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Adventures of Wonderboy #45: The Last Dance - Part 2 of 6

The Harem, a shady street club located in Hells Gate, Peril City. 6:32 A.M.

As he opened his eyes, Joey Elton vaguely remembered the events of last night. He was dazed and confused, wondering where he was, and how he ended up laying underneath the silky sheets of a bed that was unfamiliar to him.

There was a strong smell of an exotic incense that filled the room. As vision cleared he found himself what looked like the inside of an Arabian Palace with complete with Persian rugs, colorful filmy drapes, and lush Moroccan pillows.

Joey realized immediately that he was naked under the sheets and sat up straight. He touched his forehead and much to his relief found that he still wearing his Wonderboy.

Then the events of the night prior came back to him, he remembered that was on patrol when he felt summoned to return to his former lover Sharifa- The Harem Girl. He remembered taking in her arms and carrying her into the club, she directed him to this bedchamber, where she had her way with him.

He looked down at the ground looking for his costume. There was no sign of it anywhere.

Joey stood up and wrapped the bed sheets around his waist to give him some cover.

“Sharifa,” cried out Wonderboy, not wanting to have search for her in the stripclub and his clothes in his current state of undress.

However he did not have to, as Sharifa walked into the room. The young twenty-four year-old Arabian woman wasn’t wearing her usual harem girl attire, instead something more modern. The long raven haired Arabian beauty stepped out wearing a sports cap with her long black hair combed back into a pony tail that ran all the way down to her ass, she was dressed in a tight red crop top that had a square neckline that showed off the curves of large breasts and curve hugging tight shiny black high waist vinyl leggings heighted her hourglass figure and 6 inch stilettos high heels that further heighted her hourglass figure.

“Wow.. You’re almost wearing normal clothes,” said Joey as he realized she wasn’t even wearing veil over her eyes

“You didn’t think I dressed like a harem dancer all the time did you,” giggled Sharifa. She then pointed to a dresser in the corner and said, “Also speaking of clothes, my Beloved, you’ll find some over there, you won’t find your costume, I had some things ordered in and prepared based off your measurements from the last time graced this palace, my love.”

“Where’s my uniform and equipment,” asked Wonderboy.

“Being washed by my harem maids,” said Sharifa, “I figured we would both spend the day in our ‘normal’ clothes, after I take my daughter to preschool, hence the attire.”

“Wait... You have daughter now,” asked Joey. “I thought you once said that only your ‘Beloved’ husband was allowed to..”

“I’ve been holding a secret from you my love,” said Sharifa. “I suppose I wasn’t ready to be fully honest with you, you ready to handle adapting to my ways. Your current relationship with Marcela Sanchez and Courtney Jenkins proves more and more like a husband to my standards.”

“So what’s the secret,” asked Wonderboy. “Was there someone before me?”

“Yes, but you were still my first time with a boy,” she said with a giggle. “Do you remember our wedding night under the blue Lover’s Moon?”

“Yes..” said Joey. “But you never told me that dance would be cast a magical love spell over me.”

“When a woman of the Order of the Secret Veil chooses a husband, she takes him in every way,” said Sharifa. “My Beloved, I knew that very night under the very Lover’s Moon that you would give me a child... and you did!!!”

Joey’s masked eyes widened in shock.

“You mean you’re saying that child was conceived the night we first met,” said Joey.

“Yes and already she’s proving to be already an amazing dancer,” said Sharifa proudly with a giggle. “Get dressed my love, it’s finally time that you met our precious Jamila!”


Morning Jane’s Café,
Located in downtown Peril City,
6:38 A.M.

Courtney Jenkins arrived at favorite café diner and sat down for a quick morning breakfast and coffee, something she always did every weekday before heading to class.

Today she had a busy schedule ahead of her, as she would be in school until noon and then six hours at her internship job at the corporate offices of Wrath Consolidated at their Peril City branch office.

On top of all that she was concerned about her boyfriend and her close friend and future sister wife Marcela Sanchez. Both had failed to return home last night and both had failed to contact her about being tardy. Courtney was used to Joey having suddenly take all-nighters as Wonderboy, but he always managed to squeeze in time to text her so she wouldn’t worry. Marcela on the other hand was always very punchal wasn’t known for showing up late or failing to return home without calling. Courtney had seen the scandalous footage showing Mrs. Wonderboy drunk at her own fundraiser flirting with a man that wasn’t her husband.

Using her smart-phone, Courtney sent Marcela another text message pleading for her to call or text her as soon as possible.

The café was usually pretty quiet at this hour as Courtney sat down in her usual seat, a booth table near the back of the café. Rudy, a waitress in her mid 40’s approached her and Courtney ordered her usual, a plate of eggs, hash browns and sausages with coffee.

Courtney watched as another woman walked into the café. The stunning Italian woman was young in her early 20’s and very well professionally dressed in a blazer and tight fitting business skirt. She had long dark raven black hair with a hint of red highlights. She seemed to scan the room as if looking for someone and stopped as her eyes locked onto Courtney’s and walked straight over to her.

“By chance are you, Courtney Jenkins,” asked the young woman politely to the young blonde haired seventeen year-old as she in her booth.

“Why do I feel like I’m about to be served a subpoena,” asked Courtney.

“It’s nothing like that,” the young woman laughed. She then leaned down and extended her hand out for a handshake. “My name is Alberta Talzo, I’m a personal advisor for the Parks Foundation’s new CEO Pamela Parks. I’m here on her behalf.”

“In what regard,” asked Courtney.

“As a headhunter actually,” said Alberta smiling. She gestured to the empty chair in the booth facing Courtney and asked, “May I join you?”

“You’re more than welcome,” said Courtney.

Alberta’s smile grew even wider as she quickly slipped into the seat. “You say were a headhunter, as in a talent scout?”

“Of course, exactly like that,” said Alberta.

“I’m a little confused to me,” said Courtney. “Pamela’s a personal friend of my boyfriend, I’m sure if she wanted to hire me she would--”

“--reach out and personally offer you the job herself,” Alberta finished the sentence for her. Then she sighed and added, “Pamela is under a microscope right now. Every decision she makes is being looked at examined by every cooperate shareholder and insider. If Pamela herself came to you and offered you the job, it would be looked upon as a possible conflict of interest, so if the Parks Foundation wanted to steal you from Wrath Consolidated it has to be handled in a way that looks completely professional.”

“I’m flattered but also a little surprised that Pamela would put such interest in acquiring an intern,” said Courtney.

“Well it was me who was actually impressed,” said Alberta. “I too once worked for Angelique Wrath, you were brought in shortly after I departed for a bigger paycheck at the Parks Foundation. Speaking as a talent scout I do keep tabs on the competition and I remembered you seemed quite potential, even when you were first were starting out there. In fact I heard that when you once considered leaving, Angelique Wrath reportedly went ballistic and went through whirlwind of bad decisions until she convinced you to come back.”

“Angelique and I had a little falling out as we learned more about one another,” explained Courtney, “But things are better now and I’m quite happy where I’m at right now.”

“Maybe you should wait until you hear--” Alberta began to say and suddenly stopped as her smart-phone began to ring. Alberta fished the phone out of her purse and apologetically said, “Please forgive me.. I have to take this call.. My baby cousin is facing a crisis right now.”

“Oh course,” said Courtney.

Alberta brought the phone to her ear and spoke, “I’m here dear.” She paused and listened to the person on the other end, then Alberta said with concern, “I know things are very messed up right now, but you are going to get through this.. I’ve set up a meeting for us with a lawyer, we’ll get through this together. I have to go now, I’ll call back soon.”

Alberta placed down the phone and turned it on silent. “Please forgive me,” she said.

“There’s nothing to apologize for,” said Courtney, “Is everything alright, that sounded pretty rough though.”

“My baby cousin is going through a messy divorce,” said Alberta with sigh. “She was about your age when she got married. I warned her not to do it, but she was stubborn and hopelessly in love. Hell, I warned her she was heading for heartbreak as soon as I realized they were dating and I heard how old he was!”

“He was older than her,” asked Courtney.

Alberta nodded. She was 16 and he was 36 when they were first going out. Her parents tried calling the cops on him in hopes of breaking them up, but age of consent laws in that state were set at 16. By 17 they were married and now they are heading to divorce. I can’t get over how young she was doing all this and with someone so much older and more experienced and clearly using her.”

“Speaking from the fact that I’m dating someone older myself, I would like to believe age is only a number,” said Courtney.

“Please tell me for your own sake, that he’s at least not that old,” said Alberta.

Courtney froze as she realized Joey was actually much, much older. His body may be that of a sixteen year-old boy, but he was over sixty years of age. It was something Joey still struggled with while dating her, even though both agreed to wait until Courtney was officially eighteen before ever considering anything sexual, although Courtney herself felt that there was nothing wrong as Joey was very much like a sixteen year-old in many ways.

“It’s not the same situation as your cousin,” assured Courtney. “He’s very sweet, kind, and patient. We both agreed to wait until we were both legal.”

“Does he have children, other women in his past,” asked Alberta. “That’s what Alex hid from my cousin until after they were married. He had a ten year old son from another woman and then he talked my cousin into trying to be a mother to him, a mother to a boy six years younger than her, it was doomed from the start. Can you imagine the absurdity of it all?”

Courtney then thought about Tori Elton, Joey’s fully grown daughter in her mid-twenties, a young woman who encouraged Joey to date her.

“My cousin had the whole world at her fingertips until she met that boy, that relationship made her grow up in ways too quickly on many different levels,” said Alberta. “I wish I could bend back time and let her be seventeen again. Make get out of that awful relationship, make her stop trying to be an adult and instead get her enjoy being a seventeen year-old without the complitactions of adulthood. She never got to enjoy the little things, partying, spring breaks, dating boys her on age, even stopping to smell the roses.”

“I.. I’m sorry, I.. I..” Courtney tried to say, trying to sound comforting yet she felt like a hypocrite for trying.

“I’m the one who should be sorry,” said Alberta. “I’m.. I’m venting my frustrations on you. Although I do feel like a hypocrite as I’m here trying to persuade a seventeen year-old girl into taking a very demanding and serious business world adult-like job. I think when I was your age, seventeen, I was working in a movie theater as an usher.. part time. Things were so much simpler then.”

Courtney then realized her life actually was a bit simpler. True, she in a bad relationship before she met Joey, but the worst that she faced was her parent’s wraith for sneaking out to hang out and party with friends on a school night. Now she was dating a superhero, had demanding job and now worked for her biological mother, who turned out to be a succumbi demon whom happened to run a secret criminal origination and she herself was now had powers of both demon and angel. Not only did Joey have a grown daughter, he had a wife- her future sister-wife should they all get hitched- Marcela Rosa Sanchez aka the Teacher, hell he even had a closet full of past relationships and the female enemies of Wonderboy seemed to always want to get into his pants. Yes, she had to admit life was certainly simpler before she met Joey.

Alberta forced herself to smile as she saw that her story was indeed having the desired effect on young Courtney Jenkins.

“I’m sure your boyfriend can’t be as bad as Alex,” said Alberta. “As long as he isn’t hiding any secrets from you. Anyway getting back to business, if you’re ever interested in working for the Parks Foundation, Pamela would be more than pleased to have you come on board.”

Alberta reached into the pocket of her blazer and pulled out a Parks Foundation business card and handed it to Courtney, “Feel free to call or text and I’ll gladly arrange a tour and step up a proper interview.”

“Thank you, I may actually consider it,” said Courtney.

“I hope you may even take time to consider going someplace to smell the roses,” said Alberta as she rose up from the booth and excused herself, “Anyway, it was a pleasure meeting you Ms. Jenkins.”

As Alberta left and Courtney’s food arrived, she began to think about the conversation again in her mind. She thought about her relationship with Joey in a new light. Was she moving too fast, was she trying to grow up before she was ready? Heck, she wasn’t even in college yet.. wasn’t that supposed to be the fun years?

Courtney loved Joey, heck she love Marcela too now, but their relationship was constantly changing, every time she got a handle on it, a new twist would come along.

Deep down, Courtney knew that something was going to have to give.


6:56 A.M.

Alberta Talzo smiled triumphantly as she sat in the back of her limonene as it drove away.

“I see that you’re now in good spirits, Ms. Talzo,” said Tiffany Thomason, a beautiful young seventeen year-old who sat next to Alberta in the back of the limousine. “I hope my phone call to you landed at the desired time.”

“Your timing was absolutely perfect,” said Alberta to the young African American beauty dressed in an elegant black dress and high heels. “As far the meeting itself, I believe things went more smoothly and better than I ever imagined, partly thanks to your well-timed phone call that gave me a ‘plausible’ reason to leave early.”

“Then I’m glad I could have been of service to you,” said Tiffany smiling nervously eager to please her new boss, who had just given her an amazing promotion from house maid to personal assistant. “I’m hope I’m not taking on too much with this job, but this is such a big opportunity.”

“Never cut yourself short dear,” said Alberta, “Perhaps one day, you’ll be an infamous cooperate shark in your own right. But right now just follow my instructions and follow me around and go and do where I tell you to do and you’ll be great at this.”

“I’m still trying not to wake up, afraid this is all a fantastic dream,” said Tiffany. “I mean I’ve never even been inside a limousine before!”

“If you think this is something, wait until we have to go out of town next week,” said Alberta. “You haven’t flown until you’ve been on a well stocked private jet.”

“We’re going on a private jet,” cried Tiffany excitedly with delight, “Where are we going?!”

“Once I get a permission slip from your mother, we’ll be heading over to New York City for a couple of days,” said Alberta while giving Tiffany a warm smile. “By the way, I do look forward to meeting your mother for dinner tonight.”

“It was so kind of you to invite us out at the Del Brando restaurant,” said Tiffany still smiling at her boss and mentor.

“There’s no need to thank me,” said Alberta warmly. “A good employer always makes time to get to know the family of the people that work for them, that’s good business.”


The Milestone Estate, just outside Peril City.
7:10 A.M.

Marcela Rosa Sanchez stood on the outdoor balcony on the third floor of the Milestone Manor overlooking a beautiful vineyard. She was still wearing the same attire she had worn last night to her fundraiser.

The French doors leading onto the balcony opened and Mark Milestone stepped outside with a saucer holding a coffee mug and two sugars carefully in his hands.

“You still prefer your morning espresso with French Vanilla,” asked Mark and he walked over and handed the saucer to Marcela.

“You remember every detail about me,” asked Marcela as she took a sip.

“A woman like you is very hard to forget,” said Mark admiring the beauty of the Latina woman that stood before him. Marcela blushed as she saw the way that he was looking at her.

“You know, you’re as beautiful as your mother,” said Mark.

“That’s sweet, but how would you know, she was in her grave long before you were born,” said Marcela.

Mark said nothing; instead he reached into his pocket and pulled out an old photograph that was taken at this very spot almost fifty years ago. Marcela’s jaw dropped as she saw the image of her mother in her mid-twenties standing exactly where she was now.

“She.. She was here,” asked Marcela as tears swelled in her eyes. She had to remove her glasses to wipe them away.

“My family and yours have a long history,” said Mark, “I even think our parents once intended us to marry long before we were even out the womb.”

“It’s strange how you keep bumping into my life,” Marcela said softly as she stared at the photograph of her mother. “I lived in Peril City only briefly when I was child, I remembered we used to play together as kids, but after my bastard of an Uncle gave away guardianship over me when I was only six years old; I thought I’d never see again. Then eleven years later as I stepped off a train there you were stepping off another one about the same time and we ended up having a great weekend before your parents shuttled you back home to Peril City.”

“But what a weekend,” he said huskily looking into Marcela’s eyes fondly.

“Yes, you seduced me and made me a woman,” said Marcela blushing.

“It was my first time too,” said Mark.

“Sure it was,” Marcela said with a wink knowing he was laying even now after all these years.

“But we did get back together again,” said Mark, “When you moved back to Peril City; twelve years after your first attempt at marriage let’s say abruptly ended.*”

(* Referring to the night Marcela Sanchez avenged the death of her mother by killing her Uncle and her husband to be Tony Gumbando and nearly most of Gumbando family at the wedding chapel.)

“Yes, then it was the three of us; you, me, and that tease Roxy,” said Marcela. “I still can’t believe that she’s gone. I know I treated you and her horribly when you finally chose her over me, Roxy may have been my rival, but she was a good person. We were always like Betty and Veronica fighting over Archie.”

“I miss her too,” said Mark as stood behind Marcela and put his strong hand on Marcela’s shoulder.

Marcela looked at the photograph of her mother that she held in her hands.

“I don’t have pictures of Roxy anymore,” said Marcela, “In my jealous rage, I threw them all out. I was so stupid.”

“You were in love,” he said softly. “And choosing Roxy over you wasn’t a choice that I made easily, it tore me up inside, being in love with two women at once. It keep me up at nights for almost two months. I wish I could have married you both.”

Marcela eyes grew wide as she heard that last statement. ‘Oh God,’ she thought, ‘Is that why I conspired to get Courtney Jenkins to be my sister-wife, so I wouldn’t go through the heartbreak of losing another person I had feelings for to another woman?’

“I should have supported your marriage and I should have been a better friend to both of you,” said Marcela in the steely blue eyes of her former lover.

“If it helps, I have plenty of pictures of Roxy and the three of us together,” said Mark. “I can easily have them scanned and duplicated.”

“I would appreciate that,” said Marcela still lost in his eyes. She blushed and turned away, slipping the photograph of her mother into her purse. “You know trying to get over you, almost destroyed me at times.”

“You know, Roxy and I heard rumors about some your wild nights,” said Mark.

“Well I figured if I was going to lose a man to a woman almost half my age, I might as well see what boys half my age had to offer in return,” said Marcela jokingly. “I even suppose my muchacho Wonderboy is the ultimate trophy husband!”

“You deserve better than a trophy husband,” said Mark reaching out to grab hold of Marcela’s arm. “Trophies are meant to be put inside a case and later showcased on display. You deserve to a caballero as your husband, someone who will love and respect you as well as tame you under the sheets!”

“Señor Milestone, I’m married,” said Marcela.

“To a muchacho or a rebound guy,” asked Mark.

“Mark,” Marcela whispered almost desperately, “What would Roxy say?”

Mark smiled and slipped his hand to caress Marcela’s face. “When Roxy was dying, she made me swear and promise to never be with another woman.. unless it was you. She loved you too.”

With the exception of little white lies, Marcela could almost always tell when Mark was laying to her face or when he was telling her the truth and speaking from his heart. Right now, Marcella realized that Mark was telling her the truth.

“Tell me Marcela, do you really love this Wonderboy,” asked Mark. “Does he love and want you, in the same ways I once loved you? Say the word and I’ll step aside.”

“And if I don’t say the word,” asked Marcela.

Mark gave the Latina woman a smoldering look and deeply, “Then I’ll escort you into the bedroom, rip off your clothes, carry you naked into the bed and then have my way with the señora that I still love!”

Marcela could feel her heart pounding, as if it was attempting to break out of her chest. Old feelings of love that was lost which were long forgotten suddenly returned.

She thought about the other man in her life, she loved the novelty of finally having the Hero Who Never Ages after years of pursuing him, but that’s all her marriage him was... a novelty, being called Mrs. Wonderboy was a status symbol. In fact she never really married him the traditional; she instead ‘married’ Wonderboy’s imposter from Universe X. In her heart, she thought she could still make it work, as being Mrs. Wonderboy was enticing, it made her even more of a celebrity than a low-level mob boss. She also grown to love the woman she had selected to be her ‘sister-wife’ Courtney Jenkins. Did she really love Wonderboy, or was he her rebound guy? One last glance into Mark’s eyes determined her answer. She knew who she wanted, who really loved, and who she would rather spend the rest of her life with.

“So Mark, what are you waiting for,” asked Marcela. “I haven’t said a word!”

Mark smiled warmly and opened the French Doors leading into the house and escorted Marcela inside.

Once indoors, Mark shoved Marcela’s back against the nearest wall and smashed his body and his lips against hers.

To be continued...
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