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I've been interested in computers, science, & technology since I was old enough to learn. I started my love-affair with learning with trains. That then matured into learning the science behind the operations of steam locomotives. Simultaneously, I developed a strong interest in the space program; I can remember being devastated by the loss of Challenger... even though I would only be turning five years old that coming July. By the time i was seven, I was determined to make the trip to Space Camp, a goal I finally saved up for in 1991.

Space technology science lead to an interest in what is known as astrophysics.. the study of stars, their formation, evolution and death and their affects on the structure of surrounding space. This then lead to an interest in nuclear physics as a result of the subatomic reactions at the cores of stars and then into Quantum Mechanics as I studied things like black holes and quasars.

Today I still love to learn. I listen to podcasts on computers, science & technology. My love of trains has been supplemented by my love of history. This has become an interest in Industrial Archaeology.

Info regarding other aspects of my life (ie, job, kids & marriage,) can be found at FaceBook or Google Plus, both linked to from my About.Me page below:

Favourite Movies
Star Trek: First Contact
Favourite TV Shows
NCIS; Burn Notice; seaQuest DSV
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Alabama; Lee Greenwood
Favourite Books
The Heritage Trilogy
Favourite Writers
Ian Douglas
Favourite Games
Ascendancy; Starcraft; StarCraft II; Railroad Tycoon
Favourite Gaming Platform
x86 Architecture
Tools of the Trade
MSPaint, PSP v5 & X5: AlleyCode & CodeAnyWhere: LibreOffice, AndroOffice & Notepad
Other Interests
Technology: Railroad, Computer & Space - Science: Computers, Nuclear Physics, Astrophysics & Quantum Mechanics


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Full disclosure: Altoona-based locomotive engineer & steam enthusiast.

I find the composition well thought out, bypassing the more popular shooting site to the "east" of your current spot.

Clouds, foliage immediately behind the engine and some clouds laser crisp & sharp. However the top portion of the boiler, around the steam & sand domes appears a bit soft. In all fairness, that may be the engine itself, not the picture: the coal dust & soot on top would matte the appearance while much of the rest of the engine remains glossy, this combination could create the illusion of softness. I don't think this detracts from the image, but it certainly doesn't add to it.

As for the composition, I can certainly appreciate the desire to get the rods down; a shot I took the week before as she backed into the Altoona Yard, I messed up the timing by a fraction of a second; however I think I might have waited a second longer to get the further along the line providing a more direct side-on shot.

But then again, I have unique image preferences and I admit many of my own pictures suffer because of it.

All in all, its a very well composed picture and I appreciate the opportunity to view it. Thank you for helping to capture the memory of that wonderful couple of weeks.
Climbing the curve
Hey, its been a while, but a small update.

I've run my foundry many times, so far producing just pure aluminum ingots, but learning how to make each burn more efficient. I'm currently in the market for property to open an actual foundry business.

If you would like more information, and are on Facebook, you can search my DA username over there and it will bring up my personal profile, but you can also search for "JDG Industries" and find my maker projects page which has a lot of information on projects I've made lately.
If you have Facebook, feel free to say hello there. If you search for my user id, it WILL bring up my profile.
Military Action/Combat Operations - UFP M.A.C.O.'s
The Next Voyage. My fanfic had originally been TUV or The Ultimate Voyage, but I decided that seemed kinda final.