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Persian immortal

Persian immortal (elite unit and royal guard). Done for my project about Alexander the Great.

instagram: jfoliveras
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Just of curiosity is this historically accurate? I found a version of this same art but with a more simple shield and armor and a bit less vibrant colors.

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If you mean that you saw the old version of this painting, I remade it because my skills had improved and I had done further research on Achaemenid clothing and equipment. The other was deleted because it was technically anh historically obsolete. I only reused the headdress.

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Wow that's impressive, I was already imaging that those versions were the historically tame ones, the Persian Empire was truly a rich one even the mere infantryman clothing show splendor.

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what did they call that hat or Keffiyeh like thing on his head and face?

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It's the Persian variant of the Phrygian cap. I don't think there's a specific name

Alexander the Great, huh?

Not so well known, but he's prophesied in the Old Testament texts. Including his General main heir, coming back to Jerusalem and Desecrating the Temple. ( ie: Hanukkah)

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un guerrero sasánida sería genial

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Un trabajo sensacional, te leí en Instagram, toda una odisea encontrar como eran los inmortales. La verdad creo que has hecho un trabajo 10 out of 10!

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that looks awesome! do you base those clothing and gear on archeological evidence and how much conjecture goes in it?

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Great character !!

It will never cease to amaze me how well do you draw light, lots of times I get difficulties to see if its a photo or not.

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Is that a medieval war-hammer?
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I wonder what they used such a percussion weapon for, seems a little overkill when most opponents weren’t wearing sophisticated armor- bronze panoplies or scale mail at the most but still plenty of vulnerabilities for edged weapons.

In the east is where the Cataphract appeared, also the Persian fougth vs the Greek Hoplitai, than specially the first line, was heavily equipped.

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