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Adventures of Wonderboy #43: The Spider and the Alpha – Part 4

The Following story is part of crossover that began in Web of Spider Vixen #34, continued into All-New Alpha Mom #3, and then Mighty Mom #3.

Please read the following chapters in the following order first.
The Spider and the Alpha: Part 1-…
The Spider and the Alpha: Part 2 -…
The Spider and the Alpha: Part 3 -…

The Spider and the Alpha : Part 4

A casually dressed Pamela Parks sighed as she looked out of her apartment. It was going to be one of those long weekends she hated. Rainy, gloomy and cold and on top of that she was in the middle of moving.

Half the apartment was already packed in boxes. The book shelves in her den were already empty. Tomorrow the moving company was arriving tomorrow to haul off all the furniture to the local Goodwill store, it wasn’t necessary to keep much as her future wife would have everything she need in her plush mansion in Angel Falls and Pamela’s 20 inch flat screen sure as hell didn’t complete with her 80 inch flat screen television.

There was a knock at the door that derailed Pamela’s thoughts about Mighty Mom and her sister, she  walked over and opened the door. Standing behind the door was Joey Elton who was also casually dressed.

“I can’t believe you’re leaving Peril City,” said the ‘young’ man as he looked at the empty book shelves.

“I’m not leaving Peril City completely,” said Pamela, “I’ll be there when you need me, with the Almorian transporter at my fingertips, I’ll be there in a flash!”

“Why even move at all,” asked Joey. “You said your ‘marriage’ to Loraine was out of friendship, I know you want to fulfill Raz’s last request.. But do you really want give up your life as Spider Vixen to be married to that woman?!”

“For the last time Joey,” cried Pamela, “Loraine Vazia is NOT Loraine Adams!!”


Meanwhile elsewhere…

Albert Franco who was no longer a man was now adjusting to her new life as Alberta Talzo, the secret fiancée of his past life, at least that was the cover story. The transition from being a macho man to having the body of a pornstar beauty wasn’t easy, but Alberta was now at a point where she not only accepting her fate of being stripped away of the toxic male masculinity, but rather welcomed the new feminine body and embraced it.

In just a few days, Alberta found that she rather enjoyed living as a woman. In this new METOO era of politics, Alberta realized she would have more of an edge in the business world as a woman, than as a man. All she would have to do someone’s career is point her beautiful finger and say someone misbehaved. The rules of the game were changing and soon Alberta Franco would be on top.

The makeup was a chore at first to learn, but now she delighted everyday as she put it on each and every day. Plus the clothes, quite frankly, were more comfortable with the exception of the heels, and she enjoyed wearing revealing and sexy dresses, and seductive lingerie even underneath some of her otherwise demur skirts and dresses. She even had an entire dresser devoted to storing her growing collection of sexy garter belts, sheer panties, thongs, various silky stockings and pantyhose and other lingerie.

Even right now as she sat her desk in a more conservative blouse and business skirt, she enjoyed the feelings of the silky and sexy bra and panties with the sheer nylons encasing her beautiful legs were attached to the garter belt. The sexy garments were all incredibly erotic to her.

With every passing day, Alberta noted changes in her personality, even her ex-wife Francine (whom she was married back when she was Albert) noted that she was not as easily short tempered or easily angered any more. Francine’s judgmental comments that would have sent Albert Franco into a furious rage, seemed to wash off Alberta as being constructive criticism.

Alberta was learning to behave more bubbly and sometimes enjoyed pretending to be a flirtatious bimbo like she was yesterday while at the beach in her favorite fire engine red bikini.

Alberta giggled to herself as she thought about the muscular bodyguard she flirted with.

There was a knock on the door to her office and familiar young woman’s voice asked, “Ms. Talzo, the UPS package from Naughty Nylons that you’ve been waiting for was just delivered.”

“Oh wonderful,” said Alberta excited that the new lacy teddy and babydoll outfits arrived! “Please Tiffany, bring them in.”

Aberta’s young housemaid Tiffany Thomason opened the door to the office and sauntered in holding the packages of boxes in her arms, the seventeen year-old African American girl was fully dressed in her skimpy black and white French maid uniform, fishnet stockings and 9-inch black heels.

The young woman was Albert Franco JR’s last hiree before his ‘death’. Alberta liked to refer to her as the one that got away, as Albert only hired her to with the goal of using his sleazy charms on the impressionable young girl and plotted to help Tiffany celebrate her next birthday by getting her in the sack.

Alberta at times felt ashamed by the actions of her former life as man. Alberta was getting to know her, she discovered the shy Tiffany has a sweat personally that was is both innocent and bubbly.

Alberta vowed to herself that her days of objectifying the people around her were over. No longer would she treat Mina, Francine, Tiffany, or anyone else like a secretly coveted sex object, but to treat them with the respect that they deserve. She then giggled as she thought about perhaps the one exception to the rule - Wonderboy!

Tiffany smiled as she handed Alberta the packages. Then Alberta noticed one package more than what she was expecting.

“Hmm.. what’s this one,” asked Alberta.

“I was going ask what you wanted done with that, it’s addressed to your fiancé, Albert,” said Tiffany. “I still can’t believe he’s gone. I barely knew him.”

‘Maybe that is for the best, you wouldn’t have liked ‘HIM’,’ thought Alberta as she examined the package.

“Anything else I can do for you Ms. Talzo,” asked Tiffany politely.

“That will be all dear – in fact why don’t you take the rest of the day – I’m sure I can manage on my own,” said Alberta with a smile while opening the mysterious package and then noticing a case with a Blu-Ray disc inside labeled: ‘Play me!’

“Thanks Ms. Talzo,” smiled Tiffany before she politely exited the room.

Once alone Alberta turned on her large flat screen television and placed the Blu-Ray disk into her player and pressed play. To her surprise the image of Carla Parks dressed as Black Lotus appeared on the television screen.

“What the--” Alberta gasped.

“Hello Albert,” said Black Lotus on the monitor slipping off her cowl and mask. “If you have received this message then two things have happen. The first is that I have more than likely have been killed and the second is that the 9th Circle has once again brought you back to land of the living as I certainly plan to see you dead before I go.”

‘Carla must have recorded this message before she and Lionheart killed me* prompting my resurrection as a woman,’ thought Alberta.

(*Back in Peril City: Murder Mystery #3)

“You must be wondering why I’m sending you sending this message, esspiecally since I went to all the trouble to kill you just moments ago,” explained Carla. “The answer is simple, the answer is simple. You’re the only person associated with the Circle that hates them as much as I. Yes, they may have given you a few things, but you only exist as a means to an end. When your usefulness ends they will take away whatever power they have given you and cut your strings once they’ve had their fun running you through the mud. So I’ve decided that upon my death to give you something you’ll find quite useful. I’m sure you’re aware of the 9th Circle’s black-net database, the operating system that allows the 9th Circle to commutate with its operatives around the world and connect them to the hidden digital cloud where they store all their files. I know they’ve given access to it, but only limited amount.. since they are willing to trust you only so far. It was the Parks Foundation that constructed the network, and like any good programmer I made sure to give myself an all access backdoor password that allowed me for years to have total unrestricted access to the Circle’s network database. It allowed me to keep tabs on Angelique and her friends without drawing attention to myself since the programming of the network more erased my digital footprint whenever my password was used leaving no log of my access on the server or any trace to what files I might have had accessed. My final act of rebellion is giving my password to you.. knowing you’ll either use the information to sabotage them from within or expose their darkest secrets to the world. I suggest that you head my warning and act anonymously in exposing them or else you might very likely be resurrected as a pornstar in next time.”

“Too late,” giggled Alberta as she uncrossed her legs and got excited as she saw the password flashing upon the screen.

In less than five minutes, Alberta had booted up the network and typed in the password: LotusKnight02.  The keys to the network instantly unlocked and everything was at her fingertips. All she had to do was type for some filename to search for in the search engine.

“Wow,” said Alberta as she saw the list of files and databases that contained all the secrets of the 9th Circle. “It looks like I had only limited access to mere peanuts before, but now I got the whole honey pot!!!”

Then Alberta typed in the file she wanted to see most of all. The one that had always been restricted and denied: the complete unredacted file on Albert Franco’s greatest enemy - Wonderboy!


Back at Pamela’s apartment...

“I’ve come to accept the fact that Loraine Vazia isn’t the other Alpha Mom,” said Joey. “But you can’t blame any of the Peril Protectors for having that concern! Still we know very little about her… and her sudden arrival, timed with this sudden announcement couldn’t have been at a worse time.”

“How many hoops do you expect her to go through,” asked Pamela. “She’s more than pulled her weight and you know it!!”

“I can’t tell you how to live your life, but this idea of unmasking on live television,” said Joey. “I’ve been down that road myself and putting the genie back in the bottle came at a heavy price and it almost destroyed my relationship with my daughter! I don’t wish for you go through any of that kind of pain.”

“Raz and Bezla are dead and my mother is a prisoner of HUSH inside the Zero-Zone,” said Pamela. “How much more pain is there? Helping Loraine become Empress and fulfilling Raz’s last request is all that’s keeping me going. You can attend the ceremony or not!”

“Is this what you want,” asked Joey.

“Yes,” said Pamela. “Loraine is a good person, even though she may have made some mistakes.”

“Mistakes,” he asked.

“Almorian business,” said Pamela as she thought about the Almorian spanking that Mighty Mom had received while over her sister’s lap. “That’s something I need to talk about with Loraine privately.”

Joey looked at the empty apartment. “You sure got this place emptied out fast.”

“Yeah,” said Pamela. “My sister Anna was a big help!”

“Your what..?!”

Pamela immediately bit her lip and then said, “It turns out I have both a brother and sister now! Hmmm.. I really should introduce them before the ceremony.”

“On who’s side of the family,” asked Joey.

“My mother’s,” she said blushing while already knowing what his next question was going to be.

“And who’s the father?!!”

“Well.. ummm... It’s like this Small-Fry,” Pamela started to explain. “Do you remember that funny story Mighty Mom told us about the alternate timeline when she last fought that OTHER Alpha Mom... Well, let’s say she came from there!! Mighty Mom found a way to save her and she exists now in this timeline.”

“So Black Lotus had a kid in an alternate timeline, so why are you avoiding...” as he thought of all the possibilities of whom Black Lotus might have been with. Other than the Knightman and her husband at the time, the only other person she shared a wink with was... himself.

“Zingers,” he said as he figured it out.

“Yeah, that’s what Anna said too,” said Pamela.

To be continued in
Web of Spider Vixen #35!
pizzanerd1 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2018
Love the story!!!
Kmon13 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2018  Student Artist
Nice to see you're writing again. Aside from that, I'm also glad to see that you have gotten around to showing Wonderboy he has another child in existence but I wonder what will happen when he finds out that the Wrath Family also knew about it but also kidnapped her and gave her the Shoveling speech.    

I also liked the way you had Carla send out that Video warning/ last stab at revenge against the circle to Alberta and what you did with Tiffany seemed like a better idea too.   

Still, it just proves I need to get back into writing myself which I've already started. 
JGalley0 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2018
I have an idea of how Wonderboy will meet Quinn. How should Wonderboy deal with Wrath? Well he won't be handling them alone as he has two potential aces in the hole, unless thing go badly when they find out about her, but regardless I'm slowly inching towards the fateful meeting between Anna and Wonderboy. I need to note you as I need information on another character of yours you often tease is out there...

This merely the tip of iceberg for what Carla has got planned for the Circle... provided she ever escapes from the Zero-Zone. Alberta's relationship with Tiffany is something I too wish to build on. She's innocent and pure, and maybe someone Alberta Franco can come to confide in and have a real friendship with that isn't an evil criminal. Not that Alberta will become an angel, she still wants revenge on Wonderboy by getting under his skin.
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