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Burger Babe - Character Bio
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By JGalley0   |   Watch
Published: July 6, 2018
© 2018 - 2019 JGalley0

Villainess Name: Burger Babe
Alter Ego/ Civilian Identity: Wendy Whopper
Age: 28
Height 5’10” 
Weight 110 lbs.
Measurements: 36DD-24-36
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: African American
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Location: Peril City




When Wendy Whopper turned 16, she got her first part-time job working as a ‘Burger Babe’ waitress at the local Juicy Burger Restaurant. At first she thought the idea of having to wait on people in a tight yellow and red uniform and short skirt and high heels was completely sexist, but the other Burger Babes quickly befriended her and they shared an amazing chemistry. Working there soon became the most uplifting thing in Wendy’s life, as she met the closest of her friends there, and would be the place that she met her first real boyfriend and love of her life, and by age 25 she had worked up the ranks and was promoted to assistant manager. Then it all came crashing down as the Juicy Burger chain of restaurants filed for bankruptcy and were bought up their long-time competitor Big-Guy’s Pizza. The new owners had no interest in the keeping the Juicy Burger brand alive as they were more interested in converting the Juicy Burger restaurants into new locations for the Big-Guy Pizza chain.

Wendy was heartbroken when she learned that since there was already a Bug-Guy’s Pizza restaurant a mile away from the Juicy Burger where currently worked at, there was no reason to convert her shop into a new location, so she and all her friends that worked there were all given pink slips. Her friends said that they would all keep in touch, but Wendy could already see them all drifting away as it really was working at the burger restaurant that tied them all together. However Wendy wasn’t concerned, after all there was plenty of places to work at, and she would make new friends, so she went home to make the best of it. That night her boyfriend decided to take her out to dinner, and to further lift Wendy’s spirits, he got down on one knee and held up a diamond ring as he proposed marriage to her, which she immediately said yes without hesitation.

Wendy was on top of the world as her boyfriend and now husband to be dropped her off at the front door of her apartment, she kissed him goodnight and she watched him drive off in his car. However Wendy’s most joyful moment soon turned into a tragedy as in the corner of Wendy’s eye she saw a speeding car run a red light and then plow right into her boyfriend’s car.

Wendy felt as she seen the crash happen in slow motion. She fell to her knees in shock and grief as both vehicles exploded in a fiery blaze on impact. Tears flooded down Wendy’s cheeks as noticed the logo plastered on the car that had killed her boyfriend, it was a logo for Big-Guy’s Pizza Delivery.

In that moment in time, Wendy snapped. In her mind Big-Guy’s Pizza had taken everything from her, her job, her friends, and her husband to be.

“Pizza… I HATE pizza!!!” she declared.

Wendy went home and once again took a quick shower and donned her trademark yellow and red ‘Burger Babe’ uniform, the Juicy Burger may be no more... but the Burger Babe would go on!

That night Burger Babe stole a bazooka from a war museum and then nuked all six of the Big-Guy’s Pizza locations in Peril City (fortunately the attacks happened after business hours were over and no one was killed.) Wendy was quickly apprehended by Spider Vixen.

Burger Babe was placed in Amack Asylum and has escaped from there many times since.





On the surface, Wendy has a warm, sweet fun-loving personality. She's bubbly, flirty and likes cracking jokes, but she has fierce mood swings when reminded of pizza.  Once in her civilian identity, she was flirtatiously flirting with a guy at a bar and having a good time with him, but when he asked her out on a date and suggested going to a local pizza parlor, she immediately broke his noise and stormed off cussing. 


Further information on Burger Babe:

Since becoming Burger Babe, Wendy has strange fantasies and vivid dreams involving having sex inside a super greasy bacon cheeseburger with Burger Boy Mike - the old mascot of the defunct Juicy Burger, which Wonderboy has a slight likeness to. Wendy even once tried to proposition the hero with the idea of fulfilling the fantasy in exchange for giving up without a fight. Wendy even had a Burger Boy Mike costume prepared for him. Wonderboy chose to decline the offer.

When escaped from the asylum and committing a crime-spree, Burger Babe will hire and employ young well-built college studs as henchmen, calling them her Burger Boys, their uniforms are always a tight yellow polo short-sleeved shirt and red cargo shorts.


Powers and abilities:

Burger Babe has no super powers, she is an average human.

Burger Babe has an assortment of restaurant condiment themed weaponry. She has perfected a recipe for a knock-out ketchup sauce that quickly knock someone out with contact to the skin, and a lava-mustard based sauce that can burn and melt through anything, both items squirt out of specially made ketchup and mustard bottles which often stored in compartments on her belt on each sides.

She is often known to also use normal weapons like guns, knives, and bazookas.



Burger Babe wears tight red short skirt with a short-sleeved yellow polo shirt with a red trim, the shirts often have a zipper which she keeps low enough to tease her ample cleavage. She wears an apron over her belt that has compartments for her condiments attached. She also wears red high heels.




Burger Babe created and owned by J. Galley :iconjgalley0:

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There's nothing like a good villainess.

JGalley0's avatar
I'm sure Burger Babe thanks you.
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Kmon13Student Artist
Wow, I never thought about a fast food-themed villainess in Peril city before, plus her condiment weapons would be interesting to see in combat.

As for :iconpizzanerd1: 's Pizza Guy, if he's not being brainwashed or knocked out I'd recommend he'd start updating his will... ASAP! 

With that said let the true fast food wars begin.
JGalley0's avatar
*Burger Babe notices :iconpizzanerd1: Pizza Guy's mugshot on the evening news. The villain has recently been spotted in Peril City.*

Burger Babe: Looks like I need to steal another heat-seeking rocket launcher from the weapons museum... the Champion of Pizza is in town! 
Kmon13's avatar
Kmon13Student Artist
She could also see about making new friends who could be convinced to allow access into one of their special labs after watching Hans Togo's accepting Kevin's old position in Wrath Consolidated as a Junior Executive.  

Plus she'll deal with less hassle involving museum security, and the occasional superheroine. Or their superpowered Alpha Milf spouses.

Just an idea that came to mind.  
JGalley0's avatar
You'd think Wrath Consolidated would do a better job of looking over Wendy's employment application and perhaps do a background check before hiring her to work in their weapons and experiment lab, considering she's legally insane and suffers from violent bipolar mood swings that's rather publicly been documented on the evening news. I'm just saying... that's sort of a red flag.
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Kmon13Student Artist
Didn't say Hans wouldn't check her background plus if you read about his recent promotion you'd know he's not so timid anymore. Plus Mina and his new girlfriend would make Wendy regret it before slapping her into the local Asylum...

That is after they had their fun of course.  

Besides if anything she'd have to see Mr. Veck, the company therapist before she even meets with Dr. Redeel to work in the weapons labs who would red flag her as soon as she entered his office for their first session.

Then there's Angelique who may see her plight but will make her get help before committing to anything useful.       
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I wonder what will happen if Burger Babe and my OC Pizza Guy ever crossed paths.
JGalley0's avatar
Battle lines would be drawn and the War of Burgers and Pizza would officially begin!
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