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Star Trek: The Next Voyage - Prelude by jgallaway81, literature


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My Bio
I've been interested in computers, science, & technology since I was old enough to learn. I started my love-affair with learning with trains. That then matured into learning the science behind the operations of steam locomotives. Simultaneously, I developed a strong interest in the space program; I can remember being devastated by the loss of Challenger... even though I would only be turning five years old that coming July. By the time i was seven, I was determined to make the trip to Space Camp, a goal I finally saved up for in 1991.

Space technology science lead to an interest in what is known as astrophysics.. the study of stars, their formation, evolution and death and their affects on the structure of surrounding space. This then lead to an interest in nuclear physics as a result of the subatomic reactions at the cores of stars and then into Quantum Mechanics as I studied things like black holes and quasars.

Today I still love to learn. I listen to podcasts on computers, science & technology. My love of trains has been supplemented by my love of history. This has become an interest in Industrial Archaeology.

Info regarding other aspects of my life (ie, job, kids & marriage,) can be found at FaceBook or Google Plus, both linked to from my About.Me page below:

Favourite Movies
Star Trek: First Contact
Favourite TV Shows
NCIS; Burn Notice; seaQuest DSV
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Alabama; Lee Greenwood
Favourite Books
The Heritage Trilogy
Favourite Writers
Ian Douglas
Favourite Games
Ascendancy; Starcraft; StarCraft II; Railroad Tycoon
Favourite Gaming Platform
x86 Architecture
Tools of the Trade
MSPaint, PSP v5 & X5: AlleyCode & CodeAnyWhere: LibreOffice, AndroOffice & Notepad
Other Interests
Technology: Railroad, Computer & Space - Science: Computers, Nuclear Physics, Astrophysics & Quantum Mechanics
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There are those who would consider the Federation to be socialist at best, communistic at worst. But the simple reality is that the United Federation of Planets was born from Earth being forced to go it alone in 2155 when the Coalition of Planets collapsed in the face of the Romulan threat. A lone wolf was forced to wage war against a dynamic, militaristic oppressive threat to everyone. But only United Earth and her Starfleet stepped up to the plate and waged the battles necessary to bring the Romulan threat to heal, with enough force to negotiate the treaty that ended the war on terms fairly positive for Earth following the Romulan defeat a
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So by now many of you will be familiar with Grant Thompson, better known as "The King of Random" (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thekingofrandomfanpage   Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/thekingofrandom ). If you haven't seen the video "Melting Cans With The Mini Metal Foundry", then you seriously need to jump through that link and spend the best 5 minutes of your life with your kid in your lap. Even my 3yo loves this movie and idea. Okay, now that you are back and have seen the movie, you might realize this doesn't look that complicated. And with the video on how to make the foundry, it gets even easier. Yesterday I started my foundry,
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Okay, first off, an update. In my last post you will remember that I reported the death of my external 2terabyte Western Digital USB3.0 "MyPassport" data drive with ALL my data being completely destroyed. More than twenty years of creative arts lost and more than two thousand pictures of my kids over the years gone. As you will recall, I reported that the actual hard drive's motherboard did NOT include a SATA port, but "featured" the USB3.0 (micro) port natively on the drive controller board. When the USB controller failed, there was no way to get around that to recover the data. That happened in early-to-mid January. With my annual engineer
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Happy Birthday Man!
No one has officially greeted you on dA after all these years? :O

Well, welcome to dA. :bucktooth:
Apparently not? But thanks for the official welcome. I will have to admit I have a bad habit of grabbing my username and then not becoming an active member of a site for a few years.