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SpaceQuest Uniforms

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MCPoSF - Master Chief Petty Officer of Starfleet
MSgtMACO - Command Master Sergeant of MACO
S.C.I.S. - Starfleet Criminial Investigative Service
NonCom - Non Commissioned, ie - Enlisted
Space Patrol - The interstellar equivalent to the U.S. Coast Gaurd, but primarily for each planet. The enforcement arm of each member world's version of the FAA.

The Federation Army was disbanded, their dark royal blue being retired as well. Following the reactivation of the MACOs, it was decided to reuse the Royal Blue as a special dress uniform for Embassy Guards, and following President Bacco's assasination aboard the newly constructed (replacement) Deep Space Nine, the Presidential Protection Detail would also wear the same uniform.

The blue shoulder cord represents official function of the Federation Council, hence their use on SCIS & JAG as well as Embassy and PPD uniforms. SCIS, Embassy Guards and PPD members all wear Federation emblems on their shoulders, and the belt buckles on the dress uniforms all use a Federation Starfield instead of the Starfleet Chevron
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Love these! Especially the ones for the MACOs and Marines!
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Thank you. I can't claim full credit, the idea of using TWoK design as a dress uniform W inspired by SeanT's TerranEmpire designs. But integrating design elements from the US Marines dress blues for the MACOs was my idea.
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You're welcome.