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All-New Alpha Mom #5: The Fortress of Submission and Love

(This story takes place after events in Web of Spider Vixen #36)

Loraine Vazia was dressed in her red and blue Alpha Mom costume, which consisted of a body hugging long sleeved leotard with a blue ‘A’ logo at the center, a long flowing blue cape, and a matching blue domino mask. She also wore knee-high red boots and a blue trim. The outfit was identical to the one worn by her sister Mighty Mom, except the red and blue colors of the uniform were reversed.

Empress Loraine Vazia a.k.a. Alpha Mom sat in the throne room of the Almorian fortress located in the middle of the Antarctica.

Loraine surveyed the room with her eyes and smiled at her faithful servant who was knelling at her feet while completely naked.

“Does the Quntah Mi* suspect anything,” asked the beautiful long haired blonde as she gazed down at the handsome young man who was married to her twin sister. “Does she suspect that you are my secret slave?”

(Quntah Mi is the Almorian translation for the words Mighty Mom. Quntah Mi is also an Almorian Royal Title for the Almorian Champion of All Mothers.)

“No,” said Alex Scott half heartedly.

“Excellent,” said Loraine smirking, “Little One may have escaped from being totally under my heel* thanks to the intervention of that bitch Razi who broke the Lillian’s blind obedience to me, but luckily I had already invested in an insurance policy. My sister never should have left us alone together that time she skipped out on our brunch to answer a high pitch emergency distress beckon.”**

(*- Happened in Mighty Mom #4)
(**- Happened further back in Mighty Mom #2)

“No Empress, I suppose she shouldn’t.. I wish she hadn’t..” Alex droned in a submissive tone.

“I know you hate this, you love your precious wife so even give a stray thought for her sultry twin sister,” said Loraine. “In my time on Earth, I’ve grown a fondness for married men. I can’t resist them and normally they can’t resist me. Yet you’ve ignored all my advances and spurned my affections. That why’s I programmed you to retain your self-consciousness, so when treat like my sex-slave, you be thinking just how unfaithful you are to my baby sister!”

“You.. You bitch..”

“Shut up and start licking my boots like the worthless slave that you are,” ordered Loraine fuming that even while alone in isolation from the rest of world, he still wouldn’t fully give in.

“As much as you hate me.. I will MAKE you enjoy this,” promised Loraine as she crossed her pantyhose legs, placing the heel of her right boot directly into Alex’s face.

He quickly looked up at the Almorian Empress unable to avoid admiring her beauty, he couldn’t help but note how perfectly identical she was to his wife Lillian, with the exception of different personalities that were night and day, the only minor physical differences being birthmarks in different places and different hairstyles that the two sisters had.

“You know what to do,” said Loraine looking straight into his eyes.

Still kneeling, Alex instinctively extended out his hand and outstretched the palm of his hand to grab hold of Loraine’s shiny red knee-high boot. He spit on the front of the boot and then stuck out his tongue and began licking and kissing the shiny red boot, gradually working his lips and tongue from the tip of the boot to the ankle of the boot. Loraine watched and smiled mischievously. She outstretched and extended her leg as Alex lapped his tongue across the calf of the boot to the top of the blue trim of the red boot, making it wet and shiny with his salvia.

Loraine stifled a laugh and uncrossed her amazing legs, only to cross them again seconds later, this time with the opposite leg on top.  

“Now lick my other boot,” she commanded.

Alex obeyed, giving the left boot the same exact treatment with tongue. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but he had been conditioned, programmed to please and obey Empress Loraine’s every whim.

Eventually Alpha Mom grew bored with this and looked down at Alex, her crystal blue eyes met his eyes, and she said to him:

“Did you enjoy that slave,” asked Loraine looking down at Alex. “Did you like cleaning Mommy’s boots?”

Reluctantly Alex nodded submissively. His mind rejected what he was doing, but he still was programmed to respond in the manner that he was.

“Now I want you to worship me, not my boots,” Alpha Mom told him.

She then reached over and unzipped the side of her red boot and slipped her pantyhose clad foot away from it. She placed the boot down beside the throne and outstretched her long leg as it still rested seductively crossed over her other thigh. “I want you to kiss my legs wherever I point. With each kiss, you may think of your wife, but know in your heart that you belong to me.”

Alex couldn’t stop himself as Loraine pointed to her ankle and giggled as he leaned forward on his knees and kissed it with his lips.

“Not bad slave-boy,” she said to him before pointing to the calf of her pantyhose clad leg. He obeyed and kissed her there.

Then Alpha Mom uncrossed her legs and spread them wide apart. She grinned evilly as she pointed to her inner thighs, it was one of the most erotic and sultry poses that Alex had ever seen.

He then closed his eyes and kissed her there.

“Now be honest with me, isn’t this exciting,” cackled Loraine as her eyes wondered over the body of naked younger man before her. “You may hate me, but your little friend sure is excited to see me!”

“That.. That’s not fair,” said Alex blushing with shame as he realized just how excited he was.

Alpha Mom tenderly grabbed Alex by the chin with her hand and brought him closer to her, hoisting him off his knees with her amazing strength. He strangled like a fish out of water gasping for air as Loraine pressed her lips against his for a kiss.

Alex’s body convulsed as Alpha Mom slid her other hand up his shoulder and to the back of his head. Loraine’s fingers grasped a handful of his hair as she kissed him passionate while at the same using her telepathic powers to link their two minds together.

{Poor Alex,} Loraine’s voice echoed through the very depths of his soul. {It must be so very hard and disappointing for you being married to my sister, after all you are very subservient!}

His mind rallied back, {No… That’s not true, that’s YOUR fantasy!}

{Is it,} asked Loraine. {Isn’t there very thing that drew you to Lillian in the first place was the simple fact that she was Mighty Mom!}

{That can’t be true..} he protested.

{That’s right your memories were erased for a time, you have only broken pieces of your relationship through the eyes friends and family. However nothing is ever really erased.. even with Almorian technology, fortonitaly for you I was trained as in expert in Almorian mental projection and retrieval techniques! Allow Mommie to rearrange the broken shards of your memories into a more visible light for you!}  

Still locked in the kiss, Alex gasped underneath Loraine lips as forgotten memories believed lost and destroyed were placed back into view. He saw the first meeting between him and Lillian Adams who he had met as Mighty Mom on a fateful night of chance. He remembered that she had been wounded by a shard of Metronite. (*- Happened way back in the classic Mighty Mom and Alpha Girl #2) From there he saw their months of courtship, which eventually led to their marriage.

Although under normal circumstances Alex would have welcomed the return and restoration of his lost memories, they came at great price as Alpha Mom directed where his mind lingered in those memories.

{Now do you see why you were first drawn to her,} asked Loraine and then she explained, {It wasn’t because of her good nature or even her beauty, but because of how powerful could be, the way took charge in a crisis and how commanding she could be. However as she fell in love with you, the only side she ever showed you was her softer side. Your greatest fantasy has always been for Mighty Mom to spank you.. which is something that she saves for punishment of criminals, but she has NEVER spanked you, for you could do no wrong in her eyes!}


Loraine broke the kiss and ended the mind-link and whispered into Alex’s ear, “You know, it’s true Alex, Mommie saw your thoughts, your TRUE thoughts! Such naughty thoughts do deserve a spanking!”

With that Alpha Mom pulled Alex over her lap and she began swatting his bare ass and spanked him like mother disciplining a child.

Loraine ignored Alex’s frenzied cries and his sobs, when she was satisfied that she had humiliated him enough; she pushed him off her lap and he sprawled onto the floor.

With the wind knocked out of him, Alex winced in pain as he as lay flat on his back.

Alpha Mom rose from her Almorian throne and stood with her legs spread wide apart and she placed her hands on her hips as she looked down at Alex who was wincing in pain beneath her.

Eyeing his stiff manhood, Loraine said, “You may be married to my sister, but you are my foot stool! And at my command you’ll do whatever I say, whenever and wherever I want! Understood?”

“Understood,” he said while again on his hands and knees.

“Good,” said Loraine as she unclasped her long flowing blue cape and let it fall and drape over the throne behind her. She turned her back to him, turned her neck to look back at him over her shoulder and pointed at a spot on her ass that wasn’t covered by her red and blue leotard. “Now kiss.”

Alex reluctantly crawled closer to Alpha Mom’s legs as she playfully wiggled her buttocks in front of him. Having no choice but obey, Alex obediently pressed his mouth and lips against the spot of the pantyhose covered ass that Loraine was pointing at.

As Alex kissed Loraine’s rear, she reached around and grabbed the back of his head with her hand and using her superior super strength held in him place as she pressed ass against his face and smothered him playfully.

Then Loraine heard the familiar hiss of the electronic metal door as it slid open. She turned her head to see her wife and the Queen of Almoria Pamela Parks a.k.a. Spider Vixen fully dressed in her trademark skimpy red superheroine costume walk inside the room.

Pamela Parks a.k.a. Spider Vixen was not all too upset or alarmed to see Mighty Mom’s husband kissing the ass of her wife. After all the night before their official crowning Loraine had used an Almorian spanking on Pamela to make her embrace her naughtier side.* Taking advantage that her mind was already previously conditioned with to Almorian Chain of Command by General Raz.**

(*- Happened in All-New Alpha Mom #4)
(**- An event that happened further back in Mighty Mom and Alpha Girl #22)

For a brief moment Alex Scott thought that Spider Vixen would rescue him from the clutches of the control of Alpha Mom, that was of course until she spoke.

“You know Loraine, maybe you should put out a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign whenever you want to play with someone’s beef-cake husband,” giggled Spider Vixen as struck a pose placing her hand on her hip.

“I was hoping that you might want to play too,” said Loraine.

“Maybe another time, maybe when we can have *giggle* a double-date and include your sister Mighty Mom,” said Pamela smiling mischievously.

“Please.. don’t include Lillian in any of this..” Alex muttered.

Loraine turned around and pressed her fingers against his forehead. “I think a double-date is a wonderful idea! Now Alex, if we want my sister included our games, we will and you’ll have no say about it!!! Now when our session is over and I say the magic phrase we once discussed, you’ll return to your ‘normal’ life as you have numerous times before you; will not retain conscious knowledge the events of our weekly session, but you WILL suggest to Zezia that all go on double-date and meet at the Crump Hotel and it will be honor to pay for everything!”

Spider Vixen snickered as she watched Loraine push Alex’s face to the floor, “And you better wash your mouth and brush your teeth before you even think about kissing my sister! Understood!?”

“Understood,” Alex said trembling.

“Good,” Loraine. “Now beef-cake, Mommie is done with you for today. Time to go put your clothes back on and return to the transporter room for return trip. The phrase to remember is.. ‘Mighty Mom’s husband is Alpha Mom’s sex-toy.’ Do you understand?”

“Yes Empress,” he said feeling himself slip away into a zombie-like trance. He then stood up and walked over to the other room making no conscious effect to cover himself as headed off to get dressed.

“How long will he stay like that,” asked Pamela.

“Until I teleport him back to the spot that I took him from,” said Alpha Mom.

“You know if Lillian finds out about this..” Pamela began to say smirking.

“She’ll be more pissed than she is now,” said Alpha Mom. “Little One is a big girl, but as her older sister.. I am her Alpha and not to forget her Empress! She not rise up against me.. no matter how low I may strike out at her, she has no choice… I’m her Empress.”

“Still.. kinda of curl what you did to Alex,” said Pamela.

“Well, to be fair when I mind-linked with him the first time, I learned it was his deepest darkest taboo fantasy,” said Loraine.

“Okay Ms. Kinky Mom,” snickered Pamela.

“Like your really any better,” scuffed Loraine, “I know all about that nerdy HUSH you now have under your thumb thanks to the Almorian Mind-Box you barrowed.”

“That’s different.. I need him to get my mother out of the Zero-Zone,” said Pamela.

“Why him,” asked Loraine.“There are far more handsome and well-endowed Agents of HUSH to ‘recruit’ and you pick the youngest and the scrawniest member.”

“He also the least likely person that anyone would ever suspect,” said Pamela. “It’s not like I’m doing him! Beyond being my pawn, my spy, he means nothing to me!”

“I’m glad you weren’t attached to him then,” said Alpha Mom. “After you made him a liability to my affairs, I had no choice but to kill him!”

“YOU DID WHAT?!!” cried Spider Vixen feeling as if her whole world had just been turned upside down. “He was completely harmless to you, completely innocent!!”

Pamela then lunged towards her ‘wife’ Alpha Mom as if she was about to attack her, then she stopped herself a moment before she was about to throw a punch that would have harmed her more than Loraine.

Pamela stopped herself as realized the smirk on Loraine’s face.

“You.. Your screwing with me,” said Pamela.

Loraine nodded, “Yes.. I never harm hair on one your boytoys.. though he’s no Johnny Pheromone.”

“He’s not my boytoy.. and brawn and beauty isn’t everything with me,” said Pamela. “Justin is six times more smarter than me and when I get Mom back, I’m going offer him to head the Parks Foundation’s entire science division!”

“So now he’s ‘Justin’ huh,” quipped Loraine, “Sounds like someone has a crush!”

“Are you jealous, I thought we weren’t being exclusive,” said Pamela. “I didn’t complain just now when you were cracking the whip over your sister’s husband!”

“Fuckballs Pam,” laughed Loraine, “I’m just teasing! You don’t have to be so defensive. You have my permission to play with anyone you want.. even my sister!”

“I’m sorry, I guess Justin’s kind of special to me,” said Pamela. “He was the first HUSH Agent who never treated me like a child, respected me. You should have read the things he wrote about me in his private diary which I read while I was bored yesterday. It was so.. so.. sweet!”

“Then maybe you shouldn’t treat him like an underling then,” said Loraine.

“Says the woman who makes her men lick her boots,” giggled Pamela.

“That’s different,” said Loraine. “I do what I do to Alex because it amuses me. He’s an underling period.. Justin is different, in your own words he’s someone special to you, someone whom you met when you both were more innocent and carefree.”

“The day I met him, I stole a kiss from him just to make someone else jealous*,” giggled Pamela. “You should have seen the surprised look on his face.. his lips were so sweet too!”

(* Happened in Web of Spider Vixen #1)

“You naughty girl,” smirked Loraine.

“He’s totally afraid me,” said Pamela. “He sees me as a Goddess and feels like a bug around me.”

“Your relationship is like that of a high school nerd and a cheerleader,” said Loraine. “This is kind of sweet, considering that you are quite the cheerleader, my Queen.”

“Oh Empress,” giggled Pamela. “Do you think that I should model my old Peril City Avengers cheerleader outfit for Justin and show him my pom-poms?”

“I know you can be naughtier than that girl,” said Loraine.

“Mmmm... I suppose that I can do better than that,” giggled Pamela. “In fact, I think I know the best way to pop his eyeballs out the next time that I see him. He won’t even see it coming!”

“That’s my naughty vixen,” said Loraine. “In face I think you should show your wifie how naughty you can be!”

“Mmmm.. What about Alex,” said Pamela.

“Let him watch,” said Loraine with a laugh, “He might see us when comes back on the way to the transporter room, but he won’t remember!”

“You’re so bad,” giggled Pamela. “Now where shall I begin?”

Alpha Mom smiled and pointed at her lips. “Here?”

“My pleasure,” said Spider Vixen as she sauntered over to her wife and deliberately mashed her breasts against Alpha Mom’s and kissed her full on the lips.

Meanwhile a fully dressed Alex Scott returned to the room. He remained in zombie-like trance and watched as his Mistress make out with Spider Vixen.

Even in this near-mindless state, Alex felt quiver run down his spine, a quiver of sheer hopelessness.

The Seduction Continues in
Web of Spider Vixen #38!
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