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Indo-Scythian king

INDO-SCYTHIAN KING (1st century).

The Indo-Scythians or Indo-Saka were steppe nomads that invaded the Indo-Greek kingdom (one of the successor states of Alexander the Great) and stablished their own in north-western India. Just like the Indo-Greeks, the Indo-Scythians eventually adopted Buddhism, and continued the Hellenistic art school of Gandhara, the art school that produced the first anthropomorphic statues of Buddha in history. Not much is known about the Indo-Scythians, but they left behind several stuppas, as well as a burial site in modern Afghanistan known as Tillya Tepe, where aristocratic nomads were buried covered in gold. They were finally absorved by the Kushan Empire, also founded by steppe nomads known as the Yuezhi. This image represents an Indo-Scythian king based both on the finds of Tillya Tepe and Indo-Scythian, Parthian and Kushan coins that show a similar fashion, and by his side there's an Indian courtesan based on the ivories of Begram (Afghanistan, 1st century). The tapestries on the walls of the tent are based on textiles from Sampul (Tarim Basin, today's Xinjiang, China), showing the mix of Scythian and Hellenistic influences. The king holds a Chinese jian sword roughly based on the finds from the Orlat cemetery (Uzbekistan), and a Roman silver cup and a Chinese lacquer bowl have also found their way to this king's table trough the Silk Road.

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Amazing work! Is it accurate for her to have a shaved pubic area in this time period?

SPEARHARD's avatar

Learned & brilliantly executed...

a glimpse of , from our contemporary perspective, a romantic 'shop window' of far off adventure...

temus's avatar

seems like the scythina weren't too much into pruderyAmi Mizuno raises her eyebrows

95DarkFire's avatar

Great image! I especially like those big, juicy - pomegranates!

What do you mean, double meaning? :0

Jokes aside, very detailed and impressive picture. :)

doolhoofd's avatar

Those boobs tho.

soundsofspace's avatar

It's so cool that yo always have your characters be overflown with detail, be it jewelry, equipment / weapons attached to their clothes or the clothes / armor having tons of ornament on their armor that show of their culture

JFoliveras's avatar
vajraa's avatar

love the historical accuracy !

i'm a huge fan of the historical authenticity in all of your art works !

looking forward to more of your art !

That face is the face of a man who doesn't just know, but lives the phrase "It's good to be king" ^^

dashinvaine's avatar

Great detailing with the gold work etc.

koshnika's avatar

I don'T like ne naked woman, but everything else delights the archaeologist's heart. :)

JFoliveras's avatar

It's based on actual depictions of court women in Indian art. More precisely the Begram Ivories

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It's culturally a bit far away. :) But nevertheless, there are so less who picture scythians. ;) Threfore great work!

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Awesome drawing! As here very accurately and subtly noticed the quote of Genghis Khan! very nice. As ideas for the future. Kanishka I. The Punic War. Ancient China. Etruscans. Sumer and Babylon.

Norththeicewing's avatar

I have an idea for your next project, how about The Second Punic war? That way we could get some early romans, carthaginians, Iberians, Celtiberians, Numidians, Baleric slingers, Gauls, and Greeks, if not then how about Caesar‘s Gallic wars? That way we could get some late Gaulish warriors in full chainmail and late helmets, as well as Swabians, Belgae, Britons, Republican Romans and Iberians.

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Vlad the impaler?

OffensivenessMaximus's avatar


Play the Conan (Governator original) music!

AndrzejS1's avatar

Excellent art! For me, Indo-scythian, Indo-greek and Kushan kingoms were always very interesting for their unique multi-cultural aesthetics of meeting of civilizations.

Keep it up! :)

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Astonishingly beautiful, laddie !

May I dare suggest a few ideas for those amazing drawing of yours, namely Indo-Greek Lord, perhaps an Indo-Parthian one, and, I would personally love to see some more Asian and Amerindian warriors and infantrymen.

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The fun thing is, that this guy could be as much Indo-scythian as Yuezhi or Indo-Parthian, because the fashion of long hair with headband and moustache was quite common among Central Asian nomads, and the golden pieces of Tillya Tepe are often attributed to the Indo-Scythians but it's not conclusive at all, other theories say the burial site is Indo-Parthian or Yuezhi. Soit's a quite generic image of an Indo-European nomad in India

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Ooh that's neat

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The best Indo-Scythian art never ever done! Thanks for the amazing artistic and pedagogic work you are doing!

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Scythians in India, I had no idea

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