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Starting in 2013, (This Week in Tech) ran a 24-hour New Years Eve Celebration, Skype-ing in to each of the time zones across the planet. As this year's event drew closer, owner & chief twit Leo Laporte (of TechTV fame) decided he wanted to turn it into a fundraiser event.

It started out with a goal of $10,000 throughout the 24hr event. It VERY quickly grew to a $20k goal. Within 6hrs of the start, they were well past $13k! With a doctor's appt for my youngest grouper, I missed a few hours, but by the time I got home, they were well past $30,000! There was a goal set of $40k would get Leo to shave his head. That was rapidly met. Then they raised the stakes and offered up Leo's own hide.

Leo offered to get a tat if the TWiT army could raise 50k for the Unicef. When it got close enough that its possible to reach, they even offered to let the army design the tat. I was half done fleshing out my design (no pun intended) when they decided it was just gonna be the TWiT bug (logo).

I liked the idea of a fireball, but the TWiT logo is a base-blue design, so a standard orange flame wasn't really a good fit. But a blue fireball... that has possibilities. I did a standard google search and found a few descent ideas. But then I thought of the website. They are a sponsor of the TWiT network, or at least have been in the past, and TWiT has a membership to the site. So I went hunting. There I found a ying/yang style blue/orange fireball design soccer image.

Then I grabbed a TWiT logo from google and a UNICEF logo GIF. The twit bug was shrunk, the unicef logo was blasted orange and then shrunk. These were then placed over the soccerballs to block them out. Then using the same color scheme, I added in a couple hash tags to explain the link.
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