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American Maiden #6: The Call of the Lion – Part 2

With a soft moan, Suzu Sin opened her eyes and saw soft fuzzy circles dancing around as the darkness lifted. The fuzzy circles of lights eventually came into focus and she could see a large lamp dangling from the ceiling overhead of her. As the cobwebs cleared, she gasped as she realized that she was seated in a chair, chained hand and foot in small room.

The young Asian reporter quickly remembered that she had come to a rundown and closed amusement park located on the very edge of Hell’s Gate. She had tracked down a lead on one Heinz Herrick Kross, who was according to Brickgate Prison’s infirmary records the son of Gretchen Kross.

The amusement park was his last known place of employment, apartment he had a gig working in the freak-show circus performance act. The room she was in now was a fake prison cell that was actually part of the tour of the freak-show. She remembered snooping around before someone got the drop on her from behind and clobbered her.

The door to her cell and stepped in a studding beautiful German woman dressed in skin tight black latex pants and black latex crop top with a cross cut out to reveal the fullness of her cleavage which had a German cross dangling from a necklace she wore. She also wore long latex blood opera gloves. The German woman’s long blonde hair was combed and tightly tied into a bun shaped like a honeybee hive and she had steel cold blue eyes.

“Fraulein Nazi,” gasped Suzu.

Gretchen frowned as she heard that name and smacked the young woman across the face with the back of her hand, snapping her head to one side.

“Liebchen, you will address me as Fraulein Kross,” informed Gretchen. “Understood?”

Terrified for her safety, Suzu nodded.

“Good,” smiled Gretchen. “What brought you snooping into my family’s territory?”

“I’m.. I’m  a reporter.. and I came looking for a scoop,” said Suzu Sin.

“Liebchen, tonight you are the story,” said Gretchen as her husband King Lion stepped into the room.

Suzu’s eyes were as laid eyes on him, he was giant ferocious half-man and half lion, was the fact that he held a large medical syringe in his clawy hand.


Elsewhere, in the middle of the night at Alana Carter’s apartment in Blue Haven, a blonde goddess of a woman tossed and turned in her bed. Alana awoke in the middle of the night her face covered in a thin layer of sweat.

Climbing out of bed and walking over the bathroom in her bedroom wearing only a thong, Alana felt strange - her heart was beating far too quickly, as she remembered traces of what she had been dreaming about.

Alana’s dreams had been mostly erotic, sexual, and all about her adopted nephew Heinz Herrick Kross, who no longer the little lion cub she remember, but now a beast of a man. Her chest was heaving like she was out of breath, as she turned on the lights and looked at herself in the mirror.

The blonde Amazon felt as if she was burning up as she studied her reflection. Her body felt like she was on fire and her face was flushed. She turned on the sink and slashed water onto her face, trying to figure out what was going on.

Alana figured a quick shower could clear her head, so she slipped off her panties and stepped into the tub and turned on the warm water that sprayed and washed down her beautiful body. She lathered herself with the soap, but the warmth of the water made her mind wander.

Thoughts of Heinz lingered in her subconscious; fantasies that she struggled to accept were her own and also confused her.

Alana turned off the water, actually feeling no different, except fresher. She decided to try and get some exercise and dressed in a very shear pair of black leggings and a very tight pink hoody and slipped on a matching pink baseball cap with her long haired tied into a ponytail.

Around 2: 34 am, Alana walked quietly into the living room not wanting to wake her roommate in the second bedroom.

Alana couldn't help but notice the lingering scent of the magical lion man hybrid that had sat in her sofa earlier that night. She picked up a small pillow from the sofa that had rested by his hip the whole night and pressed the soft pillow against her face and inhaled his musky animal scent.

Suddenly the realization of what Alana was doing came over her and she stopped feeling both confused and stimulated. She tossed the pillow aside and stepped out of the apartment silently and jogged down the steps leading outside.

Alana ran for half a mile and paused and looked up to the sky. It was as if something was calling to her. She took a deep breath and a trace of lingering scent filled her nose. It was the lingering scent of Lionheart, he must have passed this way not too long ago.

Alana followed the scent to a dark alley that appeared empty.

“I feel nervous... but I never feel nervous,” Alana said to herself.

She then raised her arms and held them horizontally as she then began to twirl and spin like a ballerina dancer, once again triggering the magical explosion of blinding red, white, and blue shining light, as usual when the light cleared stood the patriotic star spangled heroine known as American Maiden.

Alana was now dressed in a tight, form fitting blue, star-spangled hot pants and her strapless bustier; that had red and white vertical stripes that accentuated her slender, athletic form leading to the patch of blue sprinkled white stars that covered the seven foot Amazon’s ample breasts. She also wore golden bracelets on her wrists that matched her golden power belt with a lasso attached on one side. The gold also matched her knee-high shiny gold plated boots. The final touch was a red domino mask now covered her face.

However changing into American Maiden didn’t make her feel any more superior or any less anxious, in fact she felt her heart pounding even more.

The Defender of Freedom looked up and saw Lionheart standing above her, standing on the rooftop of a tall building, looking down.

The very sight of the half man, half lion would normally send a lesser person fleeing and screaming in terror, but instead she was filled with calmness and the warmth of sexual chemistry.

“The Lion has called and his intended mate has come,” said Heinz leaped off the roof and landed in the alley directly in front of the powerful Amazon. “At long last you are mine!”

“That musky scent.. You’re putting some kind of magical pheromone,” said Alana. “You’re putting me in heat like some God damn alley-cat!”

“It’s called the Calling,” snarled Lionheart.

“The Calling of the Lion,” Alana said with distain. “I’ve heard of it, it’s what your great ancestor, the ancient Egyptian lion god known as Maahes used to seduce the cat goddess, Kat-Ra!”

“The Calling is the mating ritual of my species,” he responded, “When a Man-Lion is no longer a club, he desires passion with the woman he craves. The Man-Lion marks her with his scent and magical pheromones in a bid to claim her as a mate.”

“Wh.. Why me,” asked American Maiden, “I’m your Auntie..”

“Not biologically,” said Lionheart, “I’m only a nephew to you by affection only. If you were a true blood relative like my mother, only then would you be immune to the Call of the Lion!”

Alana’s eyes lingered on Lionheart’s body even as his animal cat-like eyes also scoped over hers. The ferocious half man/half lion stepped closer, the animal’s musky smell got stronger, and the Amazon could see the arousal flared high in the tent of his shorts.

“Damn it Heinz, I’m your mother’s best friend,” protested American Maiden as she struggled to resist the strange erotic spell that she was falling under.

“Mother will be very pleased,” said Lionheart. “Mother knew from her own experience what the power of the Calling would have on you.”

“Her own experience,” asked Alana. “You mean that night that your mother was captured by King Lion? That was rape.. as this will be..”

“It is the way of my spiecies,” said Lionhera, “The Lion tames his mate!”

“Not as long as I still breathe,” said Alana.

“I will change your tune soon enough my Lioness,” said Lionheart.

“What happened to the sweet child that I adored when he was a cub,” asked Alana.

“I’ve grown into the beast that will finally tame you!” he roared. “You pride yourself on having never been with a man, a typical Amazonain trait, one that I shall take away from you. Even now your body betrays you, I see the hunger to surrender in your eyes!”

“I will overcome whatever spell you have over me,” said Alana.

“If you wish to truly overcome its effects,” said Lionheart, “Then the only choice you have is to kill me.”

“Please, don’t make me do that,” said Alana as she held out her hand to the sky and summoned a golden yellow sword that appeared in the palm of her hand, a gift from her adopted mother Venus, she wielded it as if she was ready for combat.

“Are you sure you feel absolutely nothing for me,” asked Lionheart as he watched the legendary heroine grip her magical sword.

“I can’t let you tame me.. The effect on an Amazon surrendering to any male is great enough,” said Alana.

“Then slay me,” said Lionheart as his face’s animalistic features slowly shape-shifted. The beast-man creature with clawy hands and feet and luxurious light yellow/orange fur transformed into a tall muscular handsome man with a long mane of flowing curly yellow/orange hair that ran to his shoulders.

The monstrous beast was gone, replaced by a man that she could easily see herself lost in. Alana had never seen Lionheart in his human before, even back when he was just a cub. In fact, she didn’t even know he had a human form until just now.

“To break the spell, all you have to do is kill me,” said Lionheart as he stepped closer to press his chest against the blade of Alana’s sword.

Alana looked into his eyes and memories of him as a cub flood her thoughts. Could she really kill him in cold blood; and if she did what kind of monster would she be then.

“I.. I know,” said American Maiden just before she released the handle of the sword, allowing the weapon to drop between them on the ground.

Lionheart then clamped his large hand around the wrist of the powerful superheroine and pulled her towards him, slamming her body against his chest. American Maiden had the breath forced out of her lungs in a swift huff.

“You may have once loved as a child when I was a cub, but in your heart you known the chances I would grow into a beast, a beast capable of taming you,” he said softly to her.

“Yes.. I suppose I did,” said Alana feeling the closeness of his body to hers.

American Maiden breathed in more of Lionheart’s musk as his hand slipped down her back. Her lips trembled as she felt Lionheart’s hand slip over the curve of her ass.

Alana shivered from the feelings that his touch stirred inside her. She couldn’t bring herself to try and kill him, anyone else, but not him. His hand squeezed her ass, just a tiny bit. She let out a very soft whimper, “Please Loinheart, don’t do this to me..”

“I must, my Lioness,” Heinz purred softly into her ear. “It is the way of my kind. You must be tamed.”

The Champion of Freedom felt like she was being overwhelmed by a fog of desire and the drowned in a sea of sexual hormones.

American Maiden’s lips trembled as Lionheart pressed his body against her. They were now locked in a passionate embrace as Lionheart lowered his lips to the soft lips of the Amazon heroine. It sent a jolt through the body of the star spangled crime-fighter and as her knees began to shake.

With a simple kiss, Lionheart knew that Alana was losing the last vestiges of her control. She was beginning to want to lose to him.

As their lips parted, American Maiden looked into his eyes, but didn’t see the hungry eyes consumed of lust, but love.

‘By the Gods,’ she thought. ‘How can I even fight him? Do I even want to?’

Suddenly, Lionheart slammed the masked heroine back against the wall and forcefully the gripped the flimsy material of American Maiden’s blue and white star spangled strapless top and yanked it down forcing her large breasts to spill out.

“Beautiful,” Heinz whispered as he savored the sight of Alana’s naked breasts.

Lionheart tugged on American Maiden’s golden power belt and fingered the belt's fastener and unsnapped the magical belt. Alana now knew she was at the point of no return as she felt all her super strength quickly bled away. Lionheart tossed the power belt and her fabled magic lasso aside and Alana watched her only hope of regaining empowerment land inside a nearby garbage dumpster that had been left open.

“Great Liberty,” Alana gasped, knowing that she was now totally powerless.

Lionheart ripped the tattered remains of American Maiden’s costume off her body and pushed her back against the wall, grabbed her ass and lifted her off of her feet. She struggled against him for a moment, but soon found herself wrapping her legs around him. He smiled at her and then slammed his body into her.

The heroic blonde haired goddess of an Amazon could feel Lionherat’s hard shaft pressing through his black shorts and against her belly. Heinz transformed back into his true beastly form and ran his clawy hands up and down American Maiden’s strong, silky legs which still wrapped around his waist. The once proud heroine could only lean her back against the brick wall behind her and quiver from his touch while doing nothing to resist him.

Lionheart guided his cock to Alana pussy, and he roared triumphantly as he forced his man-rode inside her.

The Champion of Freedom groaned wantonly as she was savagely taken and fucked in the filthy alley like a hooker

“Uuunnnnggghhhh,” she groaned, a chill running up her spine, then Alana’s whole body quivered violently.

“Oh my Lioness,” he purred into her ear. “Your body betrays you; your flesh doesn’t just like what I’m doing to you, but LOVES it!!”

Alana realized that he was right, she quivering with need and pleasure. For the first time in her life, she was truly ready to surrender her body to a man, and then it hit her like a ton of bricks.. THIS WAS ALL A FUCKING DREAM!!!


Alana Carter suddenly awoke screaming from the most erotic dream she had ever had. Her breath came in gasping heaves as the Amazon realized that once again she found herself in bed, but this time for real. Her erogenous zones were on fire with lusty waves of passion still flowing through her body.

“Did I just dream all that.. It felt so real,” panted Alana.

Alana’s roommate Tobin Lore suddenly knocked on the door and shouted from outside her room, “Alana are you okay? I heard you screaming!”

“Just a bad dream Tobin,” said Alana as she hugged herself while sitting up her bed. “Just one very intense dream.”


Alana took a quick shower and dressed in a very shear pair of black leggings and a long sleeved blue and gold pullover jersey belonging to the Blue Heaven Defenders football team.

After Alana explained her dream to Tobin, Alana examined the living room. She picked up the pillow and brought to her face and took a deep inhale, it had Lionheart’s musky scent, but it didn’t seem to entice her as did in the dream. “I think it was nothing more than just a dream.”

“A dream in which your nephew raped you,” said Tobin.

“A dream in which I let him rape me maybe,” said Alana. “Amazons of Amazon Isle have certain fetishes regarding bondage and sex, most of my race secretly wishes to be conquered and tamed by men. Sometimes I think it’s a result of a curse put on to us by Ares.”

“What was the bit about the dream about the Call of the Lion,” asked Tobin.

“An ancient Egyptian lion god known as Maahes used it to seduce the cat goddess, Kat-Ra,” explained Alana. “Heinz’s father King Lion is a descendant of them.”

“So you’re saying that this Call of Lion is so sort of hypnotic spell,” asked Tobin.

“More like magical seduction, a powerful serenade of stimulation that can even bring even a Goddess to her knees,” said Alana.

“Sound like it’s time for Tor-Mor to teach him some manners,” said Tobin as he reached his sword and picked it  and held the blade towards the window. “BY THE POWER OF…”

“You’ll do no such thing,” shouted Alana interrupting Tobin from completing the phrase that would transform the young man into the mighty barbarian champion known as Tor-Mor.

“But.. But..” Tobin protested confused.

“There’s no sign or proof that Heinz has done anything wrong,” said Alana. “It was just a dream.. Perhaps my own repressed desires are bubbling to the surface.”

“Are you saying that you wanted to be ravaged by your nephew,” asked Tobin.

“He was my nephew only be affection when he was a cub.. and not by blood,” said Alana. “And that was a lifetime ago, Diana’s lifetime.”

“Then about your Amazon pride,” asked Tobin. “What happened to never surrendering to a man?”

“Maybe I wasn’t surrendering to him at all, maybe I was surrendering to myself,” said Alana. “Even if it was the Call the Lion used to stroke the flames, it still was my dream, my fantasies with a plotline stolen from a trashy romance novel. And it wasn’t like I didn’t notice the sparks between me and my ‘nephew’ last night.”

“I think you’re not thinking clearly,” said Tobin.

“I think I’m thinking just fine,” said Alana. “I’m going out for a walk to clear my thoughts. I would really appreciate it if you didn’t follow me.”

“And if I did,” asked Tobin.

“Then I’ll break your nose,” said Alana as she slipped on her sneakers, “and our partnership will be over!”

Tobin watched Alana, and stood there wondering what if anything he should do next.


Alana walked a few blocks and found herself in the very same alley that she had been at in the dream.

“You can come out now,” said Alana as she looked up and saw the beastly Lionheart standing in the same place he been in the dream.

“Hello Maiden,” he said to her softly.

To be concluded...
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we'll soon find out...
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