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All-New Alpha Mom #4: The Spider and the Alpha : Part 6

The Following story is part of crossover that began in Web of Spider Vixen #34.

Please read the following chapters and tie ins in the following order first.
The Spider and the Alpha: Part 1-…
Web of Spider Vixen and Alpha Mom Special #1 -…
9th Circle: Death and Rebirth -…
The Spider and the Alpha: Part 2 -…
The Spider and the Alpha: Part 3 -…
Alberta Franco: SexKitten – One Shot…
The Spider and the Alpha: Part 4 -…
The Spider and the Alpha: Part 5 -…

The Spider and the Alpha : Part 6

Loraine Vazia flew high over the city fully dressed as Alpha Mom. She was unsure of which building was the right one to enter. The cryptic message that she had received requesting a secret meeting had been vague, but had left an address, but unfortunately for Loraine she was still learning her way around Peril City.

Slowly, the Queen and soon to be Empress of the Almorians moved from skyscraper to skyscraper while discreetly looking inside each window with her x-ray vision.

In one apartment, Alpha Mom spied on a young collage girl dressed in a sexy police woman Halloween costume was giving her lucky boyfriend a seductive lap-dance after handcuffing him to a chair.

Loraine shook her head wishing she had the time to join in on that. “Hmmm.. I wonder if Pamela ever does any kind of cosplay activities like that? If so… maybe baby sister could loan me her spare costume...”

Then in the corner of Loraine’s eye she noticed a flickering light from a room next door. The light blinking on and off repeatedly wasn’t random, Loraine recognized it as an old Earth dialect called Morce-Code and it was repeatedly spelling out: A-L-P-H-A-M-O-M.

Alpha Mom hovered over the building, and slowly descended, touching down on the outdoor patio and tapped on the window of the room flashing its lights.

The lights stopped flashing and remained on and Loraine noticed a young woman standing next to the light switch in the hallway.

The young woman was a beautifully tanned Italian knockout with long flowing raven hair with a few streaks of red. She was dressed in a slinky black number dress that perfectly showcased her amazing figure and large breasts. The young beauty looked like she could have tempted the devil himself.

“Come in, Alpha Mom,” she said in that deep, sultry tone after she slid open the large patio window. “I’ve been expecting you.”

The masked supermom carefully studied the young woman before her.

“So you must be Ms. Talzo, the new girl on the block that that everyone can’t stop talking about,” said Alpha Mom holding her powerful arms over her impressive chest. “Pamela told me all about you Ms. Talzo or should I say Franco.”

“And I hear I hoped Pamela would keep that a secret,” said Alberta Talzo, her voice sounded disappointed.

“She did cupcake,” said Alpha Mom. “However I keep a close eye on my little wife’s activities and your conversation with her was closely monitored, that being said I have to respect your boldness for telling her almost the truth about yourself. Still won’t Angelique Wrath be less than pleased with you for again trying to defy and undermine her? Wasn’t it her desire to have Wrath Consolidated absorb the Parks Foundation to obtain all its intellectual properties?”

“If Pamela accepts my advice, I will have still prevented the merger between Morgantech and the Parks Foundation,” explained Alberta. “I will have also secured a place by the new CEO’s side as her personal adviser, so Angelique will still have the illusion of being in control with me whispering business suggestions into Pamela’s ear on her behalf.”

“You do know that I am married to the young woman you seek to betray,” said Alpha Mom as she unfolded her arms and approached the young woman before her. “On top of that Angelique is a close personal friend of mine, one who is as close to me as my sister.”

“If that statement is true, then you must consider Angelique as your pet then,” said Alberta while smiling warmly. “I know all about the Almorian Spanking you gave Mighty Mom.”


“It was all in Angelique’s private files that she kept in the 9th’s Circle super encrypted data cloud,” said Alberta. “I hacked into her private diary and read her account of your friendship with her and it is quite interesting to read, especially how you three met in Paris, at least from her and Darius’ point of view...”

Loraine giggled and laughed, “Tell me after all these years, does she actually still believe that she won that battle of Almorian Mind Kiss versus scuumbi enslavement kiss?*”

(*-as talked about in All-New Alpha Mom #1)

“She believes you lost,” said Alberta.

“Only because I made her believe that,” said Alpha Mom. “It I was that stalked out Angelique and Darius Wrath, fully knowing who and what they were thanks to a friend who calls herself Madame Minx. Ms. Minx found me shortly after I arrived on this mudball of a planet and helped me adapt to this world as she has a way of being motherly teacher as she loves being a sexual tease. Minx and Angelique are let’s say related... and Minx wanted to teach Angelique a lesson in humility and saw me as the woman that could pull it off! Minx is like a second mother to me and at her request I had Angelique in chains watching from the closet as I had my way with her husband! I gave Angelique the illusion of being the seducer of me and the illusion of having any power over me as I knew it would suit my interests if I became impregnated with Darius’ child as Minx had requested of me. When at times that Angelique senses the truth of that fateful night, she’s programmed to seek me and confront me. She often comes into my house, we call each other trashy names and she ultimately ends up again deeper under my spell and naked in my arms thinking that I’m her personal pet when I’m not!!!”

“Wow.. And I thought what I planned to do to Wonderboy was evil,” said Alberta feeling that the control she had at the beginning of this conversation was now quickly slipping away. She reached for the locket dangling around her neck and tried to open it, but couldn’t.

“I was wondering how long it would take you to desperately reach for the Metronite you had hidden in that lead lined locket,” said Alberta. “I fused it shut with my heat ray vision as we were chatting away!”

“I’m still just as strong as you are,” said Alberta kicking off her shoes and taking a fighting stance.

“I don’t want to fight you,” said Alpha Mom. “If destroying Wrath Consolidated and the 9th Circle is you want, I’m sure Madame Minx will allow you your revenge as those interests will also align with hers and her Mistress.”

“You mean there’s another villainess on top of all this,” said Alberta.

“The mother of all villainesses perhaps,” said Alpha Mom.

“If I was to secretly join Team Alpha, what hoops would I have to be jumping through for you instead of the Wraths? How badly will I have to stick out my neck?”

“The only that is expected of you from me is that you keep the promises you’ve made to Pamela should she take up your offer,” said Alpha Mom. “Pamela is lovely child, but if she wishes to be my queen, she needs to grow into a woman. Taking over her mother’s legacy may actually do that. If you can keep your word and be an advisor and a mentor to her in the business world, and lead her to success you’ll owe no other debts to me.”

“You force me to be your lackey like the Wraths do?”

“Nope,” said Loraine.

“What about Madame Minx,” asked Alberta.

“You won’t owe her anything period,” explained Alpha Mom, “because you won’t even be a blimp on her radar.. unless you advertise yourself to be.”

“I think I’m going to enjoy working with you more than I do with Angelique,” said Alberta.

“No, you’ll be working with my wife... and if you value your head you better not stab her or me in the back,” said Loraine. “As for the information that you somehow got off the 9th Circle’s network, I’d be careful not overly exploit having it in the future. It’s never good to show off all your cards until the final round.”


After Alpha Mom left the apartment moments later, she flew at top speed and left Peril City and headed back to her mansion and home located on the outskirts of Angel Falls.

Loraine landed and changed out of her red and blue costume at super-speed. She stepped inside her mansion wearing a pink polka-dot dress that had two dark pink spaghetti straps that barely held the tight fitting dress over her body. The dress had a plunging low cut v-neck that accentuated the supermom’s amazing breasts. The dress hung delicately from her shoulders to her mid-thighs, revealing knockout legs accentuated by strappy 6 inch white heels.

“Wow Loraine, you look amazing” said Pamela Parks as she saw her walk in.

Loraine smiled as she saw Pamela standing in the living room unpacking a few of her boxes. The young black woman was dressed in tight jeans and tan cowgirl boots and was wearing a tight light grey t-shirt that said in black letters: Sorry boys, I’m married!

Reading the shirt made Loraine laugh and she said, “Fuck balls Pammie, I hope you’re not taking yourself off the market because of little old me!”

Pamela shook her head and laughed. “Well not entirely, but I saw the shirt at Wayne-Mart and couldn’t resist! I even got for you to wear! I think us being roommates is gonna be awesome!”

Loraine walked over and seized Pamela in a tight hug. “It’s great that you’re here too! I’m surprised that Quinn and Anna aren’t helping you with that stuff.”

“They were both awesome packing all this stuff up, but they need time for themselves too, so I pretty much ordered them off the property,” said Pamela; “I made a royal command and told them to enjoy date-night or else!”

“Okay, but if Quinn ends up getting Anna knocked up with his lovechild, I’m blaming you,” laughed Loraine. “So it’s just you and me tonight?”

“Yes, there’s actually something else I wanted to talk to you about,” said Pamela as she thought about Loraine’s sister Mighty Mom.

“Is this about your idea of unmasking Spider Vixen’s identity on live television during the crowning ceremony.”

“It felt it be the best way gain public support and prove that nothing hanky-panky is going on,” said Pamela. “Almorian law states that no Queen shall hide important secrets from her subjects and those that she cares about.”

“Almorian law also dictates that there exceptions to that rule, like in times when withholding knowledge can keep people from endangering themselves or others. Your identity is known to every living Almorian on the planet, the entire human race need not know your secret. Besides you’ll never be able to run your mothers company if you’ll go public, you might as well hand it over to the Wraths if you do.”

“I know,” shrugged Pamela. “I was prepared to allow Morgantech to take it off my hands, that was before I met Talzo who’s got the Parks Foundation’s entire board against the buyout. She doesn’t want the Wraths to win in this matter, but the only way that I can fight them is if I go along with Alberta and become CEO of the company myself!”

“See how people are better off not knowing that you are Spider Vixen,” said Loraine. “I know you want to do right by me and honor the legacy of Almora, unmasking would by a nice gesture to show me your loyalty to the crowd, but one that will put so many people’s lives and careers at risk including not just those that are employed by the Parks Foundation, but all the friends and people you love as Pamela Parks! You lost both the man you loved and your daughter for Almora, as Queen and future Empress I decreed that you’ve beyond shown Almora your loyalty and order you tomorrow to leave your golden mask on!”

“Golden mask,” asked Pamela.

“I got you a little something too,” smiled Loraine. “It’s in a giftbox in my room, I was planning to sneak it into your bedroom tomorrow before you woke up, it’ll be your official Almorian Queen Attire.”

“Can I see it,” asked Pamela smiling.

Loraine nooded and they walked to her room.  

“I hope it’s to your liking,” said Loraine as she opened her twin closet doors and revealed a sparkling gold variation of Pamela’s one-piece Spider Vixen custom. The main difference main difference being the bright reflective gold color, the other differences were there was a silky white transparent cape attached to a white fur collar to be worn with it. There were no gloves and the spider boots had also been replaced with strappy golden knee high gladiator sandals with 9-inch heels. The final touches were a golden domino mask and a striking golden crown.

“Check out the bling,” said Pamela. “Is that real gold?”

“I spared no expense,” said Loraine smiling. “Plus having an Almorian replicator helps!”

“I should kiss up for this, but damn all I got you was a damn t-shirt!”

Loraine laughed and said, “The Empress to be is always expected to more for her Queen, but I gladly accept from your saucy lips anytime!”

“Umm.. listen there’s something I want to talk to you about,” said Pamela aburtally changing the subject. “Actually many things.. I feel I haven’t totally been honest with you... Anna Elton is..”

“Your sister from an alternate timeline, I know,” said Alpha Mom, “She and Quinn came clean.”

“I know as your legal Almorian spouse, I betrayed you by withholding that information,” said Pamela. “I sometimes make promises that I shouldn’t..”

“Like you did with Albert Franco,” said Loraine in a disappointed tone as she sat down on her bed facing Pamela.

“How did you know about that,” gasped Pamela.

“I took close a liberty of keeping a close eye on my spouse,” said Loraine striking a pose, putting her hands on her hips, “which is why I know why you so conflicted tonight. You are guilty of breaking Almorian spousal promises and on the eve of our crowning ceremony none the less!”

“Listen, I can explain..”

“No! You can’t!” snapped Loraine as pointed a finger at Pamela’s nose, “Those are not even the biggest of your secrets you’ve withheld from me. Let’s talk about the big one, the one that is currently been eating you up for days now! The real reason you wanted to talk tonight! My sister!!! If you have say something to say to me, say it now or shall we call off this whole damn ceremony right now!!”

“Wait!! I don’t want throw away our friendship,” cried Pamela.

Loraine stared coldly into Pamela’s eyes and throw back her head and began to laugh hard. “Oh my dear Pamela, your Auntie Marcela is right! You are so damn gullible!!”

“Wait... You’re not mad at me are you,” asked Pamela.

“Aw, fuck no,” cackled Loraine as she had to sit down on her bed to control her laughter.

Loraine looked at Pamela and patted a space on the bed next to her. “Sit Pamela, let’s talk about my sister.”

“Sorry Loraine,” said Pamela as she sat down next to her on the bed and looked at her. “I known Lillian and Chloe most of my life, even before I got spider powers. I met Chloe when we both were in grade school together and we were both kids on the school bus that Lillian rescued while making her first debut appearance as Mighty Mom!”

“I never knew that,” said Loraine.

“I idolized her for years.. even had a lesbian crush on her on time and after I received spider powers, I wanted to be hero just like her,” said Pamela. “Imagine my shock the day when I found out it was Lillian who was like a second mom to me and my best bud Chloe under the masks!”

“I never realized my sister had such an impact on your life,” said Loraine. “It must have been awkward for you learning that Mighty Mom whom you had a crush on was really your best friend’s mom!”

“I’m over the crush.. but I still look up to her,” said Pamela. “That’s why it’s hard for me to understand why you felt the need to give her an Almorian spanking.”

“Then allow me to explain,” said Loraine almost lovingly. “It happened along time ago on my homeworld and there was the girl named… Olaza.”

(*- For details on the story that Loraine is about to explain, read Mighty Mom #1: Dawn of the Supermoms!)

A short time later…

“And that’s the reason why Mighty Mom had to be spanked,” said Loraine. “I suppose the guilt of what happened to me and Olaza is the real reason that Little Zezia.. Umm.. I mean Lillian became the heroine she did as Mighty Mom. But for all her good deeds, she still had to be punished.”

“Wow.. I never knew that about her,” said Pamela. “I was on the verge of licuring you for what you did to her, but now I guess she actually deserved it. I’m sure I could ever look at her the same way again.”

“That’s how I felt after I heard your tale about how my sister saved you as a child,” said Loraine. “For all the world’s praises on Mighty Mom that I’ve heard over the years, none of them ever made me think of her as a hero until I learned she saved you. Little One may be a flawed heroine, but she was a heroine for you, if it wasn’t for her we wouldn’t be talking now. I forgave my sister, but the effects she endured from the Almorian Spanking were rightfully earned, even Mighty Mom is capable of mistakes. I didn’t spank her out of hate, instead spanked her out of love as I will spank you!”

“Me?” asked Pamela raising an eyebrow.

“You willfully kept secerts from not only your wife, but your Queen and future Empress,” said Loraine with a smile on her face. “You’ve earned an Almorian Spanking!”

“I don’t.. I don’t think..” said Pamela as she leaned and crawled over to come to rest over Loraine’s lap like a child would before being spanked by its parent. “What.. What am I doing?”

“Oh Pamela, you silly Earth girl,” said Loraine, “Did you forget that you yourself were conditioned by General Raz to respect and obey the Chain of Command? You do not just sit across the lap of your spouse right now... but the ruler and Queen of Almora!”

“I..I am,” gasped Pamela as she felt Loraine tugging on her jeans exposing her young ebony tush.

“Relax,” said Loraine as her firm hand was raised up and swiftly came down. “I will strip of your pride as I did my sister, but rather I will awaken something in you, with every swat and every slap let your mind drift back to the days of your youth and let yourself be reminded of the lesbian crush you once felt for my sister! With that forbidden fantasy fresh in your mind, think of me, her older and more sexier twin sister.. spanking you right now. How does that make you feel?”

“H-Hot,” said Pamela as she felt a meaty slap to her tush.

“Did you have any naughty fantasies about me,” inquired Loraine before delivering another loving slap.

“Yes,” whispered Pamela.

“Such a naughty vixen you are,” purred Loraine. “However there is no crime for having naughty fantasies is there?”

“None,” said Pamela smiling as Loraine’s firm hand came down again.

“In fact I heard rumors you were a quite the kissing the bandit,” teased Loraine, “But after your first encounter with Raz, you were never quite the same again. You pressured yourself to behave like a boring adult, well with each firm slap of my hand, the need to be that respectable adult slips further away, your naughtier side is taking control now, you like being bad don’t you?”  

“Yes,” purred Pamela feeling another pleasurable swat against her ass.

“Then together we are going to do some naughty things,” said Loraine. “Don’t feel bad about Mighty Mom, you’ll be the one who spanks her next!”

“Mmmmm..” purred Pamela as she rolled over facing Loraine, her eyes filled with desire.

“Such a naughty girl,” Loraine teased before leaning down and kissing Pamela full on the lips.


On the eve of being crowned Empress, Alpha Mom makes her boldest move yet!!



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Yep. Now I'm getting ready to write the big ceremony scene with a large who's who collection characters that were invited. Then that wraps up this whole crossover and begin focusing on the next phase of Alpha Mom's story. 
Knight3000 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good chapter
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Hopefully Loraine can bring back the Spider Vixen of old, I miss the kissing bandit!
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Hmmm... If the kissing bandit does come back, who should be her victims?
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