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With the signing of the Treaty of Bajor, the war with the Dominion came to an end in 2375 and the United Federation of Planets began the long, involved, torturous task of rebuilding and healing its wounds. Earth itself had faced the wrath of the Breen; Betazed had been occupied by the Jem’Hadar; Cardassia Prime had nearly been exterminated, and the Alpha Quadrant would show the scars of heavy combat for decades, if not centuries, to come. While peace with the Dominion was at hand, others transpired to take advantage of the weakened state of the major powers of the Alpha and Beta quadrants.

Just as the Federation thought things were beginning to return to normal, the Praetor and the Imperial Senate of the Romulan Star Empire were assassinated by agents of the former Reman slave, Shinzon; and once again the Fleet prepared for battle. Only the sacrifices of the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise, especially that of Commander Data, prevented another Earth/Romulan War.

The Grey Confederacy, who lived deep within the radiogenic conditions of the Briar Patch, were first encountered in the McAllister Nebula by the starship Devonshire during an engagement during the final push of the Dominion War. Eighteen months later, Captain Ian Knapp accepted command of Deep Space Twelve in the ‘Patch’, and the Federation soon found itself engaged in a five-year shooting war with the Confederacy for control over a network of ancient, mysterious, tetrahedron artifacts located throughout the nebulous “Briar Patch”.

Then it was Siroc; a mysterious individual of unknown origins or loyalties; who tried to gain control over those same tetrahedrons. Through his manipulations, the fleet assigned to DS12 found itself engaged in a shooting war with the Tholians, the Son’a, the Orion Syndicate, and several other minor allied powers. With Siroc’s plans defeated and the nebulous conditions of the Briar Patch destroyed forever, the Federation was able to drive the raiders and their allies from the area, and restore peace and justice to the region.

With peace finally at hand, the United Federation of Planets under President Se’from was more than ready to hang up its war-sabres; just as an urge request for military assistance came in from the Romulan Star Empire. A wormhole had opened in the Zeta Voltanis star system in the Beta Quadrant. With neither provocation nor explanation, monstrous battleships of a race identifying themselves as “Archeins” entered the system and destroyed the Romulan ships dispatched to investigate the anomaly. In an attempt to stop the invasion, the USS Odyssey was equipped with the latest-generation Romulan cloaking device and an experimental quantum slipstream engine using the remaining Omega resources of the tetrahedrons. The mission to destroy the Archein’s wormhole machine was successful, but at a terrible cost: Odyssey was forced to use its quantum core as a hyperdimensional bomb. The core’s destruction trapped the ship and crew impossibly far from home in the Andromeda Galaxy; 2.5million light-years from Earth.

With a temporary reprieve from the Archein invasion, the Federation and its allies once again began building up ships-of-war; the engineers of Utopia Planitia were also bringing to completion the Federation’s latest technological advancement. At 36 decks tall; more than 1,000m in length; equipped with Starfleet’s first non-omega-based quantum reactor to power its integrated slipstream drive; a bio-organic hull skin; multi-adaptive warp-field geometry nacelles; regenerative ablative armor; transwarp computer cores; automatic repair systems; and a plethora of other advanced technologies developed over the last fifteen years: the U.S.S. spaceQuest DSV promises to be the largest, fastest, most advanced starship ever constructed.

Only history will determine if its future is to be the most advanced deep space research vessel ever imagined… or the most powerful warship the galaxy has ever seen.
Here-in lies the teaser for the launch of the U.S.S. spaceQuest DSV (Deep Space Voyager), Starfleet Registry, NX-94600; capital ship of the Deep Space eXploration Carrier Group or DSXG-1.
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