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CV6lzQ5WwAIsSAz by jfonline

The 2nd figure photo contest from Figure Photo Studio has begun, this time the theme is COLORS!
Click here for more information about the contest

Selected qualifiers will be featured on the 5th FIGLOVE Photobook!

Feel free to ask if you have any question about it
Good luck and have fun ~

The first 20 people that comment wanting to be on this journal will be featured below and I'll choose three deviations I like most from their gallery!!!

  • If you comment, you MUST to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (me) and three pieces of my art on the first place.
  • The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

  FPS: Nero Jeevas by Sakon04  Miku On:Air by Sakon04  Lunch Break by Sakon04

Nero by default xP

:iconcachal: 2. cachal

<da:thumb id="566525154"/> <da:thumb id="567111103"/> <da:thumb id="566932318"/>

:icony-llia: 3. Y-llia

Waiting for xmas by Y-llia  Yakusoku by Y-llia  Kaika by Y-llia

:iconinsanehipsterteto: 4. InsaneHipsterTeto

<da:thumb id="563958042"/> <da:thumb id="563826427"/> <da:thumb id="563775690"/>

:iconnlia2269: 5. nlia2269

Karakuri Pierrot by nlia2269  Tomoko Sit by nlia2269  Nintendo by nlia2269


Nero x Axent Wear by chroneco  Nero Jeevas LINE Sticker by chroneco

Do you use LINE and also have Nero stickers ? Thank you so much!
She was drew by chroneco

Commission InfoPRICE LIST [Closed until October]

Chibi Fullbody

Price: 20$-25$ / character (depending on the complexity)
Canvas Size: 1500x1500px to 2500x2500px
Includes: .png file(s), .psd file(s)

Chibi Sticker
Simple headshot chibi
Price: 15$ (1) / 25$ (2) / 35$ (3) / 45$ (4)
Canvas Size: 1000x1000px
Includes:  .png file(s), .psd file(s)

Other samples:
Nero Jeevas
Dota2 Sticker - Compilation
Chibi Rainmeter Skin
Simple headshot rainmeter skin
Price: 20$-30$ / skin  (depen

He is currently opening a commission, don't miss your chance to have a cute chibi from him!
*still waiting for my turn lol*

Here are the new commission done recently xD

Nero Jeevas by The-PuddingKing 
Me, Karidzka & nikicorny will be at Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014!
Do come & check us out at the Creators Hub booth C57!

C1 by jfonline
C2 by jfonline
C3 by jfonlineC4 by jfonline
Alice's Tea Party by nikicorny  Punishment Time! by nikicorny  Kotobukiya Nymph by nikicorny

Super Sonico Fell Asleep by kixkillradio  Asuna and Kirito: Sweet Kiss under the mistletoe by kixkillradio  Lappy Mode by kixkillradio
Saber Alter Vortigern by kixkillradio <da:thumb id="414748511"/> <da:thumb id="421101904"/>

my jamming buddy by Etherien  LILY x MIKU by Etherien  Death Duel by Etherien
Feline Overload by Etherien  Check out my new ride! by Etherien  Gakupo the eggplant rider by Etherien

A fairy in the garden by HunterX-v2  Angel Miku by HunterX-v2  Come in peace with me by HunterX-v2
Halloween Princess by HunterX-v2  Field of Sakura by HunterX-v2  Remebering... by HunterX-v2

World is mine by Bellechan  Yuri Lowell by Bellechan  Flynn Scifo by Bellechan
Oh happy day by Bellechan  Joyful walk [photo-request] by Bellechan  Relaxing [photo request] by Bellechan

[1/12scale] School Gate Set (Brick Type) and Madok by wata1219  [figma 200] Miku Hatune ver2.0 (10) by wata1219  Snow Miku: Strawberry White Kimono Ver.(2) by wata1219
[figma,RAH,HAF] Madoka Kaname (1) by wata1219  Action figure : Sayaka Miki (1) by wata1219  [Gift] Fate Testarossa: Swimsuit Ver. (7) by wata1219

Back to school ! by Odessa-Himijo  Morning sun. by Odessa-Himijo  I'll take you home, all of you. by Odessa-Himijo
Her lovely smile. by Odessa-Himijo  Cheese ! by Odessa-Himijo  You're not alone. by Odessa-Himijo

Black and White~ by xIGetUm  White Angel~ by xIGetUm  Master of Death~ by xIGetUm
Double the Blades~ by xIGetUm  Don't Fire~ by xIGetUm  The Overseer~ by xIGetUm

My Dearest by Provoltion  A Very Grateful Little Blue Toy by Provoltion  A walk on outside by Provoltion
The Warmth of Dusk by Provoltion  Let's Go, Funnell. by Provoltion  Hmmm hmmm hmmmm~ by Provoltion

GOLD SAINT tajador no eiji by dejivrur  flight by dejivrur  ikuze BATTLEHOPPER by dejivrur
cyclone side by dejivrur  joker side by dejivrur  SHF Limited Skull Crystal by dejivrur

2013.04 Lily by KiraAkuma92  2013.08 Be Happy 3/4 by KiraAkuma92  2013.02 Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid 1 by KiraAkuma92
2013.07 We are One by KiraAkuma92  2013.12 Lily Chan by KiraAkuma92  2013.04 The Flower Princess 5 by KiraAkuma92


Now.... KISS!!!! by artlim21  AAAYYYIIIEEE!!!! by artlim21  Insane BRS... Know the Difference by artlim21
CHEERS! by artlim21  Saber's New Clothes by artlim21  Banana?.... Melona~~~~ by artlim21

<da:thumb id="428536348"/> <da:thumb id="418522305"/> <da:thumb id="420874639"/>
<da:thumb id="426985838"/> <da:thumb id="418522610"/> <da:thumb id="426985461"/>

Forever in Love by Martim  Goddess by Martim  The Ones That Fell by Martim
Beauty of Youth by Martim  With Love and a Smile by Martim  As the Waves Forsake Me by Martim

Stages Of Madoka by Yami-Usagi  Pumpkin by Yami-Usagi  You Said I Wasn't Heavy by Yami-Usagi
Forest Sake by Yami-Usagi  Beach Saber 2 by Yami-Usagi  Bridal Portrait by Yami-Usagi

:thumb302133175: :thumb347388782: :thumb244605129:
:thumb291260254: :thumb260165820: :thumb269657489:


Glow by ahnpan  Cemetery Visit by ahnpan  Death By Neko by ahnpan
Miku's Nyans by ahnpan  Love is... by ahnpan  A Lonely King's Throne by ahnpan

Hi! If you get the chance to go to AFA13, please visit us at booth C47 - FPS x Squash

Don't forget to save the image (above) to your phone, show it to us and you'll get an additional limited Sakura Miku A3 poster for the first 30 purchases of Figure Photo Studio items.

Us? Karidzka & nikicorny also will be there at AFA13!

See you there! xD

- coming soon -
One year has passed since AFAID 2012 and now here we go again! xD

:iconkaridzka: :iconnikicorny: :iconkodomut: :iconkixkillradio:

You can find their works on Figure Photo Studio @ AFAID 2013 Creators Hub booth #27 from 6 - 8 September 2013
And here are some of the list:

See you there ~
Hehe it's been a while..
I guess this is my turn for another journal about inactivity apologize lol

So how about last week Wonder Festival Summer 2013? [link] [link] [link]
Can't wait for Miku Senbonzakura ver. [link], Nendoroid Yukari Yakumo [link] and Kirino Wedding Dress ver. [link] xD

If you have a wish which wonfes figures you want to see the photos, you can vote it here [link]

Anyway.. Miku Photobook is ready!

Thank you very much for your support!
The photobook already shipped last week, hope all of you enjoy it xD

Have a viva happy day ~
  • Listening to: Mitchie M feat. Hatsune Miku - Viva Happy
  • Watching: Summer Anime 2013
  • Playing: Dragon Crown &amp; Danganronpa!

The schedule for Anime Festival Asia Indonesia & Singapore announced!

AFAID 6,7,8 September 2013 JCC
AFASG 8,9,10 November 2013 Suntec

Anyone will go there? xD
Tenshi by Karidzka Ignis by Karidzka Charlotte by Karidzka
Nagato Drossel suit by Karidzka Elwing - Xecty by Karidzka Shironeko by Karidzka

Final Glow by nikicorny Early Christmas by nikicorny fireflies garden by nikicorny
HSP Miku by nikicorny Madokami by nikicorny The Princess by nikicorny

happy to serve you ^^ by Etherien Tohsaka Rin -UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS- by Etherien She loves kitties too! by Etherien
Let's visit the festival together... by Etherien Laboratory Member 004 by Etherien lunch with my lion by Etherien

Cuteness Overload by Bellechan Hatsune Miku HSP ver. by Bellechan Natsume Rin by Bellechan
Bed of Roses - Luka ver. by Bellechan That butler, Merry Christmas by Bellechan Thank you! by Bellechan

A taste of Yellow by HunterX-v2 Insane by HunterX-v2 Serenity by HunterX-v2
Testing a Bazooka by HunterX-v2 Graceful Miku by HunterX-v2 Heart by HunterX-v2

[figma 110+165] Super Madoka (1) by wata1219 Ultimate Madoka (2) by wata1219 [figma] Puella Magi Madoka Magical uniform ver. by wata1219
[figma] Racing Miku 2012 ver. (2) by wata1219 [figma 118] Mami Tomoe (11) by wata1219 Lay-up shoot by wata1219

:thumb302133175: :thumb347388782: :thumb244605129:
:thumb291260254: :thumb260165820: :thumb269657489:

So popular.... by edhutschek Queen of the hill by edhutschek Pole-Position by edhutschek
Heavy Rain by edhutschek Shattered Dreams by edhutschek Drop that Stuff by edhutschek

dakishimete by silkhat Sunset by silkhat Disaster in England by silkhat
Project Diva by silkhat Kyouko-san by silkhat Fragments by silkhat

Cute Nano has a message for you. by Odessa-Himijo Beware the Nyan. by Odessa-Himijo Master and valets. by Odessa-Himijo
Negative temperatures. by Odessa-Himijo You know you want it! by Odessa-Himijo Ayase by Odessa-Himijo

Forward! by qrullgx13 10th Package by qrullgx13 Ikimashou by qrullgx13
Finish And Start by qrullgx13 Shy Shy Cat by qrullgx13 Lonely by qrullgx13

Dakkadakkadakka... by xIGetUm Light Show~ by xIGetUm Alternate Persona~ by xIGetUm
Don't worry.. they don't bite.. by xIGetUm White Beauty~ by xIGetUm Devine Righteousness VS Sadistic Insanity by xIGetUm

Super Sonico in a Music Studio by kixkillradio Happy Birthday Azunyan by kixkillradio K-On Happy Halloween by kixkillradio
Playful Taiga Kindergarten by kixkillradio BGS and STR: Up up and away by kixkillradio Chi Sweet Home with Azunyan by kixkillradio

Snow Miku 2014 Costume Design Winner

Snow Miku 2014 Pet Design Winner

Nendoroid Racing Miku: 2013 ver.…
*images update*

Release: October 2013

My page at Tokyo Otaku Mode
It's very rare where website username registration can only have 2 letters ( JF )
Usually minimum 3 letters, so sometimes I have JFx as nickname xD

Real Action Heroes Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- F
with 29.5 cm height!! :la:
Release: January 2014
Price: 23,900 yen

For Indonesian watcher, next week we'll have event at Jakarta HobbyFest…

Don't forget to save this image to your phone and show it to us at event, see you there ~

"1,715 Badges sent, 336 Badges received"
Just let me know if you haven't received llama from me :D

Nendoroid Snow Miku 2014 costume design contest announced!
This time with Magical Girl & Pet theme xD
As usual the 1st winner will become Nendoroid!
Here's the contest…

My Precious by jfonline Snow Miku 2012 - Fluffy Coat ver.

Me or strawberry? by jfonline Snow Miku 2013 - Strawberry White Kimono ver.

Character Vocal Series: Earphone Jack Accessories…
Preordered this for my smartphone x3
Released on August 2013 for 4.000 yen (contains 8 pieces, 2 random)
You can preorder it here……

"Tsundere Miku" featured at Tokyo Otaku Mode…

Alphamax Vocaloid Character Series 01 Hatsune Miku - Lamp Miku feat. CatFish…

Finally, new Miku line from Alphamax!
Usually Alphamax produce swimsuit figures and Miku figures mostly produced by Good Smile Company.

Lovely art by ulenardis a.k.a. CatFish, the creator of Rainbow Miku

Rainbow MIKU by ulenardis

The figure will be released on late Oct 2013 for 3.800 yen
You can preorder it here…

Baito by jfonline

And thank you for the DD, watch, comment and fave!
Sorry for the late / random reply, 3.500+ messages still hanging on the top bar xD
Hi, it's been 3 months since i start submitting my photos in here, deviantART
I really enjoy my stay in here xD
Thank you very much to all my watchers, all the faves and wonderful comments.

Also thank you to :iconsilkhat: :iconchroneco: :iconxemera-draws: :iconxxtornadoxx: :iconfusaex3: :iconimmortalangelsanctum: :iconalexfrd: :iconmoonwolfyouthotaku: :iconpoltaije: :iconhikarixmiku: :iconsmarticles101: :iconprincessoblivion: :iconjibberldd5: :iconbellechan: for the birthday greetings.

It's have been a wonderful year, where i can visit motherland ( Japan ), move work to the new place ( one of the largest eCommerce ) and then establish my circle: FPS ( Figure Photo Studio )…

:iconkaridzka: :iconnikicorny: is my circle member, thanks for your support and nice teamwork!

And.. I will give a 10 points to 10 random comments in here.
Also 50 points if you can answer this "What Miku figure that i want it the most?" for 1 random winner.
Points Giveaway on 1 April 2013

Once again, sankyuu very much!
Have a nice day ~

10 points for 10 random comments already sent to you all
actually there's no random since there's only 10 comments lol

and the answer for "What Miku figure that i want it the most?" is Nendoroid Plus Sakura Miku…
Thanks for the participation, I'll split the points for the answer x3
Happy New Year greeting from Good Smile Racing

Racing Miku 2013 !!
*here we go again lol*

With a new concept for SUPER GT Racing Team to getting closer with their fans.
Tl;dr figma Racing Miku 2013, Nendoroid Racing Miku 2013, Nendoroid Petite Racing Miku 2013, PVC Racing Miku 2013 xD