OMG! Get him outta here! You're a dead character that no one likes!

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Everyone deserves a second chance.
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I admit that having read the comics, it was dirty. Still, I laughed at the jokes because I found them funny (but find them dirty).

Note that this character was invented at a time when all cartoonists spanked similar and on many subjects.

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On a related not, have you heard what Chris Savino’s been up to recentl. Apparently after the sexual harassment controversy, he found God and is now publishing a Christian webcomic series.

I just hope he actually sticks to his newfound Christian beliefs and doesn’t end up scamming or hurting people like another certain “Christian” cartoonist.

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I just read an article on Cartoon Brew just now after I read your comment. Good for him, and I hope he continues to due good with genuine intentions. And yeah, let's hope he doesn't do some sucka-shit like Fartman.