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June 19, 2007
"Beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, swifter than Mercury, and stronger than Hercules." Wonder Woman is a jaw-dropping, stunning capture of the legendary amazonian princess. A wonderful mixture of warm and cool tones and an airy style brings her graceful strength to life. Don't miss out on the rest of ~jFury's incredible gallery!
Featured by y2jenn
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Wonder Woman

haven't done a digital piece of her in a few years, so thought I'd give it a whirl :)

edit: wow, a daily deviation...thanks for the comments everyone!
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MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Sexy and beatiful work on her
manumane's avatar
I like the softness of her shape, and the inner quiet force we can feel inside her. Very good job indeed ! :clap: :love: her
Shulkie's avatar
This is a beautiful pic and very elegant pose of Diana.
You did a damn fine job and deserve all the credit due. :handshake:
PatCarlucci's avatar
Not sure how I ever missed this one... but I love it Joe Joe!
Prosephone's avatar
what a ridiculous outfit other than that nice
gwdill's avatar
Amazing artwork! I would love to see you put your talent toward one o' my ladies Airheart [link] , Swordplay [link] ,or Radiance [link]
jussta's avatar
Hello :wave: Your art was featured in Comic Hero_Wonder Woman article [link]
Have a nice day :)
legmuscle's avatar
That's some good Wonder Woman.
gwdill's avatar
Great work! Love to see your talent on my characters sometime! Keep rockin'!
jrh161's avatar
FrancineDelgado's avatar
Oh wow!! I really love this piece, your hole gallery is so beautiful i love the colors.
The-Numb-Skull's avatar
I like this Wonder Woman drawing. She doesn't look too big, too muscle-ie, or too skinny. She falls into that "just right" category of looking beautiful but strong. Great work!
LadyKnightDianna's avatar
very realistic lookingand also very beautiful picture. great job.
RNABrandEnt's avatar
The use of color lighting and shading in this is really well done.

Nice piece.

Ellocobruja's avatar
You should really make this one avalible in prints.
jadedphotogoddess's avatar
i love wonder woman!! great job!
oheysteenz's avatar
ooh! very nice! the colors are really pretty, and the lighting is cool too. I do like wonder woman.
organic-angel's avatar
It looks like a watercolor, it's very pretty!

You also make Wonderwoman look majestic, strong and beautiful!
tenko72's avatar
Ooh, nice! I like how her lasso of truth shines like that.
The1Blur's avatar
Love my WOMAN!!
Ederoi's avatar
This is incredibly awesome :D
AthenaTT's avatar
Well, anything that Jenn has labled "as wise as Athena" is pretty darn cool if you ask me. *grin* Great art you have here. ^__~
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