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(EWS) TAS 12 (Blueprint)

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Equelon Weaponry Solutions proudly introduces the TAS-12. The Tactical Assault Shotgun has being developed specifically to fulfil law enforcement and military CQB scenarios, although with the use of slug shells, this weapon is able to pack a powerful punch at medium range as well. Unlike traditional shotguns, which are pump action, heavy and have fixed stocks, the TAS 12 is made of enchanted kevlar, providing the gun with a high durability and low weight. 

The TAS 12 also features a semi automatic firing mechanism, a 5 position retractable stock, and a rail on top to mount attachments.

Technical information.

Weapon type: Shotgun
Weight: 2500 grams
Length: 886 milimeters
Effective range: 50 meters (buckshot ammunition)
                        150 meters (slug ammunition)

Firing modes: Semi-automatic
Caliber:12 gauge
Capacity: 7 shells
Feeding system: Internal tube

Every Equelon Weaponry Solutions product is assembled in the Kingdom of Equestria and exclusively produced for Law Enforcement, Military or Private Security use only. The sell of EWS products to the general public is strictly forbidden. The export of any AWS product outside the Kingdom of Equestria without the prior consent of the authorities is prohibited. 

Equelon Weaponry Solutions is a subsidiary of the JFXAM Corporation

 You are free to download this image for personal use ONLY. You cannot upload it anywhere else, edit it, remove my watermark or modify the file in any way without contacting me first. 
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Cool design and I like the winter style trigger guard, but it looks like it could use a bit of a thicker pistol grip, I imagine that would cut into your hand quite a bit
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It's designed for ponies so...
oh, ok. Does it grab it in its mouth, or have it attached to reins or something?
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Not sure, JFXAM care to explain? I assume it's hoof fired
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@BROFISTICUSMAXIMUS Yep. It's hoof fired (the pony stands on its hind legs and uses the front legs, as a human would operate a gun. Also, we are not talking about normal ponies here) but yeah, I feel like the grip should be a bit thicker, specially the rear part. Thanks for the feedback! :D