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Jake Fraser
United Kingdom
School's out for summer and Sasha is waiting for her Dad to come and pick her up. She watched everyone else get into their parents car and driving of down the road to the holidays. She began to think about ice cream, barbecues and parties.

'Hey there, Sash!' Someone cried out from behind.

Sasha turned around to find her friend, Krista, running up to her.

'Waiting on your Dad again?'

'Yeah. Late as usual.' The brunette said nonchalant.

'Well I would offer you a lift but, Ymir is picking me up today.' The blonde girl stated.

A large grin appeared on Sasha's face. 'Oh, really? Why is that?'

Krista began looking at the ground, blushing. 'Well if you must know. She is also taking me out for dinner tonight.'

'Oh that is totally AWESOME!' Sasha jumped in the air in joy. When she landed she grabbed her  small friend in her arms, swinging her around in circles. This caused Krista to giggle. Sasha was so happy that her and Ymir were finally a couple after years of beating around the bush.

'I'm so happy for you!' Sasha squealed.

'Okay, calm down!' Krista giggled as Sasha finally released the petite blond from her grasp.

'Sorry. It's just that you and Ymir- I'm so happy for you both!' She danced from side to side.

Krista changed the subject. 'By the way, did you get my invitation to the party?'

'Of course!' Sasha declared, as she reached into her pocket and lifted a big fancy card that read: REISS SUMMER PARTY 2016.

'Everything is set for my GREAT TREK to the INFAMOUS Reiss mansion. Where the well known tales of MIGHTY FEASTS-'

'I'll take that as a yes.' Krista interrupted, while looking around at the various students turning their heads towards the sudden loud voice.

'As long as there is hot dogs, it will always be a yes from me.' Smiled Sasha.

'Speaking of hot dogs...' Krista said in a fake seductive way. A clear sign she was getting into girl-talk mode. Sasha gave Krista the normal odd look to her of a dog tilting its head slightly in confusion, as this is something Krista rarely does with her.

'Taking anybody in particular?' She winked at the poor dolt.

'What do you mean?' Sasha replied innocently.

'Well, how do I put this?' She placed her hand on her chin sarcastically, as if she was in deep thought. 'Mikasa is with Eren, Annie is with Bertolt, and Ymir is with me. Sooo...'

'So?' Sasha continued, still not quite catching her drift.

'What about you and Connie?' She raised her eyebrows.

'What about Connie?' Sasha squinted back.

Krista let out a huge sigh and become blunt with her. 'How about you and Connie come to the party together as a couple?'

'WHAT? Are you serious? Nah...!' Sasha snorted much to Krista' confusion.

'Me and baldy are best friends and always have been. Never dates!' Sasha said in an almost disgusted tone.

'But I thought you and Connie would make a great couple.' Krista replied disappointed that her head-canon was no longer reality.

'Nah. I'm not being nasty, but Connie is the exact opposite my type of man! He would be the first to tell you.'

It was because of what Sasha said that made something in Krista' mind click. An almost mischievous grin appeared on her some-what innocent face.

Sasha was afraid. 'What are you thinking, Ms. Reiss?!'

Krista let open her mind. 'I was just wondering who exactly is your type?'


Sasha knew that Krista was almost a perfect matchmaker. She was good at hooking up people, with the right people. One of her traits included finding out someone's tastes and giving them a possible candidate to hook up with. So, Sasha knew it was almost a matter of time, until Krista found a match.

She waited in silence as the human matchmaking calculator smiled and nodded her head toward a crowd.

'What about Armin Arlert?'

Sasha straightened up and turned around to find Armin walking through the crowd with Eren. He was always easy to spot with his fair hair and blue eyes.

They both finally got out of the crowds and Sasha realised they were both heading her way. Armin then went from listening to Eren's frustration of the day to lifting his head to eye-level and mouthed 'Hi' to Sasha. Sasha nodded and watched her match walk down the school road.

'Huh?' Sasha said to herself. Krista walked over to Sasha and gave her nudge in the side to snap her back into reality.

'Well am I right or am I right?' The small blonde looked at the blushed brunette.

Sasha had to say something. 'I...I don't see it.'

'Well, you and him are always hanging around with each other after school.'

'That's to help with my shitty homework.' Sasha fired back. Then a thought finally entered her tinker-box; HOMEWORK! QUICK! CHANGE THE SUBJECT!

'Speaking of which, Mr. Shadis has given me a hell of a lot of to work on during the summer break. I'll never have much fun with that hanging over my head!'

'Well, you can always ask Armin for help, can you?' Krista smirked.

Damn! She knows!

A car pulled up beside the two girls and the automatic window came down. Sitting in the driver's seat was the freaked brunette, Ymir wearing her kick-ass sunglasses. She turned to stare at Krista and smiled at her goddess. 'You ready for a ride, short stuff?'

Krista giggled with a blush, turning to Sasha.

'Well that’s my cue and remember: you can bring ANYONE along.' She teased. 'I'll text you later.'

She hurriedly walked to the car. Once in, the car sped away down into the distant. Sasha was left all alone. She got out her phone and opened the contact list.

Where are you?

Stuck in traffic. 5-10 min tops. :(

I have ice cream. :)



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