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Equelon Weaponry Solutions proudly introduces the TAS 12 R. Designed for crowd control, the TAS 12 Riot variant stands out from its sisters. The first TAS 12 R were used during the Chartrott riots and proved to be up to the task. When shields and thunderbolt clouds fail, the 12 goes in scene. 

All TAR 12 R shotguns come painted in a blue and yellow livery to be easily identified as a less lethal weapon. It features a shock resistant stock which plays a double role; to provide the operator with a stable surface for aiming, and to be used as a blunt weapon for self defense. The 12 R also features a shield attachment point. Other of the most significant differences between the R variant and the other TAS 12s is the C02 canister attached under the grip. This is necessary as the low powered shells used do not generate enough force to pull the slide back, providing the weapon with less recoil.
The two main issues are the increased weight and the dependency on the C02 canister.

The TAR 12 R can use two types of non lethal ammunition; the patented "Stinger" beanbag shell, which is loaded with big plastic pellets intended for incapacitating hostile targets, and the patented "Cooler" shells, which shoot several small pepper balls that release pepper powder upon impact, causing severe irritation to eye and throat tissue.

Technical information.

Weapon type: Less lethal shotgun
Weight: 4500 grams
Length: 886 milimeters
Effective range: 25 meters
Firing modes: Semi-automatic
Caliber:12 gauge
Capacity: 7 shells
Feeding system: Internal tube

Every Equelon Weaponry Solutions product is assembled in the Kingdom of Equestria and exclusively produced for Law Enforcement, Military or Private Security use only. The sell of EWS products to the general public is strictly forbidden. The export of any AWS product outside the Kingdom of Equestria without the prior consent of the authorities is prohibited. 

Equelon Weaponry Solutions is a subsidiary of the JFXAM Corporation

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