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American Muscle

American Locomotive Company produced this engine in 1920 for export. Never leaving America's shores, the engine was eventually purchased by the Boyne City Railroad in Michigan. Re-tubed and put in storage when the railroad dieselized, it was purchased by the Arcade & Attica Railroad in 1962.

It entered passenger excursion service in 1962 and in only one month pulled pulled trains loaded down with a total of 17,000 passengers. It continued in service until 2000 when it underwent overhaul to bring it into compliance with FRA regulations on steam engines.

In May of 2008 the engine steamed proudly back to operation and restored steam excursions on the Arcade & Attica Railroad, hopefully for a long time to come.

Before closing its doors, American Locomotive Co, shortened to "Alco", would produce some remarkable diesel engines, including the ones used to move the large "crawler-transporter" that carried the Apollo Saturn 5 moon rockets to the launch pad, and today are used to carry the Shuttles for launch.

A true piece of American history, the steam engines were THE first example of American Muscle, long before Detroit came on the scene. Before the end of steam, American builders would build locomotives capable for generating more than 7,400hp; travel in excess of 110mph in regular passenger service; and move 160-car coal trains weighing in excess of 14,000 tons.
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Just curious great picture
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I presume you live in new York
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