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Equelon Weaponry Solutions proudly introduces the SMG-9. Chambered in 9mm Parabellum, this compact submachine gun excels in both close range encounters and urban warfare.
Its lightweight, versatility, compactness and high rate of fire with manageable recoil has made this the weapon of choice of many law enforcement agencies, as well as the Equestrian Armed Forces.

This weapon features three firing modes; semi-automatic, three round burst and fully automatic, being fed by a 30 round magazine that provides plenty of firepower.

The textured grip, stock, and hoofguard are specifically designed for ease of grasp from both magic and non-magic users, and provide a superb firing experience. While the stock is not detachable in this model, (except for maintenance) the rear iron sight can be removed and a tactical rail expansion can be installed on top of the receiver, allowing the installation of a variety of accessories. 

Technical information.

Weapon type: Submachine gun
Weight:  2500 grams
Length: 680 millimeters
Muzzle velocity:  1,300 meters/second
Effective range: 200 meters
Firing modes: Semi, 3 round burst, full auto
Caliber: 9x19 Parabellum
Capacity: 30 rounds / 15 rounds
Feeding system: magazine. 

Every Equelon Weaponry Solutions product is assembled in the Kingdom of Equestria and exclusively produced for Law Enforcement, Military or Private Security use only. The sell of EWS products to the general public is strictly forbidden. The export of any AWS product outside the Kingdom of Equestria without the prior consent of the authorities is prohibited. 

Equelon Weaponry Solutions is a subsidiary of the JFXAM Corporation

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