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EWS SDAO Blueprint

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Equelon Weaponry Solutions proudly introduces the Smart Digital Adquisition Optic, or SDAO for short. The SDAO is a double optic that features a variable zoom scope, that uses a large number of small 4k cameras instead of lenses, providing with x30 augmentation zoom and a usefull, fully custmizable interface, that displays a useful wide range of data, as such as the distance between the SDAO and the target, the bearing, the windage, elevation and so on. 

The secondary viewport does not provide with magnification, but has a reticle and displays other useful information, as such as the current firing mode, an ammunition counter and the weapon's temperature.

The SDAO is equipped with black, white and red thermal visualization modes, as well as night vision. It also features a built in Infrared (IR) laser pointer.

Both viewports are fully customizable, and several presets can be configured using the dials. A more extensive customization can be done using a EWS MFTD.

Every Equelon Weaponry Solutions product is assembled in the Kingdom of Equestria and exclusively produced for Law Enforcement, Military or Private Security use only. The sell of EWS products to the general public is strictly forbidden. The export of any AWS product outside the Kingdom of Equestria without the prior consent of the authorities is prohibited. 

Equelon Weaponry Solutions is a subsidiary of the JFXAM Corporation

 You are free to download this image for personal use ONLY. You cannot upload it anywhere else, edit it, remove my watermark or modify the file in any way without contacting me first.
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