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Naruto Christmas ornament

Pitty my life is always in a slowed down End....

i made this christmas ornaments for the contest but never got the time to actually uplode it .....the time was gone!!! so any ways if not today there will b another day ....
but ya a simple spear do some layer styling tweaks withe inner shadow inner glow and by use of grey shades u can come up with a magick like this !!!! the 9tail logo was a pain to extract and make it smooth enough for my liking from the cartoon ....! wish some one had alread y done this but its all done hope you ppl like it
give me ur coments on it cause i was looking forward to the coments from the contest judges ....! pitty me


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Dude is that cool!!! You should actually make one tho. ^^ And can I suggest one? If you haven't already done it yet...perhaps a red one with the Sharigan? Or even a light purple one with Sasuke's curse seal? Okay I'ma shut up now....
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only one problemm! i have able to make the nine tail seal my self but i dont have any good SHARINGUN LOGOES! if i can find one i shell make for ur request!
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This is lovely!!!!Too bad you didnt get it in the competition!!
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AAAA i am not worried cause it wouldent look thatreal if i were to size it down to 50 by 50 pixels!!! u like it big!!! it looks real
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Yes, its lovely!
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that is so cool :clap:
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Cool. Is this just an actual object, or something made in Photoshop?
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Photoshop my friend!!! i worked my ass oh to make this look REal!
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Then congradulate you, good job!
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