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Mighty Boy and the She-Devil – One Shot

Zonald Adams aka Mighty Boy had been through a lot in recent weeks. Both his father and sister were murdered on the night. He had avenged the murders by destroying Mia-Lin Ming’s soul with the Almorian Gods Slayer Ax.

Mai-Lin’s death weighed heavily on his thoughts. Although it was argued that he acted in self defense, he still couldn’t shake the feeling that he had committed murder since he not only felt justified in doing so, but if he could have that moment in time over again, he would do the same exact thing again.

Flying over Peril City, he noticed some trouble at the St. Anna Christian High School, well dressed students and facility teachers attending the prom were fleeing in mass numbers. All were screaming something about a demon and others saying something about a girl named Carrie.

Using his telescopic super vision saw two teenagers, a young man and a girl trapped in circles of flame that twirled up and down and danced around them like a hula hoop. Standing before him was a familiar face dressed in an elegant but sexy purple prom dress.

“I thought it was sweet when you asked me out to your school’s prom, I thought you were actually trying to sweep me off my feet,” said the beautiful pale grey succubus with long silver haired hair and long grey horns shaped like a crown. Her voice turned scornfully “Here I thought you might be in love with me.. not trying to get back with your ex by using me just to make her jealous!!”

Suddenly a blue and red streak whisked between the helpless couple and the young succumbi who gasped as she saw the handsome young masked her with blonde hair, blue eyes standing before her in his sleeveless blue and red costume and flowing white cape with his arms crossed. On his wrists were golden bracers that had alien Almorian technology. 

“Help us Mighty Boy!!” pleaded the girl trapped by the rings of fire.

“Let them go devil!!” Mighty Boy ordered at the top of his lungs as his eyes turned red as she summed his heat vision.

“Not feeling a little jealous yourself are we,” asked Beatrix Wrath sensing the emotional rage coming from him. “You seem much different than our last encounter. No doubt because the emotional impact of your recent losses, well I’m than willing to let you cry on my shoulder.”

“Enough games devil girl, I said let them go!!!” growled Mighty Boy as he fired a warning shot with his heat vision that singed Beatrix’s long silver hair.

Beatrix frowned as she brushed her burnt locks of hair with her fingers and turned her eyes back to the hero. “He scorned me, he deserves to burn!!!”

“Tell me, did you even bother to warn your date of your unholy origins,” asked Zonald.

“That’s usually a deal killer,” said Beatrix.

“So devil, you plan kill your date for not being faithful to you while at the same time you weren’t bothering to be honest with him.”

“Is it wrong to have the illusion of love even just for one night,” asked Beatrix.

“I wasn’t aware that devils were capable of love,” said Mighty Boy.

“Rub me the right way, I can be the girl next door, rub me the wrong way and I’m the bitch from hell,” said Beatrix turning her demonic gaze back at the boy who scorned her. The boy quivered in fear as she looked upon her. “I’m a Princess of Hell, I deserve more respect than..”

“If you are, then isn’t being a last minute prom date beneath of a Princess of Hell,” asked Zonald.

“Perhaps you have a point,” said Beatrix, “Mother always did say I should never settle for anything less than a prince.”

“You should take her advice and let those two go and I’ll allow you to retreat back into the neither realm and you begin searching for demonic royalty.”

“You know Mighty Boy,” purred Beatrix turning her gaze back upon the young hero. “The only prince that ever tickled my fancy was a certain Almorian one!”

“You can’t be serious,” said Mighty Boy.

“Our first encounter was quite special for me*, your heroic virtue was almost mine,” said Beatrix. “I know you Almorians pride yourself on always be truthful and living up to your word.. especially YOUR family! Agree to take my former date’s place.. take the commitment that he pledged to me and I’ll let them go.”

“And if I don’t,” asked Mighty Boy.

“Then I guess they’ll fry,” said Beatrix raising her hand causing the spinning rings of flame to increase and intensify around the trapped couple.

“Mighty Boy please!!!” screamed the girl.

“Fine, I’ll take over his commitment,” said Zonald.

A naughty smile spread across Beatrix’s face and she snapped her fingers causing the rings of flame to vanish. “How quaint, a selfless sacrifice.. that will make draining your virtue even more potent.”

“My.. My virtue?!” gasped Mighty Boy.

“Oh, he pledged to give me a good time,” said Beatrix smiling mischievously. “With me, date-night includes kinky sex!”

“What have I gotten myself into,” gasped Mighty Boy.

“Belong peasants! I’ve got a date with a real man.. well at least he will be when I’m done him!” declared Beatrix as turned her gaze onto Zonald.

The teenagers wasted no time fleeing for their lives heading towards the exit of the gym.

Mighty Boy slowly approached Beatrix and took hold of the young succumbi’s hand.

“How sweet,” said Beatrix as Zonald tugged on her arm and pulled her into an embrace.

"I always wanted to get swept off my feet by a superhero.. but whaaaaaaah,” Beatrix began to say as the Boy of Might took off carrying her out of the building and into the air at supersonic speed.


A minute later Mighty Boy landed on a rooftop in downtown Peril City and gently lowered Beatrix down. She stared at him slightly groggily from flying fifteen miles across town and traveling at super speed.

“What’s the big idea, we had a deal,” fumed Beatrix.

“Now Beatrix, I figured from the way you were dressed that you want to go someplace special,” said Zonald gesturing to the sign nearby. It was advertising the name of the exclusive restaurant on which they were now standing on, which also happened to be the most exclusive four star restaurant in Peril City.

“The Del Brando?” asked Beatrix. “I hope you know that you are paying right?”

“I’ll have to make a quick phone-call, but the owner is a friend of the family,” said Zonald. “Although you’ll have to change into a more human looking appearance unless you really want to repeat what happened at the school.”

“You know I think the sight of Mighty Boy walking in with me might still turn a few heads no matter if I was demonic looking or not,” pointed out Beatrix.  

“Very true,” said Zonald peeling off his red domino mask and revealing his face. He then tapped a button on what looked to be a watch on his wrist triggering an explosion of light and when it cleared Zonald was now handsomely dressed in a black and white tuxedo. “Please call me Zonald.”

“My now, don’t you clean up nicely,” said Beatrix with a giggle.

“Glad you approve Beatrix,” said Zonald.

“How sweet, you remembered my name,” said Beatrix. “I must have really made an impact on you.”

“Well we did once share an Almorian Mind Kiss,” said Zonald. “It doesn’t get any more intimate than that. By the way Beatrix, you’ll be the one turning some heads if you go in looking like that!”

“Any special requests,” said Beatrix. “The joy of dating a shape shifting succumbi is the fact that be anyone you ever wanted.”

“If you like I can be a celebrity,” said Beatrix morphing her face and body into the form of Selena Gomez.

“Or friend,” said Beatriz as she changed her features again changing into the form of Pamela Parks.

“How about the form you had when we first met,” suggested Zonald.

“Ah, my personal favorite,” said Beatrix as she shape changed again this time into a young woman with caramel colored skin with long silver hair with pink highlights. Zonald noticed that young woman’s voluminous body now filled out the low-cut prom dress quite nicely with her amazing breasts that had had to be at least 36DD.

“Umm.. They still might stare,” said Zonald blushing.

“Let them,” she said with a soft giggle. “I wonder what your mom would think us together out on a date.”

“I’m not sure.. you are the sister of Angelique Wrath,” said Zonald.

“That doesn’t scare you, does it,” asked Beatrix allowing her grey demonic horns to grow and pierce through her forehead with keeping a sultry smile on her face.

“I don’t know, maybe I could overlook it, if you allow me to kiss you,” as he stroked Beatrix’s face.

“You remember what that almost did to you last time, don’t you,” asked Beatrix seductively as her luscious lips began to magically turn blue. “I almost made you my Destined One.”

“I.. I remember,” said Zonald meekly.

Beatrix immediately seized his lips with hers and kissed Zonald vigorously. Her hand traced down his arm and carefully touched the alien watch on his wrist trigging the devise to transform his clothes back the skintight uniform of Mighty Boy minus the mask.

“What.. What are you doing,” asked Mighty Boy.

“Let’s just be who we really are,” Beatrix seductively.

The seductive succumbi stepped back and pulled the straps of the prom dress off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor at her high heeled clad feet. Underneath was a skimpy low-cut red bathing suit.

Beatrix smiled as her eyes turned red and her long red spade-like tail grew out from behind.

“Okay, should l make the reservations for Mighty Boy and ummm.. She-Devil then?”

“Let’s skip the dinner and go for dessert,” Beatrix giggled and tilted her head allowing Mighty Boy press his lips against hers and pulled their minds together into a deep Almorian Mind Kiss.

When their lips parted Mighty Boy was completely under her spell.

Beatrix caressed Zonald’s cheek and said, “At first, I thought it was ploy by you bringing me here to this restaurant, I expected that you might try and play some superhero trick and maybe weasel out your promise to me before I could have my way with you, but looking into your soul during that kiss you don’t have a plan or desire to escape me. No matter what I might do you, you feel like you have it coming.”

Mighty Boy lowered his shame unable to explain his actions, as the words Beatrix had spoken were indeed true.

“I’m in for a feast!” declared Beatrix. “My sister, Angelique would sell her husband’s soul to have the purity of such hero removed- And not just any superhero..  an Almorian Prince!! The power I could obtain from such a sacrifice, it would empower me in ways that words could never describe and make me even more powerful than Angelique and my maybe even mother too!!!”  

“I know you’ve always wanted the power to be free of her and escape being under her shadow,” said Zonald.

“How would you..” Beatrix began and then realized, “Guess those alien mind-kisses work both ways!”

“In way we’re both kindred spirits,” said Mighty Boy. “You can’t shake your sister’s influence in your life and I can’t escape the shadow of my late father, an Almorian war general or his legacy any more than I could live up the shadow of my mother, a champion of peace and hope.”

“Your mom would freak if she knew you were alone with me right now,” mused Beatrix seconds before a shadow drifted over them.

Mighty Boy and Beatrix turned their heads upward to see Mighty Mom, the Champion of All Mothers floating overhead in her blue and red leotard and long flowing red cape.

“Well ‘young’ lady, despite the fact that you’re a timeless succumbi and have been alive for over a hundred years and my son was born from a cloning tank less than a year ago.. I instead calmly believe you are both consenting adults,” said Mighty Mom with her arms folded over her ample chest. “That is unless of course, you bewitched him!”

Zonald stepped in front of Beatrix, “Fear not mother, everything is quite alright. This is Beatrix and we are just on a date.”

“Do you need a chaperone,” asked Mighty Mom noticing how scantily Beatrix was currently dressed.

Beatrix wrapped her arms around Zonald’s arm and leaned against his shoulder while waving her long red spade-like tail back and forth as she gave Mighty Mom a puppy dog look, “I promise to be a GOOD girl!”

“Everything will be fine Mother,” promised Zonald.

Mighty Mom nodded and smiled. She then flew off at super speed.

“What are the odds that your mom would actually show up here just when I was about to put the moves on you,” asked Beatrix unwrapping herself from Zonald’s arm.

Beatrix thought about that statement a moment longer and rubbed her chin thinking about it. Her mind wondered through all the memories she absorbed through the Almorian Mind Kiss she had shared with Zonald.

“Your mom’s cute husband owns this place,” said Beatrix as she faced Zonald. She then slapped him with back of her hand. “She routinely flies over this place at least four times during her nightly patrol, that’s why you brought me, you subconsciously knew the chances of Mighty Mom seeing you would be high! You WERE trying to weasel out your promise!!!”

“Wow.. that actually hurt,” said Zonald rubbing his jaw.

“Did you forget that you are powerless against magic,” quipped Beatrix as she raised her hands to summon her magic hellfire to unleash onto Mighty Boy. “Prepare to burn!!”

“I’ll gladly die fighting you, but it was never my intent to deceive you,,” said Zonald braced for combat as he looked into her eyes, “If I was trying to as you say to weasel out of something then perhaps sending my mother away was not my best move just now.”

“Perhaps you’ve given up all hope,” Beatrix relaxed the flames around her and instead gently placed her hand over the red M insignia on his chest, “Your soul really is in a dark place right now. The loss of your sister and also your father weighs heavily on you.”

“I should have expected this from a she-devil,” said Mighty Boy pushing her away. “You no doubt enjoyed going through my thoughts seeing me at my lowest point!”

“I do feed over off the anguish of souls,” said Beatrix, “I can’t help that. It’s my nature, I can’t help but dredge out your deepest emotions, which now are mostly guilt and shame over the fact that you couldn’t have saved your father or sister and that you also feel guilty over maybe having used your powers for revenge by ending the life of Mai-Lin Ming.”  

“Perhaps my soul isn’t as virtuous as you had thought,” said Mighty Boy.

“No,” You are mistaken, it still is,” said Beatrix stroking the hero’s face. “Mai-Lin Ming may have been an agent of Ares, but she was still a demon that needed to be put down. You fear that you acted in a heated moment of revenge, that you could have stopped her some other way, but the truth he from killing was to end her. There is a fine line between killing and murder. If you had spared her there would have been more blood, but being the hero that you, you feel guilt for having to be forced to use that solution.”

Zonald grabbed Beatrix’s wrist and pulled her hand as he asked, “Beatrix, why are you trying to comfort me now? Devils are not known for their compassion.”

“I’m not a devil, I’m a succubus,” said Beatrix. “I can give both compassion and pleasure.”

“You’re a female demon that feeds off the emotions of your lovers during intercourse,” said Mighty Boy.

“You know you have nothing to fear,” said Beatrix with a smile. “Those alien mind kisses revealed both our cards about what drives us. I know what is driving you right now, and you know what is driving me. You know how I feel about you.. My attraction to you is purely genuine, I was smitten by you the very first time you swept me off my feet and ‘recued’ me from that pimp.”

“I remember you kissed me, and almost..” said Mighty Boy.

“..made you my Destined One,” said Beatrix seductively while staring into the you hero’s eyes with her wanton demonic red eyes. “I would still like that. In over a hundred years, no one has ever kissed me, the way you do, not even Johnny Pheromone!”

Falling into her mesmerizing power again, Mighty Boy felt tempted to step up and grab Beatrix into his powerful arms to kiss her. He resisted the urge to surrender and asked, “Tell me, do you want your Destined One just to be a mindless drone?”

“You promised me a good time,” said Beatrix. “Watching you play hard to get isn’t what I had in mind.”

“During my brief time as the King of Almoria, I was burdened with the fact that was unable to secure a queen,” said Zonald. “There was plenty eligible women to chose from on this planet and at one point I thought I had found and selected the perfect woman, but she was already in love with someone else. It was the same devotion of love that my mother has for her husband, the one she found her on Earth. I could have used the power of my Almorian Mind Kiss to bend the will of any woman into marrying me.. but she would never love me...not the way where it would be true. She would be my willing Queen, but also just a drone.”

“I get it,” sighed Beatrix disappointed, “I suppose that I have been acting like my sister, first with that boy and then I was trying to seduce a handsome superhero. I have no regrets though, especially that last kiss.”

“I suppose I can’t blame a succumbi for that,” said Zonald.

“I would prefer not to be like my sister though and you’ve been through a lot already and deserve better than that” said Beatrix. “I only knew your sister briefly, but Bezla was a friend. In her honor I release you from your promise since it was made in duress; so you’re now free to fly home. I should get back to the Dark Academy anyway, I’m supposed to be studying, I need to learn how to speak German if I wish to graduate.”

Zonald stared at Beatrix a moment. He studied her half human/ half succumbi features in the moonlight. Even though she had ivory horns piercing, demonic red eyes, and a long spade-like tail. He leaned closer and lifted her chin with his warm fingertips and met her eyes with his.

“I believe I can help you with that,” he said to her in a hush tone before kissing her fully on the lips. Again their minds merged by the alien kiss, and when Zonald eventually pulled his lips away Beatrix could not only speak German like a native, but also Russian and Latin.

“{Well, my evening just again became free*,}” said Beatrix with a flirty giggle.

*- Translated from German.

“Then how about I help you slip back into your prom dress, unless of course you want me to book the resuravation as Mighty Boy and She-Devil,” said Zonald attempting to be playful.

Beatrix smiled and picked up the prom dress, but as Zonald stepped over to help her back into the dress, she immediately slashed and tore the dress in two, much to the young hero’s surprise.

“Mighty Boy and the She-Devil, wait till the world get a load of us,” declared Beatrix.
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