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Mighty Mom #4: The Spider and the Alpha - Part 7

The Following story is part of crossover that began in Web of Spider Vixen #34.

Please read the following chapters and tie ins in the following order first.
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The Spider and the Alpha - Part 7

At the Fortress of Exile, located in the Antarctica, the Almorian crowning ceremony had just wrapped up and all parties involved including the guests were invited to a large room made into ballroom. The guests were a who’s who of celebrities that included, movie stars, world leaders, and superheroes (and some that were secretly villains. The press, including news various reporters and photographers were also there to record the event around the world.

Lillian Adams Scott in the disguise of Mighty Mom was clinging in her husband Alex Scott’s arms as they were currently dancing on the ballroom stage after the royal crowning ceremony after Alpha Mom officially became Almora’s Empress with Spider Vixen officially appointed as her Queen.

“Wasn’t the crowning ceremony beautiful,” sighed Lillian as she pressed and swooned in the arms of young husband who was also disguised in a superhero costume which consisted of a white bodysuit with large yellow cross over his chest and his suit had a purple trim and a white and yellow utility belt. His face was concealed with a white cowl and mask that cut at the top to allow his brown hair to show.

“Yeah honey, it was,” said Alex smiling enjoying the first time that he was able be out in public and be romantic with his wife while she still dressed as Mighty Mom.

“I’m also glad my beloved sister Loraine managed to talk Pamela out that crazy idea about unmasking as Spider Vixen,” said Lillian. “And speaking of masks.. How do you feel being here dressed as a superhero.”

“This cosplay idea to keep my identity a secret was great,” admitted Alex. “But I’m far from being a superhero!”

“You’re always my superhero,” teased Lillian. “And from the way those photographers were snapping pictures of us as we kissed, the secret is out that Mighty Mom has someone special in her life!”

“I just hope that they don’t come up something stupid for my name,” joked Alex who actually could care less, “I’m hoping for something like White Knight, but I dread I’ll get labeled and stuck with a name like Cosplay Boy!”

Mighty Mom laughed at that and said, “If so, everyone will know that Cosplay Boy was the one that swept Mighty Mom off her feet!”


Meanwhile Beatrix Wrath was also on the crowded dance floor dancing Zondald Adams aka Mighty Boy, who was dressed in a special uniform modified from his late father’s Almorian soldier suit, equipped golden Almorian power bracers and a golden armored Almorain neck collar. The uniform’s traditional colors had been changed the same navy blue and red colors that his father had used during his brief time as Mighty Man.

“You didn’t tell me that Kevin and Kalindra Wrath would be here, you said the Wraths mostly likely decline the invitation that Loraine sent out to them due the fact that there would be so many heroes and HUSH and Overwatch Agents present,” said Beatrix as she moved in sync with Mighty Boy’s dance steps.

“The relationship between Angelique and Pamela is a bit strained right now with Angelique gunning for her mother, she’s also smart enough to know that being here would only draw further attention to the 9th Circle on a global stage,” said Zonald. “Kevin and Kalindra Wrath are allowed here as diplomats being that they are the rulers of Dragnov.”

“I hope that they don’t see through my new disguise,” giggled Beatrix who had taken the form of a stunning young woman with caramel colored skin with long silver hair with pink highlights dressed in a low-cut purple cocktail dress with long silky green arm gloves that similar to the attire of Jessica Rabbit in that animated movie. The dress and high heels showed off her amazing body and long legs.

“Well now that the ceremony is over we could slip out the back during the next song,” suggested Zonald. “Kevin and Kalindra appear to doing the meet and greet thing with some of the other world leaders, I’m sure they haven’t had time to notice you.”

“Good idea Loverboy,” said Beatrix. “These type of ceremonial parties are not my thing, and I send the night someplace cozy with my Destined One.”

“I.. I suppose we could go back to your place and watch one of your anmie or manga movies,” suggested Zonald as he felt himself becoming lost in the eyes of his succumbi girlfriend who had been hungrily seeking for weeks to get him hot and bothered and under his cape.

“Sounds like a fun start,” said Beatrix as moved her hand and fingers over the front of Zonald’s uniform. “I think your father would be proud to see you wearing this suit. Perhaps you follow your Auntie Loraine’s suggestion and take the mantle of Mighty Man, a double-M logo would look great right here!”

“You’re not just saying all these kind words just to coax me into surrender my chastity to you,” asked Zonald.

“What you expect when you date a succumbi,” giggled Beatrix as she took Zonald’s hand and led him off the dance floor.

He stopped her as they reached the hallway and kissed her hard on the lips.

(*- This portion of the tale will be completed in Mighty Boy: The Final Adventure!)


Meanwhile also on the dance floor, Joey Elton was dressed as Wonderboy and he too was slow dancing with someone special, his ‘wife’ Marcela Sanchez a.k.a. Mrs. Wonderboy.

“It’s a pity that Courtney couldn’t be here for this,” said Marcela smiling.

“Yeah, I guess,” said Joey as he secretly observed and spied on a young woman slow dancing with a young man not too far away from them. The young couple was Anna Elton and Quinn Vazia.

“You know muchacho, you seem districted all night,” said the stunningly beautiful Latina woman.

“I suppose so,” said Wonderboy sounding as if he was basically on auto pilot.

“I’ve secretly been having an affair with my adopted brother Kevin and we plan to be hitched once we burry you and Kalindra perhaps somewhere out in the Arizona desert,” declared Marcela while smiling.

“That’s cool, I ughhh…wait… What?!”

Marcela stopped smiling and deliberately slammed the spike of her high heel shoe down hard on Wonderboy’s foot. “I knew it! You were barely even paying attention to me!”

“Yeowww!!!” cried Joey.

“You better have a good excuse for checking out that señorita over there,” said Marcela harshly. “And it be good or else you are very much endangered of being shoot by my P380!”

Wonderboy quietly grabbed Marcela’s arm and they walked off the dance floor.

“It’s nothing like that, she’s my daughter!”

“You have yet another child,” growled Marcela, “AND YOU DIDN’T TELL ME!!! AND WHO’S THE MOTHER?!!”

“Carla,” answered Joey sheepishly.

“Where’s my gun?!” grumbled Marcela under her breath as she stormed away from him and towards her personal bodyguard who was also holding her purse and her weapon.


Meanwhile yet another couple was dancing on the stage, the very couple that everyone had come to honor, the Royal Almorian Empress Vazia and her Royal Queen, Lady Spider Vixen.

Both Alpha Mom and Spider Vixen were both wearing golden Almorian crowns with special variations of their usual superhero costumes. Loraine was wearing white while Pamela was wearing gold.

Alpha Mom was wearing a white long sleeve leotard with a gold trim that matched the color of her golden domino mask, she wore a long flowing transparent silky white cape and for once she was actually wearing pantyhose with her knee high white and gold boots.

Pamela had on a shiny gold variation of her one-piece Spider Vixen costume, with a white transparent cape attached to a white fur collar around her neck. There were no gloves and the spider boots had also been replaced with strappy golden knee high gladiator sandals with 9-inch heels. The final touches were a golden domino mask and a striking golden crown.

They slow danced to the romantic music for what seemed like forever as neither one said a word. Pamela was very relaxed in the arms of her wife and Empress, she enjoyed having their breasts occasionally brush and touch as they danced amongst the crowd. The television cameras were still broadcasting the reception party for billions and billions of people around the world. Even with world watching their every move Spider Vixen laid her head against Alpha Mom’s shoulder and enjoyed the warmth and silkiness of body.

“Pammie, people are going to think we’re more than just friends,” whispered Loraine.

“Well, we were more than just friends last night,” said Pamela with a giggle. “I quiver thinking about it!”

“Might want to dial that down,” grinned Loraine.

“Why not we shock the world and just kiss right now,” said Spider Vixen giggling. “As Queen, I am entitled to make Royal requests to my Empress and I do believe you are obligated to share an Almorian Mind Kiss with me eventually. We’ve played by HUSH’s rules long enough, they even had the nerve to test me again for being under mental PSI manipulation right before the ceremony.”

“It’s a good thing that I only gave you a spanking last night,” whispered Alpha Mom, “Shame their little tests couldn’t search for things that were already programmed into you months before by Raz.”

“I know,” said Pamela, “Kiss me my Empress, make my lips quiver as minds make love.”

“There’s one little secret I must tell you first,” said Alpha Mom, “A confession really.”

“Ohhh... Alpha Mom has a secret confession,” cooed Pamela before giggling mischievously, “Sounds like that I was not the only one being naughty. So tell me ‘bad girl’ what was your evil plan?”

“Well my naughty vixen,” said Loraine. “For starters, I tricked you into marrying me. I altered Raz’s message to manipulate your heartstrings and preyed upon your emotional vulnerabilities to gain your trust and later seduce you to the naughty side with an Almorian spanking.”

Pamela took a deep breath and with a surprised look on her face, the young ebony crime-fighter pulled away from Alpha Mom. For a moment Loraine actually feared that she had overplayed her hand and that upon hearing the truth, had somehow shocked Pamela’s mind enough into breaking free of the Almorian Chain of Command that had shackled Pamela from being a ‘good girl.’

Instead Pamela rolled her head back and laughed. Before Loraine could say another word, Spider Vixen wrapped her arms around Alpha Mom’s neck, stood on her tip toes and kissed the Almorian Empress full on the lips. Alpha Mom blushed and wrapped her arms around the younger heroine, just as everyone in the dance floor had stopped in their tracks to observe them.

Suddenly all the small hairs on the back of Spider Vixen’s neck stood up as her spider-sense began screaming at her. She suddenly jerked her lips away from Loraine’s and shouted at the top of her lungs, “EVERYONE TAKE COVER QUICK!!!”

Seconds later what felt like a massive tremor rumbled the Fortress of Exile, the crystal ceiling above them shattered and fell towards the ground.

Moving at super speed, Alpha Mom, Mighty Mom, and Alpha Girl cleared the all people off the ballroom floor and to safety before the giant shards of broken crystal hit the floor.

“What the hell is going on,” demanded Loraine as she looked up at the new gaping hole in the ceiling to see a giant ship was now hovering above them.

“That ship,” cried Mighty Mom, “It looks Almorian!!”

“It’s Razi,” cried Alpha Mom. “She’s here!”

Before anyone could further act, a transporter beam engulfed Alpha Mom, Mighty Mom, Alpha Girl, and Quinn. All four vanished, seconds before the Almorian ship that had been hovering above suddenly shot off at warp-speed, taking the captured family with them.


Mighty Mom groaned and shook her head. Groggy, the Champion of All Mothers wondered what the hell hit her and why her limbs felt like they were tearing out of her sockets. Once her head cleared, she soon realized that she couldn’t move at all for she was hanging in midair with her hands and legs spread painfully wide apart.

Lillian’s hands were locked into metal shackles attached to chains that dangled from an overhead beam in her cell. Her ankles were locked into similar shackles that were bolted to the floor.

Mighty Mom strained at her chains and grunted as they didn’t budge. She looked up and noticed a bright green light built in the ceiling above her; it was an artificial solar light.

The door to the cell hissed open and a tall beautiful brunette stepped in. She was dressed in a black uniform that was part of an old Almorian military force.

“(So you must be Razi,)” said Mighty Mom speaking in her Almorian langue as she tested her restraints. “(What have you done with the rest of my family?!)”

“(They are all under heavy sedation for the moment,)” she said looking over the captured supermom held in check. “(My son is personally taking care of your daughter as we speak.. I think he’s smitten. My other two girls are having fun with your nephew, I understand he lacks the invulnerability granted by Earth’s sun, I figure there’s a fifty percent chance my girls will crack him like an egg while just playing with him! As for your twin sister, I have special plans for the last Empress of Almora!)”

“(Do what you want to me, but leave my family alone,)” pleaded Lillian.

“(It’s not the Quntah Mi*, that I have an issue with,)” said Razi. “(It’s the Vegha Mi!)”

(* Quntah Mi is the Almorian translation for the words Mighty Mom and Vegha Mi is the translation of Alpha Mom.)

“(Why, she has done anything to you,)” asked Mighty Mom.

“(You are more naïve now than you were two years ago,)” said Razi as leaned and placed a finger under Lillian’s chin.

“(What are you talking about,) said Lillian pulling her head back.

“(Two years ago, you and I battled it out on the surface of Earth’s moon,)” said Ravi.

“(I don’t have any memory of such a fight,)” said Mighty Mom.

“(Erasing memories is parlor tricks for us Almorians,)” said Ravi. “(Two years ago when Jayson told me of your existence, I came to Earth with the sole purpose of killing you and your daughter!)”  

Rage filled Lillian’s eyes and she threw all her weight against the restraints to no avail.

“If you dare hurt one single hair on my baby girl’s head, I’ll--” shouted Mighty Mom before she was interrupted.

“(You are in no position to threaten me, Princess,)” said Ravi interrupting Lillian by grabbing her by the throat.

“(Let’s see what you’ve been up to since last we spoke,)” said Razi forced her will and consciousness into Lillian’s mind.”)

“(No… Get out of my mind,”) groaned Lillian attempted fight off Razi’s intrusion into her mindscape.

Razi laughed and activated her PSI Adent enhancements. “(You’re more defensive the last time I was in your head, if I was a mere Almorian you may even be throw me out, but I’m a little more than that!”

(“You’re an Adent Cyborg!)”

“(Last time Jayson talked me out of scrambling your brain,)” said Razi. “(I looked deep into the heart of your soul and saw that you had broken away from Almorian customs and tradition. You were no threat to me or my family since you had no desire to be a Queen or an Empress! So why does your family embrace one now?!”)

All Lillian could do was gasp for air.

“(You’ve been through some heavy struggles since last we meet,)” said Razi she swam through Lillian’s mind and memories. “(You faced wars with General Raz and then had your egg stolen by his daughter to give life to his son.. Then there’s Venom who brainwashed you into thier pawn .. Then there are those battles you had with a different Alpha Mom from an alternate universe! Even pieces of your mind have been altered, memories broken and lost by an Almorian mind box. You’re not even sure how you first met the young man you’re now married to!”)

“(Get.. Get out of my head,)” ordered Lillian, her was almost pleading as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“(And that’s not what is troubling you the most,)” said Razi. “(You are a victim of the very thing that I fear myself, an Almorian spanking! There it is.. bring it into focus. Relive the memory, you agree to lay of your sisters legs and she spanks like a child, summoning you embrace the humiliation and your pride is taken for you. You are reduced to that of a pet whenever Vazia’s presence.. even more so now she’s officially been declared your Empress!”)

“(Yes... I’m her loyal servant,)” sobbed Lillian.

A cruel smile spread across Razi’s face, “(They called you the Champion of All Mothers.. Poor little Princess Zezia, how the mighty have fallen!!”)

“(If you’re going to kill me, just do it,)” begged Mighty Mom. “(Just spare my daughter..)”

Razi raised an eyebrow at that, she released Lillian’s throat and said to her,“(Your last gasp, is a plead for your daughter’s life, but not your Empress?)”

Lillian closed her eyes and hung her head in shame.

“(I’m going to rip out the Chain of Command from your skull,)” declared Razi as she grabbed the temples of Mighty Mom’s head and unleashed the cybernetic Adent nanorobotics into her blood.

“AAARRRRAAAAGGGHHH!!!!” screamed Lillian horrendously.


A short time later, the heavy metal doors to Razi’s personal chambers hissed open and Razi found the Empress of Almora seated and relaxed in a chair reading a book off a computerized tablet.

“(I hope you don’t mind, but I was reading your personal log journal as I awaited your return,)” said Alpha Mom.

“(You are the Empress now, nothing of mine should be off limits to you,)” said Razi. “(I should warn you though; there is lot of reading ahead as the journal covers over three hundred years. A side-effect of going through the Psi Adent process is the side-effect of no longer being able to age.)”

“(That must be maddening to you to be as old as this ship,)” said Loraine as she carefully placed the tablet down on a desk. “(To have to watch your family and crew be born, grow up and die old, over and over again.)”

“(My family is what keeps me sane, even if I suffer losing them forever,)” said Razi.

(“Speaking of family, how is my sister?”)

(“Her willpower was strong, but her mind was fragile,”) said Razi. “(She’ll make a full recovery and awaken just like the others with no memory of what transpired from the moment they were brought aboard the ship. You were right to be concerned, General Raz and Venom pretty much deconstructed Zezia’s mind and then put it back together with Querbain tinfoil.)”

“(Were there any Trogan Horses left by them,)” asked Alpha Mom.

“(That depends on what a Trogan Horse is,)” said Razi.

“(Oh fuck-balls, you have to forgive me, I’ve been with humans for too long,”) said Loraine chuckling, “(Any unwanted surprises left by them?)”

“(None,)” said Razi. “(Now that the Quntah Mi is now a Stage One Psi Adent, she’ll be loyal only to you.)”

“(And Chloe Adams, can the same be done to her,)” asked Loraine. “(The girl never had the Chain of Command properly installed in her and I need some way to control her, monitor her and ensure her loyalty to me!)”

“(Yes, it can be done,)” assured Razi. “(Once Chloe is assimilated as a Psi Adent, I’ll be able to monitor her mind in the hive network where all thoughts are one.)”

“(Excellent, then I’ve truly won,)” gloated Alpha Mom. “(With you as my ally, the only person that could have ever stood in my way can now be turned in a mindless drone at the snap of my fingers!)

The doors again hissed open and Mighty Mom stood on the outside with tears in her eyes. “(I didn’t want to believe Razi that you would do such a thing to Chloe, but how could you?!)”

“(What is the meaning of this,”) growled Loraine as she shot Razi a glare of pure hatred. “(What betrayal is this?! We had a deal! I was offering you a way out of the hold of the Veri Collective, an asylum and citizenship under Almorian law!)”

“(A deal, yes, but not with you,)” said Razi “(Two years ago, Jayson convinced me that Mighty Mom was indeed the champion that everyone believed her to be. She may be flawed, may have been an Almorian Princess, and committed past sins herself, but if Almora ever had a hope of redemption, it was going to be through her! Jayson was manipulated horribly by that other Alpha Mom, but he was going to give you the benefit of the debt and so was I, however I’m smart enough to also know that some Bogisic Dragons don’t change their spots, I felt a little test was an order, and I convinced Jayson and the Veri Council to play along!”)

(“Sister, why would you do these things to me,”) said Lillian addressing her sister. “(I understand that it was your rite to make me endure an Almorian spanking and it was Almorian Justice to break my pride with humiliation, but conspiring to turn me into a Psi Adent and doing the same to my daughter and son?”)

(“I can’t have them turning against me Little One,”) said Loraine as sat in the chair, she began to pat her thigh as beckoning for Mighty Mom to again lay across her lap, “(Now I see your mind has again strayed from the Chain of Command, come sister... you need another spanking!)”

Mighty Mom froze dead in her tracks. Loraine reached her arm and extended her hand out to her sister, saying, “(Take my hand Little One. It’s again time for your spanking!)”

Lillian took Loraine’s hand, but instead of being guided into her sister’s lap. Mighty Mom pulled hard and forced Alpha Mom to her feet.

“I think we need to hug this out,” declared Mighty Mom as she wrapped her arms around her sister and trapped her in a bearhug.

Their bodies mashed together as Alpha Mom struggled and kicked to escape, but Mighty Mom held onto her tight as Razi walked behind Alpha Mom and placed her fingers on the temples of her head.

Forcing a mind-link and using her Psi enhancements, Razi overpowered Alpha Mom’s mind and forced her to briefly pass out.

Loraine went limp in Mighty Mom’s arms and Lillian carefully lowered her sister back down back into the chair.

Dazed and confused, Loraine opened her eyes. She looked at her twin sister and asked, “(How.. How can you resist the Chain of Command?!)”

“(Because I removed it),” stated Razi. “(The very foundation of it was the very thing that made Princess Zezia’s mind the most like tinfoil, I ripped it out and replaced it with something much stronger to the core of her being, the love of her family, which is as strong as Gorkain bedrock!)”

“(You can’t do this to me, I’m still the Empress of Almora,)” said Alpha Mom.

“(Yes sister, you are still the Empress,)” said Mighty Mom sadly. “(And I’m duty bound to serve you, but only me, not my children.)”

A cruel smile spread across Loraine’s lips.

“(What?!)” Razi gasped. “(You’re going to continue serving her! After all that!?)”

“(Until she proves unfit for the throne or someone of Royal blood challenges her for it, I have no choice,)” said Mighty Mom. “(She also my sister, and despite the wrongs she’s done to me, I too once made wrongs against her. Perhaps we are even now.)”

“(I’ll go set a course back to Earth then,)” Razi declared balled her hands into fists and stormed out of the room, the steel metal doors hissing closed behind her.


Later Mighty Mom rejoined Razi on the bridge of her ship.

“(I’m sorry that didn’t go the way you were hoping,)” apologized Mighty Mom, “(But unless my sister does something illegal and cannot forcibly remove her from power.)”

“(Her plot to force Psi Adent nano-robotics into your body against your will doesn’t seem like enough justification for you,)” asked Razi.

“(It isn’t exactly murder,)” said Lillian. “(I prey to Velda, that my sister Vazia mends her bad habits.)”

“(I think praying to the gods of a dead world is a waste of time,)” said Razi. “(Your daughter and nephew will be waking up soon, will you be informing them of what transpired here?)”

(“Vazia has agreed to write everything off that happened here as a political misunderstanding,)” said Mighty Mom. “(But only under the condition that nothing about the details that happened here is said to anyone that includs them.. my teammates back home, my husband, even poor Pamela! I’m also sorry to say the Empress has also rescinded her offer to you and your family for an asylum.)”

“(As long as that woman sits on the Almorian throne, I will only consider this ship my home, and I and my family will not mourn the passing of our citizenship to a tyrant Empress!)”

“(Where will go now,)” asked Lillian.

“(I will maintain a close eye on this sector, with the aid of my spy,)” said Razi.

The shocking announcement that Razi had a spy, alarmed Mighty Mom and just when she was about to say something to her about it, Razi said in a commanding voice, “(Adent Sleeper Drone – Unit 918 activate!)”

Mighty Mom froze and flew into a trance and stood up straight like a soldier standing tall at the attention a superior officer.

“(Unit 918 activated,)” said Mighty Mom monotone, “(Awaiting orders.)”

“(Unit 918- When in surveillance sleep mode, you will go about your daily life as usual unaware that when your body rests you will subconscious upload your memories of that day to the Adent hive-net for me to review,)” explained Razi. “(No memory is to be omitted, even private thoughts. Will you comply?)”

“(I will comply,)” droned Lillian.  

“(Excellent,)” smiled Razi. “(Unit 918, your conscious mind will now forget you are my spy as you begin sleep surveillance sleep mode.)”

Mighty Mom relaxed her composure and touched her forehead. “(I.. I’m sorry.. Did you say something?)”

Razi smiled as she saw the confusion in Mighty Mom’s eyes. She had no idea she was partly assimilated into a stage-one Psi Adent, as was also her daughter and nephew. The process would take four years to become permanent, and Razi did intend to remove the nanorobots, just as soon as Alpha Mom had been dethroned!

“(No dear,)” said Razi. “(Everything is just fine!)”


Three nights later, in an upscale apartment building, located in Peril City at sometime shortly after midnight...

“So there is where you grew up,” said Loraine who dressed in a fashionable evening dress that was similar to one that Pamela was wearing.

“Yeah... I inherited the whole building from the ‘passing’ of my mom,” said Pamela as walked over with two wine glasses and a bottle of champagne. She added with a mischievous giggle. “I figured we might keep it and use it store our future harem of slaves.”

“I’ll drink to that,” said Loraine with a giggle as she accepted the wineglass. “Shall we also drink to your new success as the CEO of the Parks Foundation and landlord of prime real estate?”

“Or perhaps to our reign as rulers,” suggested Pamela as she filled the glasses and put the bottle down on a nearby table. “How about just to us… the undefeatable duo!”

“What sounds nice,” said Loraine, “Except that bitch Riza broke the power of that I held of my sister!”

“You still have her loyalty to the throne and that’s all we need for now,” said Pamela. “Besides Kalindra suggested something to me that will keep Mighty Mom distracted from melding in your affairs and keep her far and away from Peril City!”

“Do tell me more,” said Loraine.

“First to us,” said Pamela clanked her glass against Loraine’s.

“Yes,” Loraine. “To the Spider and the Alpha!”


As Pamela and Loraine enjoyed their drinks, Mighty Mom hovered above the clouds over the building. She spied on them with her x-ray vision.

Lillian had been felt compelled to keep a close eye on her older twin sister’s activities. Pamela did seem to enjoy being in Loraine’s company, she was hesitate to go to her with her new concerns, especially since Pamela’s loyalties in relationship to Loraine had been tested multiple times already with the same results.

“You better be good to her Loraine,” said Mighty Mom wiping the tears away from her eyes before flying off towards home. Until Lillian had something that proved Loraine was unfit for the throne, she had to respect Pamela’s ‘marriage’ to her, allowing the Empress and the Queen their privacy.

The End.
The Final chapter of The Spider and the Alpha. 
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