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Adventures of Wonderboy #44: The Last Dance - Part 1 of 6

Peril Ridge Country Club, 8:45 PM.

At a private gathering being hosted at a country club in the heart of downtown Peril City, Marcela Rosa Sanchez a.k.a. Mrs. Wonderboy was making a public appearance at a fundraiser event for her campaign to be the next governor.

At attendance were a number of the city’s most wealthy socialites, including Mark Milestone, who according to Forbes was the fifth richest person in the world. He was tall lean 38 year-old man and filled out his tuxedo quite nicely as he was well-built, like an athlete. He had dark hair and steely blue eyes. He had a reputation of being a notorious playboy.

As Marcela was busy giving a moving speech on how she would rebuild Peril City’s infrastructure and make it crime free and great again, she noticed Mr. Milestone among the crowd. She wasn’t too surprised to see him here; after all he always had a way of showing up at the most inconvenient of times.

He raised the wineglass in his hand and smiled as Marcela finished her speech and the audience clapped and roared with applauds.

Marcela was dressed for success wearing a tailored gray skirt suit, styled with a two-button blazer and sleek pencil skirt. She wore her trademark black framed glasses and her black raven hair pulled back and pinned into a tight knot.

Tonight Marcela was all about being a powerful and successful woman and had no desire to be perceived as a sexual object, so tonight she avoided wearing a low-cut blouse and kept her breasts concealed inside her buttoned blazer to avoid undesired glances from men or women. For the most part it was working too, until the moment she looked into HIS eyes.

Marcela noticed the lust behind Mark Milestone’s eyes was undeniable. It was clear that he still wanted her, even after all these years. What feared and considered her was the fact that there was once a time that she could never refuse this man, long before she ever met Wonderboy, this was the man who could always tame her heart, body, and soul, and she loved every second of it.

After finishing her speech and stepping off the podium, Marcela was quickly surrounded by friends, supporters, reporters, and people who wanted her autograph.

Mark Milestone moved into the crowd and approached Marcela from behind.

“Hello Rosa,” Mark said soft husky voice that sent shivers down Marcela’s spine.

Marcela took a deep breath and turned and faced him, her eyes stared straight into his.

“I often wondered how I’d feel if I ever saw you again,” said Marcela.

“As did I,” said Mark. “Although, I never thought I’d see the day that you would settle down and get married, to a superhero none the less.”

“Jealous,” asked Marcela. “You could have had me years as your wife years before I even met him, but you married that supermodel playmate that was half your age instead. I’m surprised you don’t have that dim-witted bimbo hanging off your arm. Where is Miss Perfect anyway?”

“She died from brain cancer two years ago,” said Mark sadly.

Marcela bit her lip and frowned, “Mark, I’m sorry, I didn’t know. After we broke up I tended not to look at any newspaper that had your mug on it.”

“Fair enough,” said Mark staring back into the eyes of the stunning Latina woman. “I figured that if you truly ever did have a grudge against me, considering your connections, you would have had someone do me in long ago.”

“Not all my memories of you are tainted,” smiled Marcela. “But I have to give you credit though, you certainly have ball of grapefruit, crushing this little affair!”

“Except, I never crashed the party,” said Mark confused by Marcela’s statement. He reached into his jacket and produced an invitation that he received in the mail.

“If that don’t beat all,” said Marcela examined it and realized it wasn’t a fake, but still he wasn’t on the guest list that had prepared, unless somehow she made a mistake.

“You look like you could use a drink,” said Mark as he gestured to the bar.

“Make mine a vodka straight up,” said Marcela.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea,” said Mark as they walked over to the open bar. “You, me and vodka have history.”

“You’ll find that these days I can handle the hardest liquor that they have on the shelf,” said Marcela confident that having Wonderboy’s powers and metabolism, she could handle anything.

The bartender took their order and made them their drinks, and afterwards the bartender sneaked a smile to a stunning Italian woman who sat at the far edge of the bar.

“What shall we drink to,” asked Marcela. “The sins of our past?”

“I’ll drink to that,” said Mark tapping his glass against hers.

Marcela took a quick swallow and the licqar hit her like a ton of bricks.

The Italian woman silently sneakered and repressed herself from laughing out loud. She stood up and quietly slinked up to Marcela.

“Just like old times,” said Mark as watched Marcela definitely looked wobbly on her feet.

The Latina bombshell stumbled into him and he caught her as she swayed. Marcela giggled loudly and slapped his chest and giggled some more.

“Well Mrs. Wonderboy, I’d say you’re drunk,” Mark stated with a grin on his face as photographers began snapping pictures.


Somewhere else in Hell’s Gate, Peril City...

On a tall building, Joey Elton a.k.a. Wonderboy paused from his routine nightly patrol and stared at the beautiful full moon, magic seemed to fill the air around him and his perception of the moon turned its color to blue.

“Come to me, my prince and lover,” a woman’s voice called out to him inside his head with a giggle.

“That.. That voice, after all this time..” Wonderboy murmured as he felt his mind slip into a hypnotic trance.

The hero who never ages suddenly leapt off the building and swung away on a grappling rope, following the voice whispering him to him.

He landed on the rooftop of a shady nightclub.

There waiting for him was a young beautiful Arabian woman who was barefoot, dressed like she typically dressed, as a middle eastern harem slave wearing a silky translucent purple scarves and veils.

Wonderboy started to feel weird, almost dizzy. He couldn’t take his eyes off the young woman as she danced towards him. Every movement that the harem beauty made seemed to consume him, from the sway of her hips, to the shaking of her luscious breasts, as her arms moved in rhythm with soft erotic Arabian music.

The harem girl held a long silky veil that flowed around her, rippling in the air. The city and any other sounds or distractions didn't seem exist for the ‘young’ crime-fighter in this moments; he was now alone, captured in a moment of time, and there was only him, her and the veil and the sweet melody that surrounded them. He was captured in her spell.

Ultimately the masked hero was drawn to her eyes which were covered, but not hidden by her purple translucent veil.

“I’ve missed you lover,” said the villainess with the power of capturing both men and women with her hypnotic forbidden dance.

“Sharifa..” was all Wonderboy could say as she playful draped the long silky veil around his shoulders tied it around his neck as she giggled.

It had been a very long time since Wonderboy last saw Sharifa a.k.a. the Harem Girl. They once had been lovers, on and off over a period of three years, although considering her background, he often wondered if some of those encounters were of his own free will.

Sharifa had been indoctrinated since birth in the traditions of a small middle-eastern cult called the Order of the Secret Veil. The cult dated back over two hundred years and was primary made up of a group of women who were the caretakers of the of an ancient magical text that taught them the steps needed to perform a forbidden dance that could enslave the wills of men and women.

Sharifa’s mother trained all her daughters in the family traditions, taught them the knowledge of the ancient magical dance as early as they could walk, teaching them how to lure people into a heightened state of sensual suggestibility with the seductive magical dance.

The women of the Order of the Secret Veil presented themselves off as playful harem girls, often to allow their prey to underestimate them and lower their guard. Wearing silky veils and revealing outfits combined with a playful and seductive demure made it easy for them to get men and women to agree to sit and admire their seductive dance, unknowingly allow that dance to hypnosis them under their sway.

The Order of the Secret Veil would often recruit women outside their tribe into their ranks using the forbidden dance to enslave them. The new female recruits often were dressed in the veils of the harem girl, but never given the freedom or status of a naïve-born Harem Girl like Sharifa. The new recruits were to be willing harem slaves that only did the bidding of the Order once their minds were totally submerged and broken to the will of the Harem Girl who tamed them, very rare was a woman or girl outside the tribe given the status and rights of an Order member, only someone adopted by the Harem Mother of the tribe could receive such a blessing and be welcomed with respect. The recruits often became willing prostitutes or sold in the slave trade to raise funds for the Order. If the Order seduced someone of great wealth or had any type of power; they would hand over their wealth to the Order and they would dictate the enslaved person on how to live their lives and how to use their political power to benefit the Order of the Secret Veil.

The harem girls did marry, but their husbands or wives held no power over them. The husbands were used to fill four basic needs that all women of the Order had, the needs for romance, sex, children- preferably daughters, and to aid more harem slaves into the slavery of the Order. The spouse of a naïve born Harem Girl of the Order only had the illusion of free will, as the Harem Girl controlled and manipulated the spouse’s mind and heart.

The husbands often think that they were kings within the Order, a Harem Master as it were, allowed to pick and take as many brides as he wanted to have personal collection of harem slave brides to fulfill his fantasies all of them converted by his beautiful new bride. This was an illusion on the part of the husband, as the naïve harem girl that he married would suggest while he was deeply under her spell that he had that freedom, it was often the harem girl who urged her husband in a state bedazzlement to take other women in his life as brides, and often handpicked exactly which woman in his would make a fine addition to the family as a harem slave under HER control.

As the generations passed and times changed, so did the order as they secretly branched out throughout the world.

Today in populated cities around the world the women of the Secret Order often set themselves up as club owners or ran dance studios, still using their forbidden magic to quietly ensnare victims into slavery.

When Sharifa achieved the right and moniker to be called a harem girl of the Order, she set up a shady nightclub in Peril City that offered erotic or provocative dances, mesmerized people and recruited beautiful women into the ranks of Harem Girls. A young Spider Vixen caught onto her scheme, but ended up becoming a harem slave herself by watching Sharifia perform the Forbidden Dance of the Secret Veil. Luckily two weeks later, another super heroine showed up and helped break the spell that had turned Spider Vixen into the main attraction at Sharifa’s club.

Sharifa was threatened with jail, but made a plea bargain that gave up her benefactors in the middle east. She allowed controlled of her club but was kept a close eye on the superhero community.

Wonderboy first met Sharifa while he was hunting down a serial killer called Killer Clown. Fearing that he was stalking one her dancer, she reached out with information that led to his capture.

After the capture of Killer Clown, Wonderboy thanked Sharifa for her help and she invited him of his own free will to watch her dance under the moon, promising not enslave him, unbeknownst that the dance she was share with him was actually a magical ceremonial wedding dance that would align his soul to hers.

Sharifa had fantasized about the Hero Who Never Ages even before she was a teenager, now that she had turned 21 it was time for her look at potential candidates to give her a child, and her childhood crush was at her fingers.

Making love to her under the Lover’s Moon pretty much cemented Joey Elton’s fate. He fell madly in love with her and spent as much time as he could making to love for the next three months.

However Sharifa soon realized the complications of having a superhero as a ‘husband’ as no Harem Girl before had ever taken a husband of such high moral conviction and dedication to being anything other than good. He was often able to shy away from some her taboo suggestions even while enchanted by her dance.

Sharifa believed that she could weaken Wonderboy’s moral convictions and she often tried to do so by tempting the ‘young’ hero with her harem of ‘dancers,’ but he would also hold firm to his convictions and not waver. She then tried denying him, often breaking up with him and straving him of her love. They would often get back together again after summoned him back with a dance  under a Lover’s Moon only later separate and repeat the cycle, often weeks and months at a time.

On their last encounter, Sharifa had been more open to Joey about the true nature of their relationship and the spell that she had placed on him that fateful night under the moon.*

(*-Happened in Adventures of Wonderboy #2)

Sharifa was aiming to push him into being scared away that might fall into the arms of other women, after all he such sexy teammates in the Peril Protectors, Spider Vixen, Sailor Girl, Alpha Girl and her mother Mighty Mom. Plus he also had such lovely villainess who often made plays trying to get into his pants.

Her plan to some degree did seem to be working. Like a good harem wife, Sharifa still a close on her beloved husband, Joey who seemingly fell into the arms of a young blonde 17 year-old Courney Jenkins who later began dating him in his secret identity. Sharifa also delighted when Wonderboy was almost seduced at the seductive hands of Lovespell, but best of all was when the hero succumbed to the willies of his arch foe (and her old friend) Marcela Rosa Sanchez a.k.a. the Teacher, whom Wonderboy was now also married to in his costumed identity. With future plans to marrying Courtney Jenkins too and having two wives, it was very clear that his views on a traditional marriages were corroding away.

Now under another Lover’s Moon, Sharifa had again called out to the hero who her soul was aligned to and summoned him to her club. She was convinced Wonderboy’s moral fiber would finally crumble and he would become the husband she always desired with a bonus, Courtney Jenkins and Marcela Sanchez destined to become harem slaves! If Wonderboy still should prove to be reluctant, she still had one ultimate trump card yet to play.

“Wake my beloved,” said Sharifa as walked up to Wonderboy and snapped her fingers.

Wonderboy blinked and realized he was now on the rooftop alone with Sharifa- The Harem Girl.

“Another Lover’s Moon,” he realized as looked up into the sky.

“It was always call to you and bring you to me, my Beloved,” said Sharifa smiling. “It is time for us to be at last a family!”

“Not this again,” thought Joey shaking his head. Then as he gazed upon Sharifa’s eyes which were cloaked under a transparent purple veil, he began to feel something, he didn’t expect feel. His attraction for her was still there and as he saw her again, he realized that a large piece his soul had secretly missed her and wanted her back.

“I’ve missed you, my Beloved,” said Sharifa as placed her hand on his chest, her finger traced the yellow ‘W’ symbol on his costume.

Sharifa slipped her arms around him and leaned in against him, pressing her body against him.

Joey’s gloved fingers clutched onto the lower veil that covered Sharifa’s lower face and tugged it down under her chin to reveal her beautiful lips. He couldn’t help himself and kissed her full on the lips.

The kiss intensified so Wonderboy picked the beautiful harem girl up and carried her inside. Sharifa clung to him as he opened the door to the stair well and lead them inside.

Wonderboy felt as if the time apart suddenly meant nothing. He knew Courtney and Marcela were important to him, but his heart right now was owned by Sharifa.


The Milestone Estate, just outside Peril City.
Three hours later...

Marcela opened her eyes and found herself sitting in a leather loveseat sofa.

“What the hell was in that drink,” said Marcela groaning as she touched her forehead feeling the effects of a massive hangover.

“I’m surprised your not dead actually. It’s an alien beverage called Herzonain Aye, like all liquor that comes from beyond the stars, it costs a ton on the black market,” said Mark Milestone sitting in a chair. “There’s even a rumor that Mighty Mom once got tipsy on the stuff at an interstellar banquet hosted at the White House a few years back.”

Marcela quickly grabbed her chest and relaxed as she realized her clothes were still on.

“What is this, you spiked my drink,” asked Marcela.

“I wouldn’t do that to you, but the bartender did,” said Mark as he stood up and walked over to her. “After you became tipsy at the event, I quickly escorted you out before you really became out of hand. However I felt like something was out of place as I know you and vodka have issues, but you usually can take more than just one shot, so I had my men look into the situation. The bartender later admitted he was off by a beautiful blonde woman in a green dress at the event.”

“Did he give you a name,” asked Marcela.

“No, but more than likely this woman is definitely out to smear you and ruin your campaign,” said Mark. “My mysterious invitation may not be so mysterious after all. Someone wanted you be caught drunk in the arms of an old lover; sadly the press did catch on.”

“Which means I may I lot to explain,” said Marcela thinking about Wonderboy and Courtney as well as her campaign to become Governor.

Marcela started to get up and found she still felt dizzy from the liquor. She almost stumbled forward, but Mark caught her.

“If Donald Trump can be elected President after the Access Hollywood video, I’d say voters no longer care about fidelity,” said Mark, his face inches from hers.

“I forgot how strong you were,” said Marcela staring into his eyes wondering if he was going a kiss from her.

“I never forgot how beautiful you are,” said Mark.

“I remember you taking me to your limo, did I.. did we,” said Marcela.

“You’re fun when your drunk, but your more exciting when your sober,” said Mark stroking Marcela’s cheek and pulling back to trace his fingers along her beautiful jaw line and chin.

Just as Marcela was tilting her head to allow him the chance to make his move, a smartphone rang.

Mark stepped back and reached into his pocket and pulled his phone out.

“My men are checking in, I have to take this, perhaps they’ve found something,” said Mark.

“Please do,” said Marcela blushing as she realized what she was about to do.

Mark stepped away into the other room and answered the phone.

“How is she,” asked a woman’s voice.

“She’s recovering from a hangover, no thanks to you,” said Mark keeping his voice law. “You should have consulted me first about the Herzonain Aye.”

“She’s a big girl, her stomach can handle it,” said the woman.

“Just remember our agreement,” said Mark. “You get your person elected Governor, plus your claws into a broken hearted superhero while I get Marcela.. unharmed, understood?”

“Fear not, Mr. Milestone,” said Alberta Franco. “I have no attention of hurting your lost love.”

Alberta Franco hung up the phone and placed on her desk, and stared intently at the image of her next target: Courtney Jenkins.

To be continued...
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Knight3000 Featured By Owner May 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good story. I like harem girl
Kmon13 Featured By Owner May 11, 2018  Student Artist
Nice intro for Mark Milestone and how she connects Marcella's past. The reintroduction of Harem Girl to remind Wonderboy he still is her's was also cool too. I also need to work on how he found out about her abilities. I'm guessing Alberta is putting her new access into 9th circle's servers are paying off. 

However, I see problems with Alberta succeeding when it comes to Courtney due to her powers unless one of heaven's Archangel's get involved in breaking them up. Then there is also the fact each of those three has a shadow in the form of a Kunoichi following them with Courtney being the only one to evade them when she in heaven. then there is the fact one of two Archangel-class demons (three if you count Rosa Franco) now Reside in Peril city so Alberta will need help keeping her off their radar.     

Still, I like the way the plan is forming.  
JGalley0 Featured By Owner May 11, 2018
Harem Girl herself explained some of the details herself in Adventures of Wonderboy #2  Adventures of Wonderboy #2: The Dancer and the...Adventures of Wonderboy #2: The Dancer and the Lotus
Author's note: The following story mentions and takes place after the events in Web of Spider Vixen #4.
Sailor Girl was missing. Susana hadn’t been seen in four days.
Wonderboy was alarmed by this, it wasn’t like Susana to miss her monitor duty shifts at Peril Protectors HQ. It also wasn’t like her to go four days without checking in, even if she was working undercover.
Both Wonderboy and Mighty Mom were concerned and both began to look for their missing teammate while during their individual nightly patrols of Peril City. Joey feared that Susana might have fallen prey to the criminal organization ran by her father who swore revenge when his daughter betrayed him.
Running and leaping rooftop to rooftop, Wonderboy found himself facing the striptease club known as Harem. While standing on a rooftop he gazed upwards at the sky and saw the bright full moon with that slight light aura of blue. It wa
 and their is a detailed file on Sharifa's past at the Hall of Freedom that Wonderboy referenced in the Lover's Moon story.  Wonderboy: Lover's Moon by JGalley0

Meanwhile Alberta does have a plan to handle Courtney Jenkins and it's quite different than how she is handling Marcela. Your right she can't straight forward physically attack her without being instantly destroyed by Angelique however she has a different way of attacking that will effect her relationship with Joey.   
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