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January 10, 2021
Yue warrior by JFoliveras
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Yue warrior


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Yue or Baiyue is the name by which the Han Chinese knew the tribes living in what is now southern China and the jungles of Southeast Asia. This was an umbrella term including many peoples with common traits as well as differences (something like the nomads of the steppes), and their ethno-linguistic diversity is still a matter of debate, although there is some consensus that at least part of them were Austronesian peoples. The northernmost Yue ended up assimilated into Han Chinese culture and their territory became today’s southern China, but the rest of the Yue evolved into the Vietnamese, the Thai, and the Khmers, among others, eventually adopting Hinduism and Buddhism and becoming Indianized. The Yue are also believed to have a common ancestry with insular Austronesians, and that means being related with Polynesian peoples such as the natives of Hawaii, the Maori of New Zealand or the Rapa Nui of Easter Island. In modern-day southern China, there was a Yue kingdom called Nanyue, ruled by a dynasty of Chinese descent and considerably more sinicised than any other Yue. Chinese influence in Nanyue began as soon as the Qin dynasty, the dynasty of China’s first emperor, so, by the time emperor Wu of Han (Wudi) conquered Nanyue, this was very much a mix of barbarian and Chinese cultures. Emperor Wu, famous for his Siberian campaign against the Xiongnu, the War of the Heavenly Horses against the Dayuan, and for having sent the envoy Zhang Qian to Hellenistic Bactria, also annexed Nanyue to the Han Empire. The tribes further south, the Hundred Yue or Baiyue, would be much more primal than the half Chinese / half barbarian Nanyue. The Chinese described the Yue in their original form as being completely tattooed, having their hair either short or untied (opposite to the Chinese who wore it in a bun), blackening their teeth, worshipping animal totems, practicing cannibalism, wearing clothes and armours made of plant fibres, and living in huts. The Yue were also described as skilled seafarers and sword-makers, knowing both bronze and iron metallurgy.


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JanetsOCDump's avatar

Perhaps its something Primal in me, but I really love a tribal warrior boy! Let's go hunting together!

BrenZan's avatar

just wondering, but what are your sources for the sword and dagger-axe?

(fantastic rendition, by the way, love the lingling-os)

JFoliveras's avatar

The weapons are of the Dong Son culture. I had more precise reference for the bronzes than for any of the organic materials. Thanks!

Luciusthegreat's avatar
neurotype's avatar

cooool, thanks!

seems like it was common for people to accuse those less "civilized" than them of practicing cannibalism, wonder if that's what's going on here.

CreativeLoofy's avatar

Looks very Maori. Ta moko and everything

AthenaTT's avatar

WOW, brilliant!!!

Acue's avatar

I can only echo what all the others are saying. Amazing!

AutisticsRule's avatar

Thats cool, in the Totalwar three kingdoms game, their featured and referd to as the Nanman tribes.. and bare more paints than tatoos, feilding Elephants to the battle, but from what you discribe very similer to your description.. are these Nanman another tribe or the same people?

LuckyLadyXandra's avatar

Your art is so vibrant and amazing! All the detailwork on him is fascinating, and i love the wonderfully informative description! i wish i could do art like this-

Wonderful work!

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Thanks for educating me on this group 😊

phrogking's avatar
First thought was “damn that’s Polynesian”
Paskylife's avatar

Magnificent! Woahh very very well done!

LindArtz's avatar

Wonderful!! :clap: !!!

sakiiyt's avatar
Yow! This art looks like my uncle
LindArtz's avatar

Oh my god, that's so funny! :rofl: !!!

kachonka's avatar
The Yue in northern Vietnam called themselves "Lac people".
kachonka's avatar
Well that looks like a Vietnamese man around 720-980s CE, according to contemporary Chinese descriptions.
kanjikamehameha's avatar

woa this is really good

KoiPL's avatar

But these are not the Goujians subjects

SongoftheBlackWolf's avatar
ARTificialphanTOM's avatar

Interesting interpretation of the Yue. I have always pictured them more Chinese looking but this gives a very different flavor. Great work.

This is stunning ! So are they related to the nanman ? I realy like his equipement!

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