’t want yourself be in any of the presidential chairs,” said Pamela. “If I was to become CEO, what do you gain out of any of this?”

“Revenge,” answered Alberta. “Angelique Wrath has wronged us both. She’s the reason for your suffering and for the humiliations I now willing embrace. The only thing I need to be appointed is that of the role of a personal advisor, someone to be your cheerleader, and to prepare you for the business world.. and make you the ultimate shark. I help you legally how cut through the red tape and how to effortlessly deal with what you think is going to be overwhelming and of course, how to master your secret weapon!”

“So what’s this secret weapon, you keep rambling about,” asked Pamela. “I’m not big on using guns.”

“Actually, I was referring to your spider sense,” smiled Alberta. “The ultimate weapon in the board room is simply knowing who to trust and who not to. That’s it! Your spider sense can be weaponized to guide which projects your company embarks on and which ones to avoid. You’ll be unstoppable.”

“Angelique is expecting you to deliver a corporate takeover on a silver platter,” said Pamela.

“She’ll likely ease off once she hears that the offer of Morgantech has fallen through,” said Alberta. “She also has a soft spot for you which we can exploit. She’ll no doubt be impressed that you taken the reigns of your mother’s company, and with the threat of Morgantech growing more powerful off the table, she’ll leave your company be.”

“What if I lead the company right into the ground,” said Pamela. “What would my mother think?”

Alberta smiled and answered, “If that were to happen, I think your mother would have rather it been proud of you for crashing and burning the company to the ground rather than it being handed over to Morgantech or Angelique Wrath.”

Pamela smiled. “Well, you’ve given me plenty to think about.”

“Sleep on it a few nights,” said Alberta as she rose from the chair. “Weigh your options and discuss this with a friend, your wife perhaps.”

Pamela rose from her seat as well and escorted Alberta to the door. “I still don’t know if I should trust you or not.”

“Trust your spider sense dear,” said Alberta with a friendly while batting her eyelashes. “I’m quite harmless.”

“Well regardless Ms. Franco, it was interesting meeting you,” said Pamela as she extended her hand out in friendship.

“The pleasure was mine,” said Alberta grasped Pamela’s hand and pulled it to her lips and kissed the younger woman’s fingers as if she was a queen.

Alberta immediately blushed as she realized what she had just done.

“Please forgive me, sometimes glimpses of the old me come back,” apologized Alberta feeling herself turn a shade of red. “That was horrible of me.”

“Well, kissing my hand is not so bad,” said Pamela with a giggle. “Besides now that I’m soon to be announced as Royalty, I suppose I better get used to being kissed on the hand by strangers. Who knew Wonderboy’s baddie was such a charmer.”

“One request,” said Alberta blushing slightly, “Please don’t tell Wonderboy, my daughter or any of the others what has to happened to me. It would be too humiliating for me to face them again if they ever learned of my transformation into a woman. Let them believe that Albert Franco is gone forever… because he is.”

“Your secret is safe with me,” said Pamela. “Plus now I have leverage over you to do the right thing.”

“I actually like the sound of that,” smiled Alberta as out the door.


Alberta sauntered down the hall smiling to herself. Things had gone better than she ever imagined.

She then reached into her purse and pulled out a small electronic devise that had secretly defused Pamela’s spider sense the entire time she was in the apartment.

“What a lovely and silly fool,” thought Alberta. “Carla must be twisting in her grave!”

To be continued in
All-New Alpha Mom #4
Knight3000 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good chapter
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