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Hack Slash: MFM 1 pencils

Thanks again to everyone who favorited and commented on my cover of Cassie for "Hack/Slash: my first maniac 1" due out through Image in June. There seemed to be a lot of interest in my process and it's been far too long since I posted some "before" shots so here are the pencils I used to color for the cover.

I drew a small version on typing paper to get the positions of Cassie's features down. Then I scanned that in, blew it up a little, and printed it in blue on grey toned paper. Next, I rendered it in graphite and white chalk pastel until I had all the darks and lights how i wanted them. Finally, I scanned it in and colored it in photoshop. The coloring portion was just layering colors, gradients, adjustments, etc. until I liked what I saw. I think I actually did a couple finished versions before I really new what I was looking for...the first version was a severe all blue thing that made for a good horror vibe, but I finally decided the image would benefit from something softer and more delicate (a contrast from the character's usual tough demeanor).

Anyway, hope that answers some questions! Thanks again for all the support.
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You are amazing!  Love your work.