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Super Lucy

Lucy flies into the fray!

"I can now float and throw will-o-wips out of my hands...wicked."

Lucy can throw little ghosts out of her hands to haunt her adversaries. Little ghosts on FIRE to be exact. Wicked indeed.

Other Loud Sisters:
Super Lynn by JFMstudios Super Leni by JFMstudios Super Luan by JFMstudios 
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How many people died for Lucy to summon their ghosts? ;) (Wink) 
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Name: Lucy Loud 

Hero Name: Madame L 

Superpower: Telekinesis (the ability to manipulate objects and matter with one’s mind) 

“My mind is a force to be reckoned with!”
I loves that Lucy.
She has a power of the ghosts!
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Lucy: I have the creepiest powers. Call me "GOTH GIRL GHOST".
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Lucy is ready to show her enemies pain and misery >:)
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Looks fantastic on Lucy with the dark ghost powers, awesome, love it, love my Lucy Loud:D (Big Grin) Clap .

The other different styles on Lincoln and the other Loud sisters look really amazing.
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Actually, her CANON ideal superpower would be immortality.
Nice try though.
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god maximum cricital blessing
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god maximum x
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God Maximum Mighty X 
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grade billion
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kamen rider genm level billion
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Queen Of Darkness. Unleashes its mortal power!
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Lucy's power is Will-O-Wisps?
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in a crossover with Yo-Kai Watch, she can imitate the Soultimate of what ever Yo-Kai she looks at
KingFezProductions's avatar
Welcome to the Black Parade!
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Very Cute Spooky & Cool Pic Of Lucy! ;) (Wink) Nice Work! 
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if lucy loud can unleash dark ghosts from her palms, i'd imagine if she'll be a match for her other sisters, JFMstudios!!!!
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That would be her superpower
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what software do you use and how long did this take
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Photoshop. Took me about two and a half hours.
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