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Norfolk Southen #3000

When Lumina Locomotives offered testing leases to America's Class 1 roads, Norfolk Southern took them up on it and even painted the lease unit into their colors at the Juniata Shops.

The ACE-3000-9 updates American Coal Enterprises' orignal ACE-3000 design, bringing it into the modern era.  PTC is integrated into the electronics cabinets, resulting in no visible array on top. The original design used many exhaust steam and hot water turbines to run the engine's accessories. The -9 variant uses a v12 diesel style block instead to turn an alternator. This provides electricity for all accessories as well as power for four traction motors located on the support unit's trucks.

The original fans proved to be too weak to provide sufficient cooling for the massive demands placed on the condensor. The use of EMD style Q fans takes advantage of the cowling's "ducted" effects to provide an increased airflow resulting in a larger vacuum effect within the carbody. Use of a modified GE fueltank allows for greatly increased water capacity onboard while also accommodating the massive main reservoirs for the locomotive.

The original drafting fans were quickly eroded from cinders and heat. In order to increase drafint capacity and reduce maintainence, the new designs use twin blowers to simulate the draft from steam. The external cowlings increase the drafting focus and result in the smoke being ejected from the carbody in a tighter stream, reducing the amount of smoke left in the path of passing trains.

Perhaps we'll eventually see sets of these working as helpers on Altoona's Horseshoe Curve?
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This is something i always wanted to see! :)